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  1. Not every player had it. Also, the pocket didn't seem to be any kind of disadvantage in their 41-7 blowout rout of the Texans!
  2. Same here! After all, if we can't get the (subjectively) best possible attires for each respective franchise, then don't give us the worst: color head-to-toe vs. white neck-to-knee. What a rush of color, eh? Much like so many CR games ever since said concept has been created, it often merely remains a typical NFL game in terms of uniform match-ups, whether due to clashing hues being paired together — thus messing with color-blind folks — or simply coming down to goofy team choices/preferences.
  3. Maybe "ruined" was a harsh term and poor choice of wording, but I just would have much preferred their throwback blue over gold. Also, I meant that the Rams dictated it being a Color Rush game — after all they had that choice, since they are at home, and announced it well in advance — so the Ravens seem to be simply following suit to also participate, as they have always previously done since 2016 when on the road against a team sporting CR (e.g. Steelers, Browns & Chargers, respectively, over a span of several seasons). Granted, this is assuming they are in fact peculiarly wearing the purple CR away for the first time ever. Who knows, maybe their website stating CR means white jersey + white pants? However, it doesn't read that way when taking into account that all other games where they are planning on wearing white jerseys, it states as such: "Jersey Color: White". Personally, I know I will be pining all game long for this envisioned preference: black/white/purple/black (Ravens' best road attire IMHO) vs. navy/blue/gold/blue (Rams' best overall uniform IMHO).
  4. I'd honestly prefer that to boring all white (even though any time Ravens have worn white against opposing CR uniforms they thankfully haven't included predominantly white socks as well) vs. all gold, like what happened last year between Chiefs & Rams on MNF. Either way though, once again, a potentially much better match-up in prime time is going to be ruined by the Rams being ridiculous about their uniform choices.
  5. I mean I personally love the white on black, too, but just wish they'd wear contrasting socks, preferably purple. Same with purple over black. Black socks with black pants should be reserved only for the "Blackout" games, as originally intended. The only other non-contrasting socks appearance MAYBE should be CR, logic being that it differentiates from the other purple jersey/purple pants look, and even then I'd still prefer the predominantly black socks to better tie into the helmet. That is unless there was ever a way — which there won't be — that those "Blaze" alternate helmets from a couple years back could be an option for the CR uniforms.
  6. Nope, Baltimore brought out the purple pants again thankfully. That makes twice on the road (@ Pit & @ Sea) and once at home (vs. Arz) thus far! Apparently, according to their official website, they are wearing the Color Rush out in LA, which would mark the first time they've ever worn that on the road (if both the site and my interpretation are respectively correct). The all purple trimmed in gold thrown into the mix could end up making that game not as bad of a uniform match-up as I initially thought, since I figured black/white/white/black vs. navy/gold/gold/gold.
  7. Yeah, but still need the 2002-2008 red socks back for road games. Also, once in a while the old red pants (with navy socks) away would be cool.
  8. How come the illustration of that Native American patch on the left shoulder is facing forward, or in other words, the "wrong" (right) way?
  9. Well, Baltimore's primary purple pants (debuting in 2018) — which have been paired with primary purple, road white & alternate black jerseys, respectively — contain black/white/black stripes with the gold 'B' logo inside said stripes @ each hip. Whereas the admittedly similar CR version of purple pants — which have only ever been worn with the corresponding CR jersey, and were actually introduced first, oddly enough (mainly due to mandatory 2016 birth of CR league-wide) — sport a white/gold/white striping pattern, and of course additionally include the same aforementioned 'B' emblem that is also found on all three of their other pairs. Granted, I must note that you did indeed say "essentially", so I suppose you probably didn't even mean for your statement to be taken in a literal manner anyhow. Still, I kinda felt compelled to provide clarification in regards to the minuscule differences — just in case — particularly for anyone who may not have been previously aware of those minute nuances. Then again, I genuinely doubt such a scenario applies to any fellow forum members located here, especially when considering the fact that this place is basically filled to the brim with eerily familiar likenesses comparable to ourselves: herds of hardcore uniform nerds...lol!
  10. Although it is a shame that the Broncos aren't wearing one of their orange jerseys, specifically the far superior CR version (perhaps even paired with navy socks for first time ever). At least there won't be an overload of dark blue hues on both sides of the ball, which could have very easily occurred.
