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  1. curious: searched through the thread, but i couldn't find the answer: is there a league-wide update coming to the spring training gear this year (other than the hats all presumably moving back to diamond era fabric)? i know the nats, and obviously the marlins, have new ST looks, but just curious if everyone is getting new hat/jersey designs?
  2. here's the thing: i get why everyone is freaking out about those quotes from one jets drive, but i'm much more erring on the side of "traditional-leaning with a helping of modern gimmicks." i *think* the jets get that gimmicky uniforms go over like a fart in church, especially in the new york market. evidence of that seems to appear in the storyboard that was on the wall at nike in the video. they share a building with the giants, who trot out the tradition talking point at every turn. the jets (hopefully) just drafted a franchise quarterback that will lead them out of 50 years of darkness, and this look will be tied to a new era of the franchise. i assume they understand that they can't switch over from a look established in the 1960s to full blown clown suit. with that all said, this is the jets, and you never underestimate their ability to go all jets-y on us and screw everything up. i just think back to the concepts that jamal adams and darron lee were hyping up, the latter of whom had very likely seen the look (or some iteration of it) by then. it wouldn't make sense to prime the pump with those, then drop some hot garbage look on us. so my prediction: it's going to be heavily military-inspired. this is what i think they are referring to about the modern jets look. people used to be fascinated by 747s. air travel used to be a much different experience than it is now. now, people are much more inclined to think of the air force when they hear the word jets. as teal alluded to, they'll brighten up the green. there's going to be a black or grey alternate look. '80s-inspired logo. and something dumb (like a chest patch or some kind of shoulder yoke pattern or collar/sleeve trim) that is taken from fighter jet imagery.
  3. i'm in wholehearted agreement of every word of this. the colors are great, so why hide them with so much black? i love the blue jersey, and i think they would have benefits from a blue-brimmed cap, particularly to splash some more color on the all black look. i have to look at this team for 18 games, and i'm mostly going to be aesthetically bored doing so.
  4. i saw the gretzky one in person at dicks sporting goods yesterday. fabric is similar (not identical) to air knit, too.
  5. eh. the geographic breakdowns have really shifted a lot. fans move, of course the jets moved (from queens to new jersey), as did the islanders (nassau county to brooklyn and soon back to nassau county). plus, the giants have won four super bowls since the mid-80s, and the jets haven't gotten to one. the rangers won a cup in '94, and the islanders have won one playoff series since then. winning definitely changes that stuff, too. let's put it this way: generally speaking, there's still a good collection of jets fans out here on long island. instead of sharing metlife with the giants, i think the jets should have built a stadium next to citi field. but c'est la vie. there are plenty of rangers fans here. as we've seen from the brooklyn attendance, islanders fan base is primarily here on the island.
  6. i grew up in this era (yeah, adrian murrell!), so admittedly, both of those looks hold a lot of nostalgia for me. but frankly, i think those would upgrades for both teams. there is zero reason why the giants' color rush unis shouldn't be their roads, and an updated look of that jets set would be lovely to me.
  7. this is absolutely what they would call it. as far as the video, i have no idea what to expect. and like you said, the video can absolutely take every single viewer in whatever direction they want their mind to go. the couple of things i like that i saw on the wall were different pictures of NY uniforms. when you think about the primary uniforms in the market -- yankees, mets, rangers, islanders, giants, knicks, and even the nets leans very classic-looking -- i think and hope that both the jets and nike understand that if they get too modern and gimmicky, it won't work that well. as i've said earlier in the thread, i'm a big fan of the green helmet look and logo, so i'd love to see that return in some way. i'd expecting the worst and hoping for the best. we shall see.
