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  1. Miami vice colors on Nets grey court tonight!!!
  2. "The 10 member teams of the league were heretofore named for their parent clubs, which regular readers of this site know I think is boring and should be made illegal through an executive order by Joe Biden in his first week in office." Damn right!
  3. FAU could actually go with those colors full-time. It's not much different than what they currently have, yet it's still unique.
  4. I think the logo is for display purposes only.
  5. Heat wearing pink and blue on raptors red trimmed court. Oof.
  6. They might be moving toward that to go with their new arena.
  7. The problem is this is the corporate version of what is "cool" instead of what is actually worn on the street. The Brooklyn nets really have me interested in what a true street influenced uniform could really look like.
  8. Baylor's rare volt game tonight!!!
  9. In game pics
  10. Vice uniforms for FAU!
  11. It wasn't favorable. It's silly to have ads that are barely seen.
  12. Helmet ads are like NBA jersey ads: on screen for 2 seconds at a time.
  13. WFT is fine, but I wish websites and apps would use Washington instead of Football Team.
  14. Nets could have used a colored circle, but I still love it!!!
  15. Kings wearing reverse retro only three games? Weak
  16. 8 teams for Florida plus 8 more coming for the San Diego area. 32 teams total. This league's turning into the ABA of football.
  17. The new team in Spartanburg SC has finalists for a name: Spartanburg Freedom Spartanburg Conductors Spartanburgers Spartanburg Sluggers Spartanburg Spiders Spartanburgers is hilarious. Votes are being taken at