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  1. Here is the last of the original club's reworked logo's. Maybe there will be a rework of the Boston Celtics and Baltimore Canton in the future. This thread however is now officially defunct, as I will start a new thread featuring reworked teams and information in the near future.
  2. Here is a remake of some of my earliest kit design in this vector template. I'm just testing the water here, but it looks like this template works well for what I want to do.
  3. Here is the updated logo for the Brooklyn Giants, It isn't anything too drastic since I want to retain was much as possible from the originals. I want to revisit this league in the near future however, but for now I feel like some more crests are in need of some maintenance. I also want to include kits, but I don't think I will keep working with the same "photo realistic" templates since they are kinda time consuming and my knowledge of Photoshop is basic at best. A versatile vector template would possibly be the best option if there are any.
  4. Here are some more reworks, this time for the Union and the NY Americans. I also experimented with a new style to present the logo's as well as incorporating a secondary logo. I'm seriously contemplating returning to the project, but maybe keeping it a bit less ambitious so I can finally finish a concept for once.
  5. Here are some reworked logo's yet again. In my opinion my two last entries where a bit rough, so I definitively wanted to rework those. I'm still stuck on a rework of my Washington Senators logo but found the time to redo the Tampa Bay Pelicans. The new design sports a brand new pelican and a monogram, I used the original roundel but used some elements to break up the design somewhat. In my opinion this looks a bit cleaner then it's previous version. I really like the design for the Corinthians, but I thought it was to similar to the one used by Detroit City F.C, So I switched it up a bit and also used a roundel in the overall design. Letting The Spirit of Detroit break up the design somewhat. It also has a new art decoish font and it also still uses the stylized fleur de lys from the previous design. Some other logo's up for a rework are: Washington Senators, Chicago Union, Brookhattan. And the NY Americans may return to the league after all.
  6. Well, it's been a while again, I've been kinda busy IRL and didn't find time or motivation to proceed with this project. But recently I've found myself going back to this and rethinking some concepts I've made. To start things off here is a more modern rendition of the ASL Logo. It retains the A and the soccer ball that where present in the original logo, but overall feels a lot more contemporary. I also decided on the final colors and typography of the Santos Logo, at first I was considering using this particular concept for a team based in LA but I decided against that because most of this badge was specifically made to represent San Diego. This is more a drastic redesign for the Saint Louis Raiders. I've found that I was using a lot of roundels in the original project so I wanted to shake things up.
  7. Author's note: First of all, I want to thank everyone for the continued support! I've also added a poll to the thread where you can choose the last team that will join the East. I think they're all good options but I can't choose. Since I decided I wanted an other southern based team in the league I have narrowed it down to 4 options: Atlanta Phoenix, Charlotte Royals, Panamerica S.C and Fort Lauderdale Pirates. Washington Senators S.C About the Club The first professional soccer club in DC was created in 1963, as an amateur team known as Washington Britannica by a Scottish expat and other soccer enthusiasts in the capitol. In 1967, the team went professional and joined the American Soccer League, the year after it joined the ASL, the club changed it's name to the Washington Darts. After winning two consecutive titles, the Darts joined the ambitions NASL, which sought to establish itself as the top division of American Soccer. This move proved to be a bad one however, as the original DC team moved a total of 4! times, ending up as the Minnesota Strikers during the last season of the NASL in 1984. Meanwhile the Washington Cavaliers joined the ASL in 1974 but where not achieving the success of their predecessors. As the NASL fell apart, the ASL took it's spot as the top league and attracted more resources. With the Cavaliers drawing the attention of investors, the team became the Washington Senators in 1994, setting itself up for a decade in which it dominated the league during the 90's, winning three titles and three U.S Open cup's.
  8. Tampa Bay Pelicans S.C About the Club The Pelicans where founded in 1959 as the Saint Petersburg Kickers, The first few years the club played amateur football with their first championship coming in 1967 and by 1989 they had become a force in Florida Soccer as they had won their division 11 times, their most prestigious title came that same year as they won US open cup by beating Brookhattan 2-1 in the finals, after taking down Chicago Union. This cuprun impressed the ASL board, who where already considering adding teams from the south in the league, as league expansion was one of the prerequisites for hosting the 1994 World Cup. So it was no surprise they received an invitation to join the league the following season. In 1997, the team changed their name to the Tampa Bay Pelicans, and the team was officially split from the St.Petersburg Kickers, who continued play in the amateur leagues.
