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  1. Kess

    2011 MLS Kits

    Yep. I had the exact same thought.
  2. Yessir. My reaction was negative at first, but I decided to give them some time and see where they're going with this concept. Glad I did. I'm geeked for this coming season.
  3. When they revealed the new shield and pres Robb Heineman was talking about all the different elements, he said "When you talk about a 3rd strip for us, it's going to be beautiful." Looks like there's still a chance to capitalize on that opportunity.
  4. Duly noted, sir. Can I throw in an extra light for you? Eh. It's my club, so I realize I'm way biased here. I'm giving them the benefit of the doubt by being patient. I'm going to give them more than 5 hours before I declare the whole thing a poseur, meaningless buzzworded disaster.
  5. The "SC" does stand for "Sporting Club." Here's a link to an interactive explanation of the brand: I know it's an unpopular move, so allow me to be the weirdo with the dissenting voice. I love it and am excited by the possibilities. On the site, they say have a desire to be "a dynamic organization focused on creating opportunities for social, cultural and athletic connections." They mention the addition of "vertically-aligned sports and entertainment properties." Color me intrigued. I'll still refer to them as Wizards and Kansas City in, but my club is now technically Sporting.
  6. Here are Missouri State's new helmets in game action, against Eastern Kentucky. There are a lot of things I like about them, but it just looks strange with that uniform set. I wish there were some elements of graphite in the uniform to tie them in together. Maybe they'll grow on me.
  7. Really like the maroon bear on black helmet, but I'm not so crazy about the maroon facemask. Is black actually part of their color scheme? Black was added when they switched to this logo in the late 1990s, though it's not been used as the main color of any helmets or jerseys. Basically used as a trim color on the uniforms.
  8. As a Cardinals fan this obviously interests me, and I see it differently than mings and aci. You're gonna say those things in the media one night, then tap my shinguard like nothing happened? No way. Yadi stuck up for his teammates, then backed it up with a home run, and his team won. That's a good night. The Cardinals didn't try to bean anyone - which LaRussa will do - they handled it face-to-face. I don't see how that's b-wording out. Unless you're a Reds fan, then I can see why you'd be cheesed off.
  9. New home kit for Celtic. Check out the sleeves on the keeper's shirt.
  10. Missouri State has new uniforms this year, and I'm pretty sure it's also the Michigan State template. Observe: Home Away Away side detail Last year they had the Colorado template. A lot of Bears fans are glad they changed the wordmark. I liked the university's wordmark they used last year better.
  11. Celtic will be unveiling its away kit July 20. They're dropping not-so-subtle hints with things like this at the team store: They're also selling merchandise in the colors of volt and black, like this ball:
  12. That is the official Celtic tartan. From the e-mail the club sent out unveiling the new kit: "Central to the new uniform is the Celtic tartan, which features on both the shoulder of the shirt, and in the shorts. The tartan, in the Club's own pattern, represents the Scottish home of Celtic Football Club, and the colours of pine green, white, and yellow gold reflects Celtic's cherished Irish roots." I love the shirt. I'll wait to pass judgment on the shorts until I see them on the pitch.
  13. I was just coming over here to post that, STL. I'm pumped to see them. The description sounds good, nothing too over the top. I was wanting to drive up for Fan Fest this Sunday, but there's a family wedding here in Springfield so I'm out of commission. Are you going? Sounds like a beauty to me. Only worry is the white numbers, but I guess they'll be okay.
  14. Travel subsidies, the team pays the travel costs of the visiting team. I guess the league has now set up a fund where they try to cover these high costs. Springfield, MO - my hometown - had an NAHL franchise for a few seasons, the Spirit (R.I.P.). Marc Foster would probably be the man to give the full history, but when the NAHL merged with the AWHL, the story was it was cheaper for those clubs to fly into the midwestern cities than it was to the teams in Montana. Do I have that right, Marc? The division names make no sense because of it, but you've got to pinch pennies where you can.