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  1. Totally off topic, but I absolutely LOVE your Plague Doctor costume-wearing Ravens avatar! The Bubonic BaltiMoronic Plague-vens (or something like that) . . . I also enjoyed when Mark Crozer's band (albeit he himself did not) sported such outfits whilst performing 'Broken out of Love' — Bray Wyatt's theme song — during The Wyatt Family's entrance at WWE's WrestleMania XXX / 30, which was held in the Super Dome. Or rather, as Hollywood Hulk Hogan mistakenly called it several times — much to the chagrin and correcting cheers of the audience members aka "Hulkamaniacs", plus eventual subsequent teasing via both Stone Cold Steve Austin & The Rock — the Silver Dome...
  2. Plus, the Raiders are currently one of seven teams — nearly a quarter of the league — that has black numerals on their primary white jerseys: Atlanta Falcons – Red should have remained, rather than only as an outline. Carolina Panthers – Mainly Electric Blue might be better? Cincinnati Bengals – Their uniforms desperately need modification in general, and the road jersey numbers could easily be flip-flopped to orange outlined in black, especially now that the Cleveland Browns have switched back to brown-on-white, as opposed to orange-on-white. Jacksonville Jaguars – Teal trimmed in gold is far greater than solely black! Las Vegas Raiders – Admittedly, both white jerseys are stellar, albeit an addition of black pants for mix & match could be cool! New Orleans Saints – Color Rush > Primary, but both are technically fine overall. Pittsburgh Steelers – No color change is needed upon numerals, nor NOB. On that note, I sure-tainly hope the Baltimore Ravens never undergo any kind of overhaul under Nike, what with said company's apparent (and boring) black-on-white digit obsession! I would loathe seeing Baltimore's beautiful dark/deep purple digits trimmed in gold — plus black drop shadow — be eliminated, an apparel appearance choice that was clearly influentially inspired by the mid-90s regalia that both the Jax Jags & SF 49ers sported. Unfortunately — yet also simultaneously a blessing, so long as the uniform look stays — the Ravens' numbers are the lone ones of the aforementioned bunch that have survived!
  3. Reminds me of the Marshal Yanda & Joe Flacco exchange during the SB 47 post-game celebration amid confetti dropping upon them, and caught on the national television broadcast... MY73: Holy s***, huh?!? JF5: F***ing awesome!!!!! [Whilst simultaneously patting Yanda hard on the shoulder pad.] In fact, I read your quote in Flacco's tone of voice.
  4. Banana(-Rama) + Crescent Moon By the way, has anyone yet pointed out the fact that the new "sun-inspired" color called 'Sol' is actually 'Los' spelled backwards? Those clever folks at Nike never disappoint! I must be a "Los(t) So(u)l" to even notice such a correlation! Personally, I absolutely cannot wait until the Chargers inevitably move elsewhere. Then, subsequently, some smart entity (not myself) can suggest a stadium name change to something like 'SolFi', which would obviously — yes, clearly, no "Nike-Speak" explanation necessary here, folks — represent an abbreviated / shortened form of sorts, standing for 'Sol-den Ratio Fibonacci Spiral'. Just think: The L.A.teralus Rams, presented by TOOL . . . "Just kidding..." (To borrow a cynical, closing, lyrical quote from 'Hush' — a song by the aforementioned band.)
