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  1. Interesting.  I figured Grand Rapids being affiliated with the Pistons was something I could always take for granted.  I had to look up where Detroit was moving their team to if they were dropping Grand Rapids and it turns out they literally moved them up the street from the Pistons home arena.

    Is there anything to this trend of so many teams relocating their G-League teams directly into their home market?

  2. 3 hours ago, packerfan21396 said:

    I guarantee the green Earned on Game 3 for the home opener of the series and black Statement on Game 6 for the culture.  Feel like the jersey schedule should be up on LockerVision by tomorrow.


    Earned is the one with the antlers on the sides, right? No problem with that one. It's totally on brand and worthy of being the primary.

  3. I can NOT believe this is happening!!!!


    I was still in diapers the last time a Milwaukee team played for a championship; and the Bucks haven't played for one since a few years before I was born. Now, finally at age 40 I get to watch my hometown go for a title!


    Nothing against the Packers, but after living in Green Bay for two years, I REALLY want a championship I don't have to share with them.

  4. Digging the orange numbers on the white jerseys... really helps the color balance.  But I think I'd really prefer white numbers on the blue sweater.  Digging the "Isles" wordmark and I like the way you incorporated the four stripes into the design.  The RR I can take or leave, but it does tie them into the era where I watched the most hockey.

  5. The Packers in contrasting sleeves still looks off to me.  Granted, a big part of that is probably because I consider the unis they wore in SB I & II to be the basis of what they should always look like (within reason, given the cuts of todays unis). 

    I'm sure you've probably moved on to another team by now, but might I suggest trying to incorporate the classic Lambeau era look (what the latest throwbacks were based on) for this project? 

  6. 21 hours ago, BayBaseballFan said:

    Green Bay Packers - The Pack undergoes some minor road revisions

    If there's any team that signified excellence in the 60's, it's the Packers. Vince Lombardi, three NFL titles and wins in the first two Super Bowls are pretty solid credentials. The success in that era has cemented their home jerseys as iconic. And they are. So to even consider altering them felt wrong. However, as I've had to do with some of the other classic teams, I felt a little less guilty about trying some tweaks on the road jersey. The main inspiration was the more simplified striping on the Paul Hornung road jersey below. The contrasting sleeves added a little more yellow. It might be a bit much, but..."in for a pound, in for a penny." The sock stripes are updated to match the road sleeves. And the Wisconsin outline on the football player is returned as a secondary logo. So are the Packers a little too sunny now? Let me know and thanks for looking. 


    Next up - the Buffalo Bills finish off the AFL North with a fix for the better (?) on the team's helmet logo.



    References / Inspiration


    I think that is a little too much yellow.  It worked for the Steelers because they have the black helmet to balance things out.  If anything, I'd keep the usual white jerseys, but add green pants for the road.  I always wanted the Packers to have alternate green pants for dome games where the abundance of yellow is most apparent.

  7. I'll echo white numbers on the orange panel for the Broncos, but I like the orange horse sooo much better with the white outline on the stripe.  Now the colors are balanced more in proportion with the rest of the uniform.

    I think you got it right the first time when it comes to the Dolphins, but I'm not gonna complain about seeing more concepts.  But to me, the Dolphins look best when orange is kept to a minimum.

  8. Ick. The teams with monogram logos (which is most of them) look especially bad because of the redundancy of putting them over other letters that stand for the city's name.


    Who do they actually expect to buy this garbage?

  9. Broncos: Always loved that set. But something about the helmet is throwing off the color balance. Maybe add a thin white outline to the stripe and/or try a white bronco outlined in orange.


    Vikings: Stick with your original, it's perfect. Era appropriate, yet wouldn't look out of place today. The Nordic cross socks distract from the things that should really stand out about this set IMO.


    Bengals: I thought for sure you were gonna cite the Hamilton Tiger-Cats as your inspiration... this is pretty much what they were wearing back then. Looks pretty good if you ask me. Not sure how I feel about the B, but that does seem like a very Paul Brown thing to do.

  10. 1 hour ago, SilverBullet1929 said:

    Now that someone mentioned the Yankees, I'm thinking there is no way for the Yankees to have a successful city connect uniform. The Yankees home uniform is already the city connect uniform for the Bronx, if not the majority of the state of New York except for obviously Queens.



    I'm guessing for the Yankees, we'll get something that specifically references the Bronx. A "BX" in the style of the Yankees iconic NY could look good if excecuted correctly.

  11. On 6/10/2021 at 8:42 AM, cajunaggie08 said:

    Western Michigan seems to be taking design input from Washington Football Team and are going with a W in a circle as well. The new logo appears to be for both the school itself as well as for the athletic teams. The athletic department website features the new W logo throughout yet the football team social media pages are still using the bronco logo. It will be interesting to see if all the teams have new uniforms and equipment that match the new branding and colors.


    As far as the new main logo, its ok. The biggest issue I have is there is nothing distinctive about it that lets you know its Western Michigan. Brown and gold are unique colors for sure in college branding. Unfortunately they only other school that comes to mind with the same colors is Wyoming, so by using just a W it could be mistaken for a logo for Wyoming, if Wyoming were crazy enough to ever move away from the bucking cowboy logo.


    New logo

    No photo description available.

    Old Logo



    I think Wyoming-WMU has a bit of the Texas-Tennessee think going on where one school is more associated with their mascot based logo that the similar monograms aren't a problem. Granted, it doesn't help that both mascot logos feature horses on top of the similar colors.


    I think I'd have preferred to see a WMU rather than just a W. But that would make Western the only D1 Michigan school not branding itself around a single block letter. 

  12. Is the sign usually lit up in those colors?  Otherwise it comes across a a pride month jersey.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, but something to keep in mind.

    Also, not sure I'm feeling the royal blue pants.  I feel like monochrome only works in extremely light (gray, powder blue, gold, etc.) or extremely dark (black, navy) colors.  Otherwise, it's too much of a "softball" look for my liking.

    Good concept though.  Are you gonna try to take on other teams that aren't part of the initial group?

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