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  1. I definitely would have preferred they stuck with that set rather than the god awful stuff they just got rid of. I know its a time most Brewers fans want to forget, but the green set coincides with the years I attended the most games. Kinda makes me wish this green jersey actually existed.
  2. I must say I'm glad the Brewers didn't succumb to mix and match syndrome during the double knit era. All of these look great as fan gear, but holy crap do they look awkward as actual uniforms. Everything looks like it should. I would only suggest that the 1990 unis say Milwaukee instead if it's supposed to be a road alt.
  3. The original Calfornia Angels CA is one of my favorite and (IMO) most underrated cap logos. I love that it can be read as the team's initials or the postal code for California. I feel like they never properly capitalized on that.
  4. I love the mix of MLB and high level minors as an influence on your design. Can't wait to see what comes next.
  5. I like that you brought 5 stripes back to the Packers, but the way you executed it just doesn't work for the road jersey, IMO. I think the Packers road uniforms have too little green as it is.
  6. I'm not sure how well this name/identity would go over locally. Seems a bit northwoodsy for Milwaukee, where the only people who hunt tend to be transplants from upstate. Maybe try something a little more mythological (say, Orion) if you're set on the Hunters name.
  7. This is as embarrassing as the Browns in 2015. No reason to screw around with one of American football's most iconic looks. Especially not when the big advantage the Rams have over the team they'll be sharing their stadium with is their deep roots in LA. They should be embracing this, not trying so hard to be hip that they've trotted out the NFL's answer to the leisure suit. Worse, the Chargers new uniforms are almost universally loved. Way to shoot yourself in the foot, Rams.
  8. They went navy and yellow. They committed to the BiG. They worked cream into their identity. They updated Barrel Man and the M-Wisconsin. None of these were "wrong," IMO. It's the particulars of how they did some of these things that is the issue.
  9. Skunks was the one that always stood out from that list to me. Milwaukee Robins was a name I've used on OOTP.
  10. The Burlington Bees have what might be my favorite localization ever.
  11. The Appleton Foxes are an interesting case study for this. They became a White Sox affiliate in the late 70s, leading to this interesting spin on the Sox infamous "disco collar" jerseys. They got a little more contemporary (at least by 80s standards) with the Sox switching to the beach blanket look. By the end of the decade, they became a Royals affiliate. They kept the red logo but switched to royal blue. Finally, the Foxes were a Mariners affiliate for the last couple years of their existence. This resulted in a full palette swap to the then-new Mariners look. Ironically, this is the look most casually associated with them due to it coinciding with the first pro gig for a future HOFer and one of baseball's most notorious figures.
  12. That's the point. Paul Brown had a basic uniform design he liked to use and brought it with him to Cincinnati.
  13. I like where you're going with this,but I think the logos and some of these names need work. I kind of want to see more if these teams run with the deer theme. Like what if you went with Milwaukee Stags or Staghorns instead of Mustangs? You could brand the team around a badass helmet design like the Rams, but deer horns and in Bucks colors. Brew City FC could be Cream City FC and extend the city jersey's Cream City branding. Milwaukee Ferment sounds a little goofy to me. Maybe Milwaukee Whitetails (or Wisconsin Whitetails if you're into alliteration) after the specific breed of deer that is the official state wildlife animal. If you wanna do the MLL, Milwaukee Harts. That's a breed of British deer and such a team would presumably play at Hart Park Stadium.
  14. Same with Madison. But Wausau and Wisconsin Rapids? It's not unheard of for them to drive to the Fox Valley to do things as it is. I'm also told the Foxes never really marketed themselves in Green Bay until they were the Timber Rattlers. I have no doubt "Wisconsin" was an attempt to cast a wider net. I just think Fox Cities or Fox River would have done just as fine.
  15. Big thumbs up to the powder blue. Your other one would make a decent fashion jersey, but not much else.
  16. Speaking of minor leagues, the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers are a curious case. They had been the Appleton Foxes or Fox Cities Foxes since the 1960s, but changed their name to coincide with their move to Fox Cities Stadium, which is just outside of Appleton in Grand Chute. I would have preferred they just revert back to the Fox Cities Foxes. It never made sense to me that they wouldn't want to be the Foxes, given they won 9 pennants under that name. But apparently they were planning to represent river itself with their initial idea. I would have preferred this, honestly. I imagine the Phantoms name is a reference to the several places along the Fox River that are supposedly known for paranormal activity. But it didn't make sense for them to claim the entire state when Beloit still had a team. I know Wisconsin had lost 4 MWL teams in the dozen or so years leading up to the name change. Perhaps claiming to represent the entire state was a lazy attempt to appeal to fans who just lost their local team?
  17. I feel like LA is the proper home for the Rams. I also think that had they not bailed for Anaheim, the Raiders would never have moved to LA. Still, I want the Rams to have LA to themselves in the sense that the Dodgers do. I think the end game is the Chargers eventually moving south, whether back to San Diego, or perhaps Anaheim or even Long Beach?
  18. I thought I may have actually seen that before, but google didn't pull up anything for me to confirm. But yea... that hat is what the Nats should look like to me.
  19. I came across this today, and it made me think about how much more common it was for MiLB teams to create their identity by putting a localized spin on the parent club's. Even if they didn't adopt the parent club's name, they would frequently pattern their uniforms after their big league affiliate. I know this practice is not completely unheard of nowadays. But I figure this thread could serve as a sort of database for when it has.
  20. I think I would rather see a navy dome on a red cap. Could someone mock that up?
  21. I like Huntsville Stars, and you could still do the space age theme. But then I think I would like to see the Las Vegas Stars with such a theme even more. Maybe based on the famous Stardust sign? Also, selfishly, I would love to see you take on the Appleton Foxes. Wisconsin Timber Rattlers isn't too egregious by modern standards, but not at the expense of the name attached to one of MiLB's most successful clubs.
  22. I think it's a safe bet to say that was a factor. Though I think Dallas Rangers and Miami Panthers would have been just as fine. I think Texas Rangers is tolerable to me because they were the only Texas team in the AL for many decades. Even if the Astros are in the division now, the Rangers are still the OG.
  23. Similarly, the Carolina Mudcats of the Carolina League. Granted, that was by happenstance of a CL team taking over the branding of the Southern League Mudcats who had just moved.
  24. I could understand being the Lake Huron Loons. But not that name when most of the league plays in the Great Lake states. The Lakeshore Chinooks of the Northwoods League are named even more daftly vague. Mequon is a middle of nowhere exurb of north of Milwaukee County. But the only place I've ever heard "Lakeshore" used as a geographic identifier is that's what some of the Wisconsin media calls the string of port towns south of Green Bay. And even that area is still to the north of where the team actually plays.