  8. i have so, so many terrible mets jerseys. authentic ones, too. roberto alomar, mo vaughn, derek bell, kaz matsui (two of them). also, ridiculously dumb islanders jerseys (tim connolly, brad isbister). i'm not going to count ones that ended up being bad, (ike davis mets, two mark sanchez jets, five john tavares islanders) because there was strong rationale at the time
  9. agree with this. i have seen (not worn) nike replicas in person. haven't seen the fanatics replicas in person, but from the product photos online, they look abysmal. $40 extra is a decent chunk of change, but i think it's worth it to just get a nike. as long as we're on the subject, i had one NFL fanatics replica, and i hated it. those run HUGE, so if you size up in nike NFL replicas, don't on fanatics. so my final thoughts on the subject would be: NHL - fanatics are passable-to-actually pretty good, but send it out for authentic customization. NBA - go with nike NFL - go with nike
  10. i have adidas authentics (isles home and third) and a fanatics replica (isles road). first off, if you're going to buy yourself a fanatics jersey, do yourself a favor and DO NOT get a player. send it out to someone who does authentic lettering (exclusive pro sports is a good one). that'll class up the jersey, because like others have said, screen printed tackle is garbage. adidas authentics are solid (if you're a jersey head: they're nowhere near the quality of reebok edge 2.0s, which were similar to CCM authentics). they're lightweight, crests are high quality, and considering the price, they're relatively affordable. unless fanatics is running a 30% off sale (which is how i got my replica), spend the extra dough and get the adidas. that said, for a regular replica, fanatics' NHL jerseys are good. i wear jerseys a lot after work at night to bum around the house, and i honestly kind of like the flexible crest. the material is thicker than reebok's replicas and adidas' current authentics, so they're pretty sturdy. no maker's mark above the nameplate, which some people like. if you're washing them and having the crest fall apart, i think you're washing them wrong. wash cold, hang dry. that should be your protocol for all your jersey washing needs. on sizing, truthfully is varies so much on your own body type, so it's hard to say. i find that my fanatics replica fits true to how i like jerseys to fit, which leave me with a little room to move around. i'm 6', 210 lbs, but athletic build (broaded shoulders, smaller waist) and i like to wear XLs in most of my sports clothes. in adidas authentic, that means 54 fits well, 56 fits and gives more room. in fanatics, that's an XL. to @Michael Bolton: why should i change, he's the one who sucks?!?! but in all seriousness, if large NFL/NBA jerseys swim on you, then i'd get a medium.
  11. if you want to add to it, islanders wore their thirds last night (nov 1) and will wear them again on nov 13 and 24.
  12. die hard islanders fan here, and i love what you did on both versions their concept. i'm a fan of the royal (i like it more, but also because the nassau county flag/seal is orange and royal blue, thus the basis of the colors), but the navy primary sets look amazing, too. well done!
  13. this is a great concept. just my two cents on the teams i root for: while it looked like a sure thing last january, now it'll be a cold day in hell before the islanders ever retire john tavares' number. the mets have a VERY high litmus test for player retired numbers (usually only reserved for franchise-defining guys who also are in the hall of fame: seaver and piazza). they'll break the HOF rule for david wright, but reyes doesn't stand a chance. as for the nets, don't think either carter or lopez fit the bill.
  14. i really like that last script one. the only thing i'd do is pick one or the other: shoulder yoke or patches. it feels kinda crammed in up there. and if you're going patches with no contrasting yoke, then i'd mess around with something a little new (maybe the stand alone LI silhouette?)
  15. so the isles were giving away shirts featuring the new helmet script at their prospect game this week, and the t-shirts were navy. so i mocked up the rumored third, but on a navy jersey. think it would kind of work (excuse the execution in MS paint, i'm not a designer):
  16. covered every team i root for! the jets actually beat them all to incorporating black into their color scheme where it never was before.
  17. the dude that did those mock ups did a black alt, too. it's below:
  18. that argument is basically why they were what they wear now, but i don't really think of namath when i see the current set. they've built up 20 years of history in the current set, and some of it just as bad as 1-15 (i'm looking at you, butt fumble). ultimately, i think you may be disappointed, because i do think this is the logo the jets are going (back) to. it's extremely popular. almost everything in retail with this logo on it sells quickly, and FWIW, i do think it's a far superior logo to an variation of the oval. but we shall see!
  19. as a mets fan, i'm going to give your mets concept a ringing endorsement...and i'm not even a big fan of our racing stripes. BUT, this is a great concept that incorporates them.
  20. baymenxpac

    NY Jets

    i really like the green, but throw me in for someone who desperately wants to see the return of a green helmet.
  21. It's always crazy to me. Back then, I guess there was a thought was that interest would never be higher than when the team wore them for the first time, so they waited as long as possible. That just seems shortsighted on the teams' part. Earlier adopters are going to want it right away, and then people will want it when they see it on the ice. All you're doing is giving yourself less time to move stock.
  22. Not that I'm aware of. For example, two of the last four Islanders third jerseys (orange in 2003 and first black in 2011) were unveiled in November. Their second black one (2015) was announced in mid-September. These were, of course, all under the Reebok era, so I don't know if the change over to Adidas has altered the league's approach.