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  1. I hope Vegas doesn't wear that Thunder jersey against the sharks
  2. I like the Alphas and Blues logos. I hope those look translate to the jerseys.
  3. I can't wait to see what logos and unis you guys come up with for this league!
  4. I like the Action name and would love an 80's color scheme!
  5. My wife had an appointment in Lake Elsinore, so I drove down the street and checked out the minor league park while I waited. It was in the offseason, but I just walked in, walked around, took some pictures, nobody said anything.
  6. OK, fake news. But how about this: This is the first LCS with all teams from the southern US!
  7. Not sure if anyone has pointed this out, but whoever plays in the WS will be wearing blue somehow.
  8. So with city, classic and earned, the Nets could have SIX uniforms? Woah. I'd love a black Bed Stuy one.
  9. Here's mine: First Miami Heat Vice Long Island University Sharks Columbia Fireflies Great Falls Voyagers Big 3 Aliens New Chargers look San Jose Sharks Baylor basketball neon Los Angeles Astra
  10. And this beauty: I love this! Is there a list of these somewhere? Who's sponsored by Doritos??
  11. I know this is crazy for me to say, but I hope the Nets DON'T have a yellow Biggie jersey. Yellow is wrong for that team imo.
  12. The heat had a bit of yellow in their last vice branding. Maybe they'll go yellow and blue next time (Please please please!!!)
  13. They better not!!!!! Maybe a return to white uniform? The pink vice is my least favorite. I like the pink but it doesn't have enough blue. I like it when all four colors are balanced.
  14. Man that Dolphins blue is beautiful in the sun.
  15. There's only one perfect sponsor for this team... I like how they reference the 7 train. But what's with this trend of announcing teams two years ahead? I can see it if the stadium/arena needs to be built, as with the Trash Pandas, but I doubt that's the case with a minor league soccer team or NWSL.
  16. Hotshots is the best, but Honey Hunters could have a cool honey color in the uniform.