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  1. Thank you for the advice. I appreciate the suggestions.
  2. So you're saying my "brand" sponsoring my concepts is a no? And thank you for the feedback. I plan on adding blue. Like usual this thread will probably just get shut down before I have time to update my concepts though.
  3. Maybe i'll create a road concept as well tonight and incorporate a blue style more. I'll also change my font.
  4. I love making concepts, I truly do. I think people are EXTREMELY overreacting to my words. A beast doesn't have to be beautiful, all i'm saying is I created the vision I set out to do. EXTREME overreaction by many of you. I'm just trying to sell my brand of concepts. I will continue to grow and improve my templates. Thanks for the high praise on the background. I used red in order to create something unique and new. I used the font for the same purpose.
  5. I genuinely am not a troll, nor am I trying to come off as a "perfect" person. I'm just trying to sell my concept and have people read something interesting before. I will make a fresh mold of this with an update font, and Swap the number to the right side. Thank you for your feedback.
  6. Thank you very much for the kind words. I highly appreciate unbiased feedback as the kind you gave me.
  7. Is a company/brand going to act like they suck and aren't great at something? No. This is why I ask for UNBIASED criticism from you folk. My reasoning for my personal logo is that its WAY better than Under Armour's.
  8. Dodgers Home V.01 Dodgers Home V.02 Dodgers Road V.01 Dodgers Home V.01 *PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE READING AND LOOKING AT MY CONCEPT: As some of you pry have noticed, I have been absent the past couple days. This is not because I quit posting! IT IS BECAUSE I BEEN WORKING ON MY CONCEPT, AND PERFECTING MY CRAFT! I have received more criticism then anyone in this forums history. With that being said, I apologize for lashing out at some of you. I am newer to the game of concepts, and i'm just working on improving my craft. Please forgive me. League: MLB League Branding: KingKongTom Team: Los Angeles Dodgers The Vision: When I started this Dodgers concept I wanted something unique, iconic, and a form of art. I have created the beast I set out to make. I used a baseball jersey concept, I have got higher quality logos, and I continue to use my A+ presentations. This is the new expectation for Dodger Baseball. Quote: "To design for the Dodgers, you must have the poise of a Cobra, and the bite of a thousand Lions." -Kong Tom I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. Please leave honest feedback. I hope you guys appreciate the hard work I put in.
  9. Maybe if you actually knew what you were talking about and knew what the old logo looked like you could see the difference.
  10. With all this extreme outrage over VW changing their logo, I have decided to take on the mission of designing the new logo for VW. VW Quote: "A car is more than a vehicle, it can be your friend and your life"-Kong Tom VW: I wanted this logo to be edgy, fresh, modern, all of those with the classical hints of VW's rich and storied history. Here it is. Tell me your thoughts below.
  11. Well ill use those next most likely, it all depends on the quality
  12. I could do them if you really wanted me too. Guys I only used the football jersey I used because I found it first
  14. Yeah I love them. I think New York would actually be very accepting of these if the pinstripes had to go.
  15. I couldn't find a template for football so I just went with a tshirt. But these have a better font, and they are cool.
  16. I like them overall. I think the vertical stripes give it a little bit of a rococo look. But its overall clean. I think my concept is better by a little bit, but yours is really cool also.
  17. Its definately a tossup between mine and his.