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  1. Look again at the fonts on the subway signs. Especially the one at the top. It's exactly what the Nets took their brand from. Unless your argument is that's what Jay Z thinks is cool, I'm not sure what there is to debate here.
  2. It bears mentioning that of the top 20 best attended MLB teams in 2019, only 6 are in the American League. The dominance of 2 teams for so long seems to have lulled a lot of AL fanbases into apathy. Even with everything working against the Sox in Chicago, I just can't see their situation being any better in a new market.
  3. As far as the Clippers... I don't blame them for doing something the Lakers couldn't necessarily do, nor should they. Especially when the "Straight Outta Compton" era coincided with "Showtime," which the Clippers were still around in LA for. I don't see it as tge Clippers rewriting history so much as representing an era of LA's history that transcended and even influenced sports.
  4. The Nets brand is a nod to the 1970s NYC subway system. At most, you could argue that nostalgia for the 70s was an influence on Brooklyn rappers in the 90s, but it's not hard to see what really inspired the Nets brand.
  5. Even being the #2 team in Chicago (albeit with history dating back to the 19th century) is still better than being #1 in any place that could realistically host a team.
  6. I can't say I've known any Wild fans in Milwaukee who didn't have some sort of roots in Minnesota or at least Western Wisconsin. It's really just Hawks and Preds fans with a smattering of Red Wings. And even a lot of those have ties to Michigan or Northeast Wisco (near the U.P.).
  7. I don't know that I agree with you on San Diego. That looks like a quintessential traditional soccer badge to me. As far as Las Vegas... keep in mind that its metro population didn't even reach one million until 1995. So we should expect that their badge would have a more modern look. It's not as if Vegas would have had its own soccer league that a team would have evolved from in the pre-WWII days.
  8. Maybe it's more correct to say the Rangers have benefitted from the Astros switch. But it's not as if the Astros weren't on an island in the NL Central. Frankly, the point you raised still supports my own.... that baseball is better off with teams playing closer together.
  9. Milwaukee and Vegas look great, and I like where you're going with San Diego. Maybe a stylized "SD" or "SDFC" monogram in the brown space above the sash?
  10. It's only the Braves who have a somewhat plausible claim on Nashville... somewhat being the operative word. But we've seen with the Brewers and Astros switching leagues and being closer to rival cities that it actually helps baseball to have teams closer together. Not spread out.
  11. They recently went through a slight name tweak to Milwaukee Mitchell International Airport and have a new logo to accompany it. Nothing too ground breaking, but definitely an upgrade.
  12. I tried to choose names that would evoke the eras in which the city would have seen its first wave of pro sports clubs. So, generally, the northern cities will reflect early 20th century origins, California and Texas will be WWII/postwar-era, and the sunbelt cities will be 1970s or beyond. California Stars -I see this team as having origins as Hollywood Stars FC, then switching it up upon moving to Anaheim. Carolina Vulcans, Carolina Flight, Carolina Aviators, Charlotte Spirit -The area has a history with racing and, thus, vulcanized rubber. But the Vulcans name can also lend itself to an identity that has nothing to do with racing if you go with that theme for Indianapolis. Flight and Aviators have more to do with the area's Aviation history. Spirit was the original nickname for the NBA team that eventually became the Charlotte Hornets. Cincinnati Regals -Any monarchy themed name would work here. But this one seems to lend itself more to soccer than any other option. Cleveland Foresters, Cleveland Lakeshores, Cleveland Shoremen -I feel like a Cleveland club would have began as Forest City FC or Lakeshore FC and acquired one of these nicknames. Columbus Scarlets -Many early 20th century teams acquired nicknames based on their colors There's a good chance a Columbus club would have aquired equipment from Ohio State and possibly shared facilities at some point. Dallas Pegasus FC, Dallas Wingsteeds -My inspiration came from the Akron Wingfoots basketball team, named for their sponsor's (Goodyear) logo. Mobil Oil is a company I could see sponsoring a soccer team and also has an iconic logo of Pegasus, the mythical winged horse and a civic symbol for the city of Dallas. Pegasus could concievably work for a soccer club the way New York Apollo did in the 1970s. But I feel like Wingsteeds is such a unique name that could have only come from the mid-20th century. If that seems too ambitious, Wings or Pegs could work. Houston Apollos -This was the name of a short-lived minor league hockey team and, as mentioned earlier, has real life history in soccer. You seem to want a space-agey nickname fo Houston, and this works better than Cosmos, which would feel wrong if used anywhere outside of New York. Racing Indy FC -I see this team as having 1970s or 1980s origins, shortly before or after the Indianapolis Racers of the WHA. They would have adopted this name befor the WHA club, or after it folded, then rebranded in the mid-2000s when European-style names became en vogue. Fortunately, this one isn't a reach and makes total sense for a place like Indianapolis. Las Vegas Flash, Las Vegas Atoms -Las Vegas probably wouldn't have had a team until at least the 1990s and Flash would be a fitting nickname for that era. It would have carried over to now because it would have been the first major pro sports operation in Las Vegas and the fans wouldn't want to divorce themselves from that success. If Miami and Orlando can get by with Heat and Magic, Flash isn't too much of a stretch. It also fits the "odd" category you seem to want for Vegas. Either name lends itself to a cool crest based on the over-the-top "atomic age" road signs from Vegas' heyday. Miami Internacionales, Miami