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  1. Clempzunn

    The New XFL

    C + C = can't copyright...sorry to rain on your efforts, but been there, done that.
  2. Montreal Explorers Portland Ospreys Carolina Cougars Vancouver Kodiaks Monterrey Matadors
  3. Long time looker, but first time poster...I am an AutoCAD instructor in Mechanical Engineering & Architecture, but love to "create" logos by inventing teams & leagues by making up cities, names, colors & the images of other creators. I have downloaded Inkscape and started messing around with online tutorials to do my own logos. In one of my collections, I have a team named the LAS VEGAS SILVERADOS. With Nevada being the Silver State and still a bit of 'wild west' imagery to most, a miner or cowboy type of character comes to mind, but still easy to mix in the glitz of Vegas.