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  1. I had a pennant that hung in my room as a kid, from the early 70's, in which the orange hurt your eyes of you looked at it too long with the contrast of the aqua. I loved it! This change brings me back to that time. The lighter orange wouldn't have popped like this.
  2. btw...The microsite is awesome as well. Very well done all around. It is nice to see the team getting praised for changes, for once.
  3. I thought it was there on the old ones as well.
  4. @BrandMooreArt , did we lose the tramp stamp? It is the one element of the uniform we can't see in any of the pics. Love the updated look though. So much better without the blue.
  5. Well, with the helmet you can do whatever you want as long as the shell stays the same. The Rams can have white horns as the primary and then swap out to yellow for throwback games, much like what we do in Miami with the old logo. Same thing with the facemask. Not sure though how minor tweaks in color to the jersey would impact that 5 year cycle, or not, for the entire uniform. Now the Jags, they are changing their helmet so they will be locked in to this new helmet shell for the next 5 years.
  6. Curious with the 5 year uniform rule. If the changes are minor, like removing the tramp stamp and updating the colors, would that put us on a new 5 year uniform change cycle? Or would we be able to still change in a year or 2 if it is just something like a color update?