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  1. yea I guess it's a lighter version of the same color. It still matches their color palette: Equal parts green and blue. Call it what you want.
  2. Here it looks like ice blue instead of seafoam. I think it's ESPN's cameras. I know when they show Coastal Carolina games their teal looks green.
  3. Word is some of these kraken players are trade pieces.
  4. Because navy is their primary color. I'm hoping for an ice blue third jersey.
  5. Weren't the seals teal? That looks like forest green
  6. Still hoping for an ice blue Kraken 3rd jersey...
  7. I thought it was a minimum of 2 years. Plus the CHAs got a bad reception.
  8. Aren't the hornets due for a new statement as well?
  9. I just realized that the Bulls are wearing stranger things uniforms during shark week and shark week unis another weekend.
  10. I had an idea for a Nets logo that used a chain net, like in streetball. FIts the team vibe.
  11. Coastal keep sticking with that skinny sans-serif font when their wordmark is the opposite!
  12. Water graphic on the jersey!!!! I would love this as their main branding.
  13. Should be a new Nets statement uniform though...
  14. I wouldn't trust bootlegs of this team at all. That ice blue color will be tough to get right. I can tell from this it's too green. And where I come from, the phrase is Let's Get IT Kraken or What's Krakalaken?
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