  11. The 1997 ones maybe (White/Purple/White Stripes, but with 'B' logo inside on hips instead of Coat Of Arms Shield), but definitely not the other one-off version — 1996 inaugural season pairs of pants, that is — what with those goofy, thick, solid, single white stripes down each side! Honestly, the black pants would be fine with purple-topped socks to match the numbers on the white road jerseys & the primary purple home versions, respectively. Keep the "Blackout" appearance at least once a year though, as contrasting socks would not make sense for that particular look. Everything else combo-wise should always have contrasting socks. I actually dig the quirky outlier that is the non-striped black pants, but they just need to break it up with white or purple-topped socks. If I had it my way, I'd also fix each of the other three pants' stripes that are all missing one team color in the pattern, thus better matching the numerals or in some cases — such as "monotone" jersey + pants regalia — precisely so. Striping patterns I'm referencing: black/gold/purple/gold/black on white pants, black/gold/white/gold/black on primary purple pants, black/white/gold/white/black on CR purple pants, and then purple/gold/white/gold/purple IF putting stripes on the black pants. Here is a Ravens 'yowie' that I own — something to visualize as an example for the primary purple pants, except replace the alternate, front-facing bird head logo with the gold 'B', as per usual — which was given out at the 2011 season opener, a 35-7 home rout over the Steelers as their first victory of that year's entire AFC North divisional sweep by Baltimore: Lastly, here are some quick & lazy MS Paint mock-ups, since I lack any kind of graphic design skills — again just imagine with an inserted 'B' logo:
  12. Eh, I prefer having the ten options of color combinations that they wore this season, as opposed to merely four. Albeit, I personally could do without the black over white, despite loving white on black, even though black helmet/white jersey/purple pants/black socks may have actually surpassed that as my favorite road regalia. However, I do feel that they should almost always wear contrasting socks, just as they wisely do with the white and "primary" purple pants, respectively. One exception to that rule would be during the times that they decide to sport the "Blackout" appearance, which mimics a real life raven's look. Another idea that I thought would look nice is those "Blaze" alternate purple & gold helmets with "Color Rush", thus the black ones would not stick out like a sore thumb, since monotone for CR seems to be insisted upon at least from the neck down. Of course, that would hinge on more than one helmet being permitted ever again, which is quite unlikely. Additionally, to reiterate, I would enjoy the black pants even more with predominantly purple socks—a la last year's Madden '18 commercial featuring Eric Weddle in them with away white jersey, as well as a balanced appearance inclusion of purple undershirt sleeves, despite being inaccurate in both of those ways—so as to eliminate the yoga/leggings effect, yet still keep one pair of pants somewhat unique by being sans stripes. Plus, Ray Lewis did help design the current black pants/entire ensemble of aforementioned alternate ("Blackout") threads back before their official debut in 2004. Granted, I always liked the 1997 road black pants with white-purple-white stripe pattern too, alongside the added bonus of contrasting (striped white) socks, however I did NOT enjoy the 1996 version featuring an ugly, single, thick, white stripe. But anyway, aside from my passionate debate/chime-in, I still respect your opinions/preferences in regards to this topic. After all, 'tis merely a matter of "To each his own" at the end of the day!
  13. Yes. This is the second year in a row, too. I don't understand how this is permitted by the league, but I'll take it, because ALAS I got to see a new favorite color combination debut tonight! In 2017, Baltimore wore their "Blackout" look twice (vs. Pittsburgh & vs. Houston) + black jersey with white pants once (vs. Indianapolis), as well as "Color Rush" purple & gold appearance vs. Miami. This season, they wore black jerseys three times. They sported said tops with white pants vs. Pittsburgh, with black pants vs. Cincinnati, and then finally paired them with purple pants vs. Cleveland tonight. Additionally, they of course also utilized the "Color Rush" threads one time only for the third straight season (since introduced in 2016 vs. Cleveland on TNF) against Oakland a few weeks back.
  14. I for one am ecstatic about this, since I've been waiting for it all season long since the surprise introduction of the second pair of purple pants! However, I do have one inquisitive inquiry about this: How has my favorite team been able to wear their alternate black jerseys three times—plus purple & gold "Color Rush" once—in both 2017 and 2018, respectively? I thought the rule for essentially everyone except the Rams was that a franchise could only wear a combo of Alt/CR up to three times total? Am I missing something?