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  1. All the Badgers have ever needed to do is wear a proper cardinal red like Stanford does. I'd prefer the modern varsity W over the motion W too, but I can live with the latter.
  2. Any chance we could see the top right set in RWB? Any one of them in those colors would be an awesome alternate for the Nets.
  3. I actually kinda like this. Maybe because I grew up on open wheel racing where the numbers get placed wherever they fit.
  4. Pretty cool stuff! I was a lurker back then as well and I love to see how that project evolved. Love your brief description of the history of each team and how it actually plays into the real life local sporting culture. Obviously I'd be a Third Ward supporter in this universe. But I have to say even though I didn't see an issue with it the first time around, it's hard for me to wrap my head around their colors not including blue. Especially for a team so steeped in Bavarian heritage. I'm guessing since you're local (enough) you know of Bavarians SC and didn't want to do something that was essentially a take on their identity. But the Milwaukee Wave and Milwaukee Torrent wear blue as well. Then, of course, you have the Brewers, Marquette, and even the Bucks found a way to work it into their identity. Blue is Milwaukee's sporting color (as odd as it is for me, a UWM alum, to admit that). Perhaps we could see a version of Third Ward that is blue and cream? I do love the crest though. That doesn't have to change even if the kit colors do, IMO.
  5. Love the name and colors, but everything else needs refinement. Put your logo in an image with the Pacific teams (presuming that's the division they'd play in) and see how you could make it measure up.
  6. Joe Namath was the origin of 12 as the "glamour" number for QBs. Then every Super Bowl winning quarterback from 1971-1979 wore the number, thus cementing its status. Then you throw in Brady and Rodgers over the past decade and any other number as an answer to this question is a reach at best.
  7. Big "yes" to the Bucks with the droptails.
  8. My personal preferences aside, they look like the Packers; so good on that. I'm just not sure there's such a demand from the fanbase to see 1950s-style uniforms as many of the designers on this forum seem to want. That wasn't an era that fans particularly want to remember.
  9. Week 13 of 2007, when the Cowboys wore their blue throwbacks, necessitating the Packers to wear white against them for the very first time. Ironically, this happened in Dallas. The game itself is notable for being the first time Aaron Rodgers got any extensive playing time as the Packers quarterback after Brett Favre went down. Although he didn't pull off the win, Rodgers' performance in this game is thought to be a huge factor in why the Packers refused to let Favre "unretire" and re-join the team in the off-season.
  10. Whatever market there could conceivably be for any of these names is already served by all the other goofy names in MiLB. I just came up with the name RiverRockers. Even if they were the Rock River RiverRockers, it's still more palatable than the crap they actually came up with. Also, to the point about the Moo being too close to Wisconsin's Udder Tuggers brand. Supper Clubbers is a reject of another recent rebrand (I want to say Green Bay).
  11. 1) I think it's very legible and ties in well with the number font, which I think is one of the stronger elements of their uniforms. 2) I still like the blue jerseys, but you're not wrong. 3) I actually prefer it like that. So often, red and royal don't contrast well enough on players who are moving around. The way it is is much cleaner IMO. 4) Yeah, they probably could stand to get rid of that one.
  12. NicDB

    Revised Logos

    Could we possibly see a Brooklyn Atlantics or Brookln Robins version?
  13. The "logic" behind all these nonsense rebrands is that people who don't live anywhere near where the team actually plays will buy the merch as a novelty. But if Beloit rebrands, I am officially done complaining about the Wisconsin Timber Rattlers name. They will be THE Wisconsin team in the Midwest League as far as I'm concerned; and the Brewers affiliate at that. If they absolutely MUST rebrand, do so in a way that includes Rockford and the entire border area. But even then, I can't see that yielding something better than what we have now. This new owner is an ass who definitely has more money than brains. And it doesn't seem like he has a whole lot of either.
  14. Thanks for pointing that out. I had such a hard time looking at that game and couldn't put my finger on why. I look forward to seeing the Chargers uniform in action and properly white balanced.
  15. I will never understand how some Cubs fans on this forum think there is absolutely anything wrong at all with their uniforms.
  16. I usually relate it to the disco era and people get what I'm talking about.
  17. For baseball, I feel like it's cheating if we're counting numbers that would have traditionally been vacated after spring training.
  18. Those Memphis unis are a beaut. They truly found a way to put a localized spin on a classic identity.
  19. Honestly, I wish we had the Indiana Colts too. Indianapolis is such a mouthful.
  20. I remember thinking of the Broncos as a "blue" team before I finally saw them in orange. But yea, in such a blue heavy division, it makes no sense that the Texans wouldn't brand themselves around Battle Red.
  21. I'll admit, it's hard for me to wrap my head around the West Coast becoming a hockey hotbed when I come from the Great Lakes. But your alt history is certainly interesting, and you're knocking most of these out of the park. Love the abstract hockey-equipment related crest. It reminds me of 1970s Vancouver and Quebec.
  22. This Green Bay fan loves the Canners name. San Diego was still an industrial/military town in this era, so it works. Your Flamingos concept it brilliant; but I'm getting a real 80s vibe from it and I think that's when you should introduce the club. Las Vegas only had 92,000 people in 1960. That's fewer than who live in Green Bay now. And a Vegas club wouldn't have a Milwaukee to attach itself to. Vegas finally got minor league baseball in the early 80s, and by then was trying to make itself more family friendly. Your idea sounds too perfectly like what a place like the Flamingo would have tried in the 80s.
  23. The blue wahoo is an actual fish. Polka pike sounds like something made up by marketing people who think leisure suits are cool.
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