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  1. 23 hours ago, colortv said:


    You're comparing apples and oranges. Chicago and Milwaukee have combined metros of 11 million.  Combined state population of 18 million.


    Sits in the middle of this region: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Lakes_Megalopolis


    NYC and Philly have combined metro populations of over 25 million. 


    Sits in the middle of this region: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northeast_megalopolis


    It's simpe numbers.

    In fairness, barely anyone lives in Illinois or Wisconsin outside of their main cities and their suburbs; save for the occasional college town.  I'm not sure how much any NBA teams even draw from outside of their suburbs anyway.  It's not like as it is, a whole lot of people are driving from Seymour, Scottsburg, or any of the towns on I-65 to see the Pacers on a Wednesday night.

  2. 3 minutes ago, colortv said:

    I think it would be hard to justify putting a team in Louisville with Indianapolis so close.

    They're still further away than Phily is from NYC.  Or Milwaukee from Chicago.  They're also different television markets with a state border inbetween.  If you ask me, these are all arguments for a team in Louisville.  They'd also have another natural rival in Memphis.

  3. On 11/14/2020 at 6:33 PM, Daredevil said:

    Chicago is renowned for its architecture. The First and Second Chicago School, Art Deco, Modern, Post Modern, Brutalist, amongst many. Not counting Chicago's numerous art deco skyscrapers such as the Carbon and Carbide Building, Chicago Board of Trade, the enormous Merchandise Mart, Mather Building, and literally hundreds of other buildings. The Bulls got it absolutely right. 

    That was part of my point.... Chicago doesn't have one dominant architectural style.  Sure it has its share of Deco, but what makes the Chicago skyline so iconic is the mix of different styles.  They did a great job on the uniform, regardless.

  4. On 10/31/2020 at 9:33 AM, the admiral said:

    I could get behind Bucks logos that used golden brown for the deer head itself but only forest green and red everywhere else. It'd be very Blackhawks. 

    I decided to see how this might look in various colorways.



    While none of these are embarassing IMO, it does seem to emphasize the point that the strongest and most distinctive part of the Bucks brand has always been the Irish Rainbow.  They need to stop half assing it the way the Brewers did with the glove all those years and embrace it as being essential to their identity.

  5. Good looking uniform, although I'm a little perplexed to why the Bulls of all teams went Deco.  Miami and New York are the cities I'd free associate with Deco before Chicago.  I almost wonder if the idea was to pay tribute to the Al Capone era of Chicago's history, but in a way that couldn't be perceived as glorifying organized crime, violence or alcohol.

  6. Barons is a pretty good name for Milwaukee.  There are several different ways you could go with it and tie it into the local culture. 

    If you're gonna go for a motorcycle theme, I like Milwaukee Machines. The alliteration works, and you could probably make a cool logo out of two M's.

    One of the teams on the schedule on Any Given Sunday was the Wisconsin Icemen.  I always loved that, and the team's initials coincide with the postal code for Wisconsin.  I also always liked how Wisconsin Knights was a homonym for "Wisconsinite." Consider those too if you're open to the Milwaukee team claiming the entire state.

  7. On 5/7/2020 at 9:42 AM, WideRight said:

    I am not imagining a world where a city or the CFL could afford to build new stadiums for CFL in the USA, so there has to be a stadium in place that with some adjustments could hold a CFL field.  That means mostly football or soccer stadiums, which rules out cities like Milwaukee and Omaha, which only have large-ish baseball stadiums, and some smaller cities such as Duluth, which is both way smaller than even Halifax and also does not have a stadium capable of holding even 15k. 


    So, we are looking for cities with populations of about 500k or more, and with a football stadium of at least 18,000 but less than 60,000.  It makes the options list a lot smaller, doesn't it?




    What about the Milwaukee Mile? The Packers played in the infield of the race track until County Stadium was built.

  8. I've come to the conclusion that I just don't want blue as part of the Bucks identity.  The blue border on the court at the Forum is a nice tribute to the original MECCA floor, but every other application of it feels forced.  Plus, the blue stripe reminds me of those thin blue line flags which I'm sure neither the Bucks or most of their fans care to be associated with.

    I actually like the Bucks in green and gold.  I thought about why that looks "right" to me even though they've never actually worn gold before now and I realized why watching old Bucks games on YouTube.


    Gold/golden brown was part of their identity for the first 25 years they were around.  Just not on the uniforms. 

  9. They look great everytime they wear throwbacks in that color.


    I do like that you haven't tried to reinvent the wheel with the Badgers so far.  Some people have too much of an compulsion to make Wisconsin and Nebraska not look like each other, IMO.  But it happens sometimes.  Look at the old SWC games (or current SEC games) between A&M and Arkansas.  Or anytime one of those teams plays Alabama or Oklahoma.

  10. On 10/22/2020 at 6:36 AM, eibram said:

    No, the B&W filter isn't on, you're just looking at the Brooklyn Nets Remixes:


    And yes, I'm aware that they look like they were drained of all life.


    Any chance we could see the top right set in RWB? Any one of them in those colors would be an awesome alternate for the Nets.

  11. Pretty cool stuff!  I was a lurker back then as well and I love to see how that project evolved.  Love your brief description of the history of each team and how it actually plays into the real life local sporting culture.

    Obviously I'd be a Third Ward supporter in this universe.  But I have to say even though I didn't see an issue with it the first time around, it's hard for me to wrap my head around their colors not including blue.  Especially for a team so steeped in Bavarian heritage.  I'm guessing since you're local (enough) you know of Bavarians SC and didn't want to do something that was essentially a take on their identity.  But the Milwaukee Wave and Milwaukee Torrent wear blue as well.  Then, of course, you have the Brewers, Marquette, and even the Bucks found a way to work it into their identity.  Blue is Milwaukee's sporting color (as odd as it is for me, a UWM alum, to admit that). 

    Perhaps we could see a version of Third Ward that is blue and cream?  I do love the crest though.  That doesn't have to change even if the kit colors do, IMO.

  12. Joe Namath was the origin of 12 as the "glamour" number for QBs.  Then every Super Bowl winning quarterback from 1971-1979 wore the number, thus cementing its status.  Then you throw in Brady and Rodgers over the past decade and any other number as an answer to this question is a reach at best.

  13. Week 13 of 2007, when the Cowboys wore their blue throwbacks, necessitating the Packers to wear white against them for the very first time.  Ironically, this happened in Dallas.  

    The game itself is notable for being the first time Aaron Rodgers got any extensive playing time as the Packers quarterback after Brett Favre went down.  Although he didn't pull off the win, Rodgers' performance in this game is thought to be a huge factor in why the Packers refused to let Favre "unretire" and re-join the team in the off-season.


  14. Whatever market there could conceivably be for any of these names is already served by all the other goofy names in MiLB.  I just came up with the name RiverRockers.  Even if they were the Rock River RiverRockers, it's still more palatable than the crap they actually came up with.

    Also, to the point about the Moo being too close to Wisconsin's Udder Tuggers brand.  Supper Clubbers is a reject of another recent rebrand (I want to say Green Bay).

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