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  1. At least you could say green & red was consistent with the Bucks historic identity, as they were obviously inspired by what they wore in their early years. Purple made zero sense for them. It was chosen solely because it was a trendy color in the 90s. That's also why I don't care for blue being part of their identity now. Black and gold I can live with, because even though they never wore those colors before, they were part of their classic Bango logo and don't look so jarring.
  2. I remember the originals being a big hit with people under 30. Personally, they were my favorite out of that entire set. I thought the buck was cool and I liked that they were green. Never cared for them in purple. Any chance we could see these in black rather than blue?
  3. Beloit. Their identity is such a mess now that no one even knows what their name is.
  4. Interesting choice of jersey to represent Dan Fouts. I think he only wore powder blue in his rookie year.
  5. I don't think their modern thick piping is quite that wide though. I think it would look fine on pants.
  6. Standard marketing speak and patronizing go hand in hand. Also, given the tendency of white nationalist cultists to exploit the word and concept of patriotism, the decision to even go there in the first place feels all sorts of icky.
  7. I wouldn't recommend neck piping for the Brewers. Just take the thick sleeve piping, then apply it to the rest of the jerseys and pants.
  8. I remember watching the old Packers NFL films footage, seeing Willie Davis(87) and Lionel Aldridge (82), and thinking it was so odd seeing these big beefy linesmen in receivers jerseys. I don't think they even issued a number in the 90s until Ezra Johnson (90) in 1977. I also remember watching the Broncos as a kid and thinking it was odd that they had two linebackers (Karl Mecklenberg and Simon Fletcher) with numbers in the 70s.
  9. In a perfect world, this would be the catalyst for the modern Brewers to apply their thick piping to the rest of their uniforms and own it as part of their brand.
  10. I wouldn't quite put it on that level. The White Sox managed to be a next level of bad even amongst the Pirates, Orioles, etc. (The A's were garish too, but that was charmingly on brand for them.) At least the Braves don't have to have their glory years associated with those less than flattering unis; save for Hank's #715; and I actually kind of like that one.
  11. The Browns seem to have figured out 5 stripes on a modern template. I'd love to see the Packers bring it back. For me, the most pressing Packers tweak would be to get rid of that stripey mess on their collars. The original Lombardi designed uniforms didn't have them; they're a lingering stench from the Forrest Gregg years that all Packers fans want to forget. They're garish and only clutter up what was a classic look on its own. I wouldn't be as upset if they kept them on the road jerseys, but I also wouldn't mind if they got rid of those too.
  12. This isn't far off from how women's roller derby leagues have organized for the past decade and some change.
  13. Wisconsin-Milwaukee had a football team that disbanded in the mid-70s. They wore yellow for the last couple years of their existence. I couldn't find a color copy online, but they have one of these on display at the Alumni House on campus.
  14. The story I always recalled was that Paul Brown was Vince Lombardi's idol and did indeed base the Packers uniforms on the Browns.
  15. Yeesh. I've been to Sparta before. They have a cool bike trail and the pub we went to afterwards had good bar food. But I couldn't wrap my head around spending more than a single weekend there.
  16. Illinois might be more concentrated on Chicagoland. But Wisconsin is hardly evenly distributed. 60% of Wisconsin lives within an hour of the Illinois border, and Metro Milwaukee has close to 2 million people in a state that doesn't even have 6 million. Hell, there's more people living on the Eastside of Milwaukee than the overwhelming majority of entire counties in Wisconsin.
  17. Not bad. But I wonder how it'd look if you made the white notch on your teal sleeves gold, then applied those sleeves consistently to the rest of the jerseys.
  18. If I were Dr. Pepper, I'd go with that 1963 logo, or any of the previous ones in that vein since everyone seems obsessed with midcentury modern nowadays.
  19. In fairness, barely anyone lives in Illinois or Wisconsin outside of their main cities and their suburbs; save for the occasional college town. I'm not sure how much any NBA teams even draw from outside of their suburbs anyway. It's not like as it is, a whole lot of people are driving from Seymour, Scottsburg, or any of the towns on I-65 to see the Pacers on a Wednesday night.
  20. They're still further away than Phily is from NYC. Or Milwaukee from Chicago. They're also different television markets with a state border inbetween. If you ask me, these are all arguments for a team in Louisville. They'd also have another natural rival in Memphis.
  21. I never made this connection before. Probably because the main department store in my neck of the woods had a wordmark out of the 1890s.
  22. I love damn near everything about this. My only nitpick is that the ROCKETEERS wordmark is way too gorgeous to only be one one jersey. EDIT: In hindsight, I didn't drool enough over your raygun. I honestly want a hat with that on it.
  23. It's a combination of the Jacksonville Bulls being one of the more successful USFL teams at the box office and the fact that St. Louis and Baltimore botched the hell out of their bids.
  24. That was part of my point.... Chicago doesn't have one dominant architectural style. Sure it has its share of Deco, but what makes the Chicago skyline so iconic is the mix of different styles. They did a great job on the uniform, regardless.
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