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  1. I feel like those represent brewery very well. Also the numbers have a shadow drop. The Times New Roman fits the style and brewer style. Why do people seem to dislike newer uniforms?
  2. It is banned because it prevents concussions the least. They have a 1 star in preventing concussion. I'm sure players will be grandfathered in
  3. I know they were the Rainbow Warriors but it still looks silly. Just because it has rainbow in the name doesn't mean they need to plaster it everywhere. When you take your mascot name too seriously you get this You don't need to take it so literally. If Denver is ridiculous so it Hawaii and if you say 'But Rainbow Warriors' well what if they renamed to the Rainbow Nuggets? Also as for the Packers again I do not care. I think it looks perfectly fine with the white space and prefer it over the generic striping that nearly every other team. There is enough space for it to be distinct and to me looks more appealing than the thick solid stripes. I do not think the thick solid sleeve stripes looks good. To me the consistency is the spacing between the stripes and without it annoys me on the white jersey. Either remove the trim on the green jersey or include it on the white jerseys. I don't get how the white trim on yellow numbers makes it okay but not on stripes. That makes no sense. I don't get why you are acting like your opinion is right and better than mine. As a Vikings fan what do you think of the Vikings old school jerseys? I don't see people complain about these
  4. Yes they do see the image I have Next the point I'm making is this imo is more consistent and appealing. I don't care about the yellow on white that much and it's honestly more distracting having the large stacked stripes than it does having them spaced. I don't care if it looks muddy it looks much better to me. White jerseys are essentially meant to be an inverse and it just looks more aPpealing than without the space. The only way it could work is if like ghee Stryker they keep the stripping the same but with green trim
  5. Yes it is I constantly hear people say they should bring back the rainbows. They rocked those uniforms in 3 games which are in the record as highest scoring games in the nba so yes they are classics Even then what's Hawaii's excuse?
  6. Making everything gray doesn't make it serious
  7. Well to me it's the opposite. The top ones don't match the socks at all and just looks generic. What separates it from every other uniform from that time? Also how do you feel about the Vikings classic look? Just curious PS as for consistency the green NEVER encompasses the yellow
  8. Yes it is. There is a gap for the dominate color to seperate the stripes. Also their white pants do mimic the sleeve. The older design just looks generic to me imo (btw can I mention going all white is a total waste? Why not yellow?) With older jerseys with long sleeves the stripes were full rings. Well now a day because many player have short sleeves the rings are halved and the yellow stripe cuts through the cap The old some may fit for players with long sleeves like Rodgers but most players have tight short sleeves messing yellow will touch white
  9. Except that's not consistent. The only reason yellow and white don't touch is because it doesn't have the opportunity anywhere else on the set. With the color rush the white pants do this. The current look is more consistent so again either remove the green trim on the home ones or keep the stripping the same but add green trim like the Steelers or keep it as is. Literally the only consistent feature is white not touching yellow which btw already had yellow touching white because of the way modern jerseys are made. Because most jerseys now have short tight sleeves the stripping will only go half way around and touch the rest of the jersey versus the long sleeves. Not everything translates perfectly to modern day
  10. Somethings should just stay in the past. Just look at the nuggets old uniforms. Just because it's classic doesn't mean it'll work in modern day. I think gray facemasks for classic teams are 'fine' but not desired. The giants with a white facemask just looks so much better Also USC would look so much better with a yellow facemask
  11. I don't know why cardinals is listed I didn't list it but even then the cardinals would look better with a red facemask after the photoshoped jobs I've seen I just don't get the appeal in gray facemasks. They just look dull and ugly and never strike me as tough or badass
  12. We just have a different point of view. You view as white not touching yellow o view it as the sleeve stripes not touching. The yellow doesn't really bother me Also could you answer my question of what uniform redesign you favor over the classic?
  13. Their old jerseys always had the gap. Admittedly yes this is kind of a dated thing as many other teams used this style from the time but I favor consistency of the new uniforms than the inconsistency of the old ones. Thing is I barely noticed a before before someone pointed it out. Maybe having the green jersey be gold-green-good and away be green-gold-green would be slightly better but I just think it'd look awkward on the green jersey and think a white-gold-white would be better. Or they could try like the Steelers and have the green outline everything and keep the stripping the same. I don't want teams to dilute their looks to almost unrecognizable proportions. Just look at college. What team is this? I'm not saying slightly changing the stripping is as bad as this but it starts somewhere. I'm also not against crazy alternates but I still feel they should include some part of the team identity Gray facemask just look ugly and cheap to me. It doesn't strike me as rugged or intense. Again I prefer consistency and color coordination. White does the just as good
  14. Dude gray facemask are ugly nearly every time. Uniforms should only incorporate team colors and not use unnecessary ones. Gray is unnecessary. The colts looked so much better with the blue and white facemask. It honestly looks laughable with the new style helmets and facemasks. Like what is appealing about them? My rule is it only works of gray is apart of team color scheme