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  1. THIS IS VOL 4 VOL 1 VOL 2 VOL 3 VOL 5 Wow, this may be my best work ever. Thank you all for the feedback to get me to this point on this concept.
  2. Thank you for the kind words. A wordmark is on its way
  3. That's a great sounding idea. Thank you for the kind feedback, i'm about to post VOL 3
  4. I'll toy around with it, thank you for the kind words.
  5. There is, I just realized it didn't show up very good. I'll go edit the triangle. Thank you for the feedback.
  6. I was a little hesitant to put more New York elements because of the feedback I got last concept, but I know understand when I should use an element of that nature on a uniform. I used black to give a nod to the throwback 90's uniforms. What color would you suggest instead? And I'll see what the word mark would look like. Thank you for your feedback.
  7. I couldn't find a template better than this that would still be good quality, I would of preferred the actual Nike jersey template, but this was the best I could find for this. I agree that the NYK circle would look good, if not better. For the black lines it was just a style I had a vision over. I was at a confused point, so I meditated until a vision appeared in my head, the vision were those black lines. Thank you for your feedback.
  8. THIS IS VOL 1 VOL 2 VOL 3 VOL 4 VOL 5 League: NBA League Branding: Nike Team: New York Knicks Jersey Advertisement: Squarespace The Vision: Yesterday my return post was meant with great criticism. Majority of people hated my concept because it was to out there for them. I listened to the critics harsh words, and went back to the drawing board. For today's concept I wanted to once again create a nontraditional design, so what better league than the NBA. I once again choose an iconic New York team, this time it was the Knicks. Today I bring you a much better presentation as well. Thank you. Lifestyle Quote: "A snake will hiss, and a dog will bark. Animals are creatures of habit." -Kong Tom Team Quote: "To design for the Knicks, one must take the pride of the city to heart, and embrace it as their own." -Kong Tom I hope you enjoy, and please leave honest feedback. Thank you.
  9. First of all, very nice presentation. I think the color palette looks very unique and something we haven't seen often. On the statement jersey I would suggest only having one wordmark across the chest, and then lowering the number. I would also ad Nike logos to all jerseys to complete the authentic feeling. Overall very unique and clean uniforms. 8/10.
  10. I apologize you take my comments that way. I know in the past I have sounded very arrogant, but I can't go back and change that sadly. I am trying to humble myself now, which I why I have not got into any arguments with someone in the comments for the first time ever on one of my posts I believe. Thank you for the criticism. I appreciate the insight.
  11. I will not take those comments to heart anymore, you haters will always dislike the work I make. Thanks
  12. I appreciate the feedback and will use it to better my work. Thanks!
  13. I appreciate the harsh criticism. The quotes however are part of my presentations and are something majority of people appreciate. Thank you
  14. While I highly appreciate this comment, i'm sure I could still find ways to improve it. Thanks!
  15. Thank you for posting picture excellent. I knew this would be a hit!
  16. This is absolutely amazing, you did a fantastic job on it. I love the template, and the quality across the board.
  17. *PLEASE READ* Wow, its been a very long time. I took a very long break to improve my work. So many people said harsh criticism that I responded to with harsh words, but now I want to thank all those people. All of you truly helped me become better at my craft. It is my honor to dedicate this concept to all of you who have said something negative to me, you weren't being mean, you wanted to make me better. This concept was essentially put into this world because of you guys, you all are responsible for this concept. Thank you all so much. I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. God Bless. League: NFL League Branding: Nike(logo isn't visible) Team: New York Jets The Vision: When I left this website and all the people I met, I left to improve my work, to become a new beast. I've made so many concepts in my off time, some good, some great. I told myself from the beginning, I would know when it was my time to return. The time is now. I didn't know what team I wanted to make a concept for, I ultimately was inspired by the Jets when they announced they would have a uniform change next season. I was ready to get to work. I knew my return project would have to be flawless in order to truly show people how much better I have become, I believe I hit that mark. Lifestyle Quote: "In order to show you're a different man, you must bring the best you to the people you once failed." Team Quote: "When you design for the Jets, you must become a Jet and fly high in the sky, or your uniforms will crash down and die." Please leave your thoughts. Thanks
  18. Admins, close it down if needed. Nothing more will come from this thread. I got some good pieces of advice though.
  19. Thank you for the advice for the programs use. I've used 2K and NHL and I enjoy them a lot. I don't know why I never thought about using them for a concept to post in here. I'll go check out what you recommended. Thank you.
  20. I get not everyone is rude, but some people only comment on my threads to have the best smart-a** comment.