Flamingos -Not surprisingly, both are related to the Miami's probable real life soccer brand, and for good reason. Milwaukee Bocks, Milwaukee Herons, Milwaukee Gulls -Bocks is a great name if you don't want something too close to Brewers, but still references beer. Plus, it could lend itself to a cool crest based on a goat. If you want to go more the Lake Michigan route, any marine bird native to Wisconsin would work. Herons and Gulls are two that are very common in Milwaukee. The oldest soccer club on record in the city is Milwaukee First Ward, which would have been based in a district near the lake and is something you may want to consider. Nashville Cumberlands, Nashville Showmen -Cumberlands sounds more early 20th century, but the backstory could be that it's a tribute to an early soccer club in Nashville called Cumberland FC. Showmen feels more like something that wouldn't have been out of place in the NASL. Oklahoma 66ers, Route 66 FC, Mother Road FC -Stampede feels appropriate, but a name based on Route 66 would lend itself to an interesting badge design. Soccer is probably also the only sport where you could base a brand on the famed route's "Mother Road" nickname and get away with it. Sacramento Solons, Sacramento Rivermen, Sacramento Ursine FC -Sacramento is a tough one because there's not really anything you free-associate it with other than it's in California and it's the capital. Solons is an old PCL team nickname that could make for an interesting soccer identity. Maybe part of the back story is that some of the old PCL clubs operated soccer teams in the off season. Rivermen is because Sacramento is one of many cities that claims River City as a nickname. Ursine is a bear reference that fits more modern soccer club naming conventions. I see a crest that would involve the Ursa Major constellation, which could be pretty cool. San Diego Santos -The Raiders original nickname was the Senors, so it's not exactly a stretch that a team in San Diego would have gone with the Spanish version of "Saints." I do like the possibility of Toros as well. Utah Swarm, Utah Mountaineers -Swarm is a nickname born out of the 90s when I could see Salt Lake City acquiring a team, and it references the Beehive State. Mountaineers should be pretty obvious.
  13. Red Sox: Maybe some green alt gear, but that's it. All they really need to do is bring back the red 70s cap. Twins: Why not just go back to their Metrodome-era unis, but swap out navy for purple? It'd give them a distinctive look without disrupting the integrity of their brand, and purple is a very appropriate color for Minnesota. A's: I could dig that. But the darker green is good too. Rockies: No way. Just ditch the black and get a more western style font. Royals: Don't fix what ain't broke. Marlins: Just move away from black and they'll be fine.
  14. Didn't someone have a concept where they tweaked the Braves name to reference fire fighters and replaced the tomahawk with a fireman's axe?
  15. Not if they lean on the Tennessee state flag for their branding, which it looks like they are.
  16. Just because they claim it doesn't make it true. You could maybe realistically argue that Memphis is Cardinals territory based on the Redbirds history and the fact that Memphis views Nashville as a rival anyway, but that's about it. Chattanooga is equidistant from Atlanta and Nashville, but every NFL fan map has it firmly as Titans territory. Not sure how the Reds factor in, TBH. Anyone who remembers the days before television when radio broadcasts of Reds games reached Tennessee is pushing death by now.
  17. Their actual crest is pretty solid. Not sure I'd consider yours an upgrade. But your kits would add some much needed distinction to their look.
  18. What if the team was named the Los Angeles Stars from the get go and treated as a merger of the old PCL clubs? California Stars and Anaheim Stars would sound a lot better than a name that only makes sense when it's attached to LA.
  19. Frankly, the surprise is that we'll make it to 2020 with 2 teams in the SF Bay Area. Las Vegas is far from a sure thing, but I have to say I was impressed at how much Knights paraphernalia I saw last time I was out there. I'm sure their insane first year helped, but I was impressed with how much they've embraced that team. It'd be interesting to see if they could support 3 team who moved there pretty much back to back to back.
  20. That could work if excecuted correctly. But that's also a very easy combo to screw up. Besides, I really think the Rockies would do best with just purple and white.
  21. I never had a strong preference for one over the other, but I think these last few comments have put me over the edge in favor of kelly green and "A's" over "Athletics." Only drawback is, now baseball is without a forest green team, and there's really not an obvious candidate for who that could be, if anyone.
  22. This is exactly what they should do for my 2 cents. It ties the original BiG era in perfectly with the last 20 years. Coming up with a concept that looks like both the 1982 pennant winners AND the team that's coming off back to back postseasons is not an easy task, but this one accomplishes it.
  23. No, not necessarily. But simple does usually mean a look with more long-term staying power. Besides, if the block M was good enough for Hank Aaron, it ought to be good enough for literally every other player who suits up in a uniform that reads "Brewers" or "Milwaukee."
  24. I dig everything about this...... except the fact that they didn't outline the numbers is gonna drive me nuts!
  25. It's good for what it is. I would just use the leafy part in the piping though. The fact that you have the full leaf on the front is a good enough indication of what the piping is a reference to. Making it a literal, full barley stalk on every part of the uniform feels a bit like overkill. And while this is one of the better uses I've seen of the current branding, I want to challenge those who prefer it because "Brewing!" to come up with something more original pertaining to brewing. Even the big macro breweries have since moved on from their early 2000s branding sensibilities.