  9. Hi, It's been a while. For past couple of months I've been taking a break from this project. Working on each team takes quite some time between making logo's, kits and writing backstories. However I will attempt to see this project out, since I have some more teams up my sleeve I've decided to scale back the scope of the project and settled on having 14 teams in each conference. So that takes us to about 28 teams in total. Unfortunately this means I have to scrap teams that where already in the East.This means that the Philadelhia Nationals, New York Americans and Kearny Scots will no longer feature in the league. The entries will be further apart as to keep things fun and manageable. Here's a quick overview of teams in the east: Baltimore Canton Boston Celtics Brookhattan F.C Brooklyn Giants Chicago Union Detroit Corinthians Milwaukee Eagles Philadelphia Field Club Pittsburgh Steel S.C St.Louis Raiders Tampa Bay Pelicans Washington Senators 13.Georgia/Carolinas based team 14.Ohio/Indiana based team The first two teams who will have an entry are the Tampa Bay Pelicans and Washington Senators Here's a small teaser:
  10. Milwaukee Eagles S.C About the Club The roots of the club go back as far as 1929, when a group of German immigrants founded FC Bayern Milwaukee. The club played it's first match later that year against a team from nearby Sheboygan. The Bavarians continued to play in local leagues throughout the 30's and 40's and even became a dominant club in Wisconsin Soccer. 1956, represented a big turning point however, around this time the ASL Midwestern division became more or less stable and it was looking to bolster it's numbers. Milwaukee was a prime candidate and the league looked at more established clubs to join, in order to avoid the chaos of it's early days. They contacted the board of the club, most of whom where keen on joining the league. But not everyone was on board with the planned move. As some felt that the club could be out of their depth in the (Semi) Proffesional League. This led to a split in the club. One part continued play on the amateur level as Milwaukee Bavarians S.C, while the other half joined the ASL as the Milwaukee Eagles S.C.
  11. I redid the Santos logo a little bit. The shape is now less awkward and maybe a bit more reminiscent of more conventional crest design but it retains it's distinctive top shape. The banner is now a bit arched, but I decided against using an angle. Added a small monogram to the crest. I only thing I need to figure out is the lettering as most of the things I tried look out of place.
  12. I don't mind, if you want I can give you the illustrator file. This looks good, I tried something simular but I think I need to take the angle out of the sash because otherwise it does'nt quite line up. Do you mind if I use your monogram?
  13. I've got some more work done on the LV team. Mainly focused an using an other color scheme. I went with Midnight Blue/ Pink/Light Yellow to evoke the feeling of the city's many neon signs. I also expanded the space between different parts of the atom logo in the center, and flipped the welcome to LV inspired the other way round so it looks more like a traditional soccer badge. I've also added in the S.C abbreviation on the bottom part of the shape. I'm pretty satisfied how it turned out, I'm still stuck with San Diego Crest.
  14. First of all, I like to thank everyone for their feedback. It's been really helpful with giving the new teams their name. For the moment I've been working on some concepts for the different cities. Here are some previews. 1. Milwaukee Eagles This is more or less a finished design. In the end I went with Eagles instead of other ideas. Since it is in theory a continuation of the amateur Bavarian Soccer Club, going with an eagle to represent it's German ancestry seemed like a good idea. I tried to replicate the German style of crest design without going a bit to simplistic. The club's colors are blue and white (taken from the Bavarian Flag) and black. 2. Las Vegas Atoms I really like this name, I think it fits a Las Vegas team. So starting from there I drew up an atom type shape with a soccer ball at it's center. I also tried to incorporate an A into the overall design. While I think i had the overall design right, it felt like there was nothing representing the city of Las Vegas in the design. So I added in the other shape, which is based on the famous "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas" sign. I'm not quite sure about the colors used however. Some neon colors accompanied with a darker shade would work well. 2. San Diego Santos This is maybe the crest that's the most rough around the edges, but most of the main things I want to implement are already there. I wanted to base it off the classic designs found in Brazil but with a twist. The top of the crest shape is based on the Mission San Diego de Alcalá bell tower with it's distinctive shape. above that is an Aureola to represent the club's name. I tried to incorporate more elements from the bell tower in the top half of the crest but it just seems out of place. For the wordmark I'm not sure what font to use but the one used here is a place holder until I can come up with something better. The colors I used are Brown and Yellow but I also want to use White somewhere in there.
  15. First of all, thank you for the feedback! I will try to involve the community more in this project. So far the names I've decided on are: Orange County S.C Charlottetowne S.C Cleveland Forest Dallas Lone Star Houston Apollos Racing Indianapolis Las Vegas Atoms Milwaukee Eagles (crest is already finished) San Diego Mission S.C
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