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  1. This is an all-around fantastic set! The colors are perfect, and they pop just right, especially on the black alt. I am slightly confused at the choice of the name "caliente red" for what is clearly pink.
  2. I think that would work the best. The vertical waves are a bit disorienting, but the horizontal ones look good.
  3. The logo is nice, but feels off-balance. How would it look with the D vertically centered on top of the stripes?
  4. I really like this, my only nitpick is the secondary logo. I feel like it would work better with the W part smaller, leaving the shape of the state more intact.
  5. Wow, these are awesome! One of the best in the series. Thank you!
  6. Holy Cow, these are great! I need more; could you link to your NHL series?
  7. Holy crap, I love the set for my Pens! The steel beam striping is amazing. The alt is my favorite, although I think the grey should be used all throughout; the TV numbers stick out weird in black.
  8. I'd sharpen the corners and try to give it a more realistic shape, at the risk of starting to descend into the uncanny valley. Maybe use this as a reference image. Lots of snakes have that sort of shape for their nose, so it might be more instantly recognizable as just the snake's head. In addition, I'd extend the "neck" a bit more. I think you made the right call in putting that in, but I don't think it was executed well enough to have the desired effect. Alternatively, I think having the full snake form the C could work well (although I do like the fang you have in the current logo). Overall, a well-done concept. I think the uniform design works well, especially the fonts.
  9. I actually like how the Triceratops looks right now; it has a vibe of "Those rocks look like a dinosaur if you look at just the right angle!". I think a few perspective fixes could be made, but the overall aestethic should definitely stay.
  10. Could I see what Minnesota's set looks like with the M cut off from the extended stripes (AKA the normal logo, and then separate stripes wrapping around)? As a Gophers fan, it looks weird with the ends extended.
  11. I've been pretty silently following this series, but I have to compliment you on those Virginia unis. That you found so many ways to incorporate that stripe is genius. I'm not sure how exactly you're doing the order/regions, or what teams are included, but now that we're on the Mid-Atlantic, I'm wondering if you're doing one for WVU. I have a couple of friends on the WVU Quidditch team, and I'd love to see a good look for them.
  12. Shoot, I was excited about a possible concept for a team in Morgantown. Still a nice concept for Erie, although I wish there were maybe some blue in it considering the name.
  13. As a Vikings fan, that set is an absolute YES. The Vikings have been adding more history to their brand-the SKOL chant, the Viking longships outside the stadium, etc. I personally love all of that. Although I can't imagine them taking it this far, I think the uniforms should be changed a bit to reflect it. On a side note, thank you for introducing me to your Kubb Leage concept. That's also well-done!
  14. As much as I hate the idea of my Twins in such a fiasco, these are pretty slick. My only complaint is that the underlined C in Part One looks a bit choppy.
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