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  1. I truly understand what you're saying, and I 100% agree. I'm just sharing my work through the process of me trying to get better. I just feel people intentionally try kicking me while i'm down. I get my work isn't at a godly level, I really do. I just like to share my work and get feedback related to my work. Like I don't care what people think about my quotes, I want to get feedback on the material i'm putting out and trying to improve on. I already have made great improvement in a 12 day window. I just want people to stop trying to say the popular thing by making fun of my work. Like this post I just wanted peoples thoughts about if the NFL had ads, and I just added a picture to get my point across, and then people start talking about how terrible I am. I'm just trying to improve. I have met a lot of helpful people on here who have guided me in the right direction. I can take feedback, but i'm sick of people just trying to be rude as possible. Like the feedback you gave me here was helpful, and it was heartfelt(intentional or not). Thank you
  2. Why did you use a pas-tense when saying "liked"? Those are the current uniforms used for every team besides the Packers I believe. Okay for all you butt hurt people, I'll integrate quotes from others, lets just say snowflakes don't love these people though.
  3. Thank you for the advice, this is however a baseball jersey template that works for what program I use for now. Thank you for the advice on the fonts, I will look for a better font.
  4. Well for the red triangle its actually something I added to my template. I though it gave it a unique look. I was inspired by vapor max untouchable NFL jerseys.
  5. What are you referring to as previously had? Thanks for the kind words.
  6. Although this feedback was just trying to be passive aggressive tough, it actually helped because i'm going to focus on non pixelated work. Thanks friend
  7. This is literally just asking for thoughts on ads on uniforms. I should've posted in another sub forum. Maybe people wouldn't throw temper tantrums in there... I just downloaded gimp and will try learning it. You both struggle understanding the point of this post. And don't think i'm quitting, that's for quitters. I'm sure as hell not one. I love everyone's passive aggressive messages trying to talk :censored: about my work. "You should download them both, work with them for a few years and come back with some serious designs." Thanks.
  8. This is your proposal you had. I don't really like this to be honest.
  9. I will give you a look of the sleeves without the blue. I'm sorry but the quotes look good on my presentations. I've been using my quotes my whole life.
  10. Thank you for the kind words. What kind of approach is in mind? And I don't see anything wrong with my quotes.
  11. This may actually be the biggest upgrade in history. to
  12. I've always listened very well. I will continue to try learning more about quality concepts. I tackled the Dodgers look just to try something unique, I understand this would never be the Dodgers true look. And I just use for now, so this template works best for it. I don't have the money to pay for Photoshop right now.
  13. Well maybe if you could actually read what I wrote you would clearly see I said: "I decided to whip up a quick concept of it potentially" or "This post is not my best work, I just wanted to get the idea across to everyone." Maybe actually have an of what you're talking about before you comment something that uneducated. This post was just about peoples thoughts on the NFL getting ads one day potentially. Thanks pal.
  14. Dodgers Home V.01 Dodgers Home V.02 Dodgers Road V.01 Dodgers Road V.01 QUOTE: "Learn to embrace the feedback, instead of fighting it." -Kong Tom THE VISION: I wanted to capture the classic look of the Dodgers, with a new fresh look to it. My road uniforms would include the Dodgers alternate road script full time so they can always represent their city no matter what stadium they are playing in. I hope you enjoy these.
  15. These look really nice. Great work! I think the white jersey on black pants is such a clean look. My only suggestions would be: -Removing the Nike logo from the chest and putting it on the sleeves. -Put an NFL shield on the uniform -Putting the Jaguars logo on the left side of the chest where they currently use it. Keep up the good work.
  16. So I was looking at some NFL uniforms today, and the idea popped in my head, what if the NFL allowed teams to put ads on their uniforms. This could be a very real possiblitily in the near future, so I decided to whip up a quick concept of it potentially. This post is not my best work, I just wanted to get the idea across to everyone. For this I went very Boston by putting Dunkin' Donuts on the Patriots home uniform. Tell me your thoughts down below, and if you would like me to do this for any other teams. Thanks. The Vision: I wanted to see what an NFL uniform would look like with an ad on it. Quote: "Ads can produce a large amount of income, but is it worth it to hurt your identity potentially?" -Kong Tom
  17. Good thinking. You can expect a road jersey by tonight. Thanks for the kind words.
  18. I apologize for saying you were wrong. I forgot they changed the stripes on the pants as well.
  19. Actually you're right they had the original Flying Elvis uniforms but the numbers only had a blue trim.
  20. They didn't. The only change the Pats had before their true 90's look was the same uniform in the first photo, but with a red facemask
  21. Dodgers Home V.01 Dodgers Home V.02 Dodgers Road V.01 Dodgers Home V.02 Honest feedback would be appreciated. THE FOLLOWING UPDATES WERE MADE: FRONT: -Primary collar line color is changed from red to blue -Secondary collar line color is changed from blue to red -Improved placement of the Dodgers chest script -New and improved number font, and more accurate placement of the number BACK: -Changed collar line color from white to blue -New and improved nameplate font -New and improved number font SLEEVES: -Changed sleeve color from red to blue on both sleeves -Changed Dodgers LA logo from white with a blue trim to solid red on the left sleeve -Improved and more realistic positioning of the Dodgers LA logo on the left sleeve -Removed KingKongTom logo from the right sleeve
  22. I think the Patriots going from their original Flying Elvis look to their true 90's look was a HUGE FANTASTIC upgrade. to I think this was a huge upgrade. It went from a boring, no personality uniform to a uniform that was bold, and rich in personality.
  23. I don't watch soccer, but I think the top one looks WAY better.