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  1. On 6/10/2021 at 8:42 AM, cajunaggie08 said:

    Western Michigan seems to be taking design input from Washington Football Team and are going with a W in a circle as well. The new logo appears to be for both the school itself as well as for the athletic teams. The athletic department website features the new W logo throughout yet the football team social media pages are still using the bronco logo. It will be interesting to see if all the teams have new uniforms and equipment that match the new branding and colors.


    As far as the new main logo, its ok. The biggest issue I have is there is nothing distinctive about it that lets you know its Western Michigan. Brown and gold are unique colors for sure in college branding. Unfortunately they only other school that comes to mind with the same colors is Wyoming, so by using just a W it could be mistaken for a logo for Wyoming, if Wyoming were crazy enough to ever move away from the bucking cowboy logo.


    New logo

    No photo description available.

    Old Logo



    I think Wyoming-WMU has a bit of the Texas-Tennessee think going on where one school is more associated with their mascot based logo that the similar monograms aren't a problem. Granted, it doesn't help that both mascot logos feature horses on top of the similar colors.


    I think I'd have preferred to see a WMU rather than just a W. But that would make Western the only D1 Michigan school not branding itself around a single block letter. 

  2. Is the sign usually lit up in those colors?  Otherwise it comes across a a pride month jersey.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but something to keep in mind.

    Also, not sure I'm feeling the royal blue pants.  I feel like monochrome only works in extremely light (gray, powder blue, gold, etc.) or extremely dark (black, navy) colors.  Otherwise, it's too much of a "softball" look for my liking.

    Good concept though.  Are you gonna try to take on other teams that aren't part of the initial group?

  3. On 5/29/2021 at 8:13 PM, oldschoolvikings said:

    Next up, Green Bay.  A number of small changes (road sleeve stripes, home collar, sock stripes, 60's number font), probably unnoticeable to the average fan, but to me they would make a huge overall impact.  I'm not sure they'd ever really need to wear the all-white option, but there it is anyway.



    Not bad.  But keep in mind that the Packers used several fonts in the 60s as that sort of thing wasn't nearly as regulated in those days.  I've seen team photos of Henry Jordan (74) and Forrest Gregg (75) wearing completely different 7s. 

    Also, I would prefer the pants matched the jersey on the throwback, as was the case in 1944... the last time they won a championship in the "classic Lambeau" look.

  4. 9 hours ago, SilverBullet1929 said:

    Have they said why the Cubs are using navy? There's no navy on the Chicago flag.

    Gotta say, I'm a little peeved about the Cubs in navy.  I have to believe the Brewers decision to retain navy was at least in part to not step on toes and be another royal team in the NL Central.  The Cubs may have worn navy at a time when pretty much every team was navy or red, but they've been royal blue for a good century now.  It'd be one thing if the Marlins added random colors (ironically, their City Connect jerseys were quite tame), but not a club with as much history as the Cubs.

    They didn't have to overthink this.  Something like a royal jersey swapping out the Cubs circle for the Municipal Device would have been perfectly fine. 

    The City Connect unis are currently sitting with a .500 OPS.

  5. 20 hours ago, vtgco said:

    Hey, it's an honor to me that you and others take the time to leave suggestions! I really appreciate the feedback, so I'd like to at least try some of people's suggestions if I have time... Plus it was no problem to switch the logo's red. Before it was a bit brighter/more saturated than the kit's red, like you said, so now it's just a tad darker!


    I had the same thoughts. In some of my earlier drafts, there was more emphasis on the water's motion, but the overall logo composition had to be very different (and not very good...) Anyways, I just made a quick edit to the water that I think might help a bit without sacrificing too much cleanliness:



    I'll probably keep playing with it, but I'd take any advice I can get since water is hard...


    Also, I look forward to seeing your logo concept, though I wonder why you chose this shape... Glasgow isn't mountainous, is it?


    Never thought of this, but it could be cool... Here's the away jersey recolored in yellow. Black trim would be nice for a taxi jersey but it'd be waaaay too Columbus, wouldn't it?


    Maybe sometime less busy I could do some new designs to add a new away or a yellow third to the set.


    Personally, I'd really prefer the team just go by New York or NY/NJ... Teams in the suburbs using the city's name doesn't bother me, and "Metrostars" is the best name option as-is, IMO.

    But "Metro FC" would be palatable, and I think "FC Metrostar" or "Metrostar 96" would be a bit better. I think we shouldn't need European names to justify any decisions, but I guess they could be sorta like the Red Star teams of Belgrade, Paris, etc. Here's a quick logo mockup:

    AWbAwS9.png       Db9wuM8.png    YNe6OOU.png


    And just for the heck of it, the star logo with a Gotham FC-style NY/J.


    Not gonna lie... I kinda dig Metrostar 96.

    My preference for branding around "Metro" with no specific qualifiers has less to do with any personal preferences of mine and more to do with repairing the absolute mess NYRB has made with the fanbase for soccer in the NYC/NJ market.  

    Branding yourself as New York when you play in the Meadowlands is one thing, but not Harrison/Newark.  Metro wouldn't alienate people in NJ who want to root for their own team, which is a market I'd try to corner since NYCFC has most of NYC itself.  But Metro would still appeal to Mets fans who don't want to root for a club so closely associated with the hated Yankees.

  6. Glad they put a cheese wheel front and (off) center on the Brewers hat to represent the abundant dairy farms in Milwaukee County/414. 🙄


    It's like they did the opposite with the Brewers. They only put the area code where the team plays, but most of the patches are things that are better associated with other parts of Wisconsin.



  7. I'll echo the sentiment that the K in the KC doesn't really read as a K.  You're also gonna have to add an outline stroke to the royal and white numbers/names to make this work.

    Either way, I look forward to the rest of this series.

  8. Unless you want to resurrect the old Duluth-Superior Dukes brand from the original Northern League, I say stick to Huskies.  I feel like this trend of Northwoods League teams chasing modern MiLB naming conventions has really taken away from the charm the league developed organically when it makes perfect sense for teams in this league to have "northwoodsy" mascots (Skunks, Honkers, Woodchucks, Moondogs, Bullfrogs, etc.). Huskies fits right in with that theme, and they're one of the longest tenured summer league teams in America.  I say embrace it.

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