  5. Now, just get rid of the "whiskers" protruding from the bright, white beak, and we could be onto something! Granted, I cannot take credit for pointing that out, considering I once read that from someone online. Whoever that was, and wherever I stumbled across it, they were referring to the lifelike meeting/overlapping of feathers & beak that the creators of the primary logo were obviously going for — a la real ravens — as such, and thus, I have since not been able to un-see those strokes as whiskers! Unfortunately, one solid shade throughout the logo is boring — or even a more charcoal-esque appearance to the beak color instead of white, much like mascot Poe or an actual raven (especially in many photographs) — plus an idea along those lines simply never seems to look right on concepts, not to mention tends to get lost on a dark-colored helmet. Additionally, as a fan of the far superior (IMHO), front-facing version, something I have often pensively pondered & wondered about — and that I have oddly never seen noticed/addressed by others before — is how the 1999-present version is not symmetrical, at least pertaining particularly to the keyline, I should clarify. Whereas on the other hand, the original one prior to 1999 — the one that lacked purple, as did seemingly all of the pre-1999 logos (albeit admittedly, the Maryland flag "Coat-Of-ArmShield" initially had slightly more purple, since there was some on the 'B' and 'R', respectively, which was eventually removed when said logo was tweaked) — was able to be made symmetrical. A little while ago, I actually attempted to fix that quirk, as I will demonstrate via visual aids below: Official 1996-1998 front-facing head logo (sans full/winged body) Official 1999-Present front-facing head logo My own, slightly tweaked/sloppily fixed version of the 1999 alternate logo with SYMMETRICAL keyline (inspired by symmetry of original one from 1996) Since it has been a while, I do not recall the image source origin. If I recollect correctly, I probably sought out the logo via some random search engine query, then subsequently utilized the chosen material for my novice-style, reworked render via copy/paste functions in 'MS Paint' (LOL). I clearly must not have borrowed from this here site, what with the emblem's extremely evident, far-from-vibrant appearance of dull & faded colors. Still, I feel it at least gives the proper gist.
  6. Ever since the 'Blaze' alternate introductions, I've always wanted to see the Baltimore Ravens be permitted to include them with their 'Color Rush' uniforms. After all, if they are not going to properly utilize contrasting socks at almost all times ('Blackout' combo can remain the same), then they might as well make things more cohesive — at least in the case of CR, or rather, especially so in said scenario — from head-to-toe! Additionally, making exceptions for several teams versus others (e.g. Suggestions of specific helmet rules, such as throwbacks only, et al.) does not permit younger franchises to participate. That includes the likes of the Houston Texans & Carolina Panthers too, besides Baltimore. Henceforth, that is unlikely to happen, which would indeed feel fair to fans of particular organizations! I remember being enamored when I originally witnessed both the miniature helmets and full size versions via several stores at M & T Bank Stadium aka 'The Vault-ure' (self-coined term), whilst attending a game. We have been PSL owners since the 1996 inaugural season, and then subsequently, four corner end zone aisle seats in Section 147 / Row 29 following the move to their new, present-day home in 1998. I saw them just before a 40-0 blowout rout over the Miami Dolphins on TNF, during an otherwise mediocre 2017 year. I don't recall them being any different in person, yet both versions do seem to vary slightly. Well, based on photos that are available online, I mean. This seems particularly true in regards to the emblem decals, whereas I have taken into account differing instances of lighting/color/contrast, etc. For instance, the mini-helmet depiction features an odd, black, bordering outline outside of the normal, Metallic Gold keyline, which has always been present upon the authentic, on-field helmets since 1999. Granted, there is admittedly one interesting quirk that I have long noticed about said detail: In essentially all other official applications whereby the profile view of the bird head logo is utilized, it contains a white border. However, I have always preferred it without the white outline, and I hope that at least on the helmet it forever stays the way it is currently! I don't recollect precisely when I initially realized such minor minutiae, but their helmet version of the primary logo appears best-suited to my eyes! 'CoLamaRush' Cartoon of 'LaMarkus' in their 'CoL.A.Mark(R)us(h)' attire / 'Prime-Time MNF CRush LA Rams' {45-6} look [Note: Realistically speaking, Ingram II actually sported some sweet, shimmering, Metallic gold cleats!] You never do quite know though when it comes to certain teams, especially considering that not long ago upon the press conference podium, Head Coach 'Harbs' once humorously remarked, via quote-borrowing & fully credited reference to The Office character Michael Scott: "I'm not superstitious...but I am a little stitious." Henceforth, the Ravens may simply wish NOT to change up the regalia, one in which they are thus far undefeated (4-0) — let alone how often they have put on clinical displays of utterly dominant performances whenever the aforementioned garb is worn — despite perhaps eventually being permitted by the league to do so. Here's hoping that Baltimore is given the green light to add yet another spiced-up & brilliant touch — that is, according to my own personal taste anyway — to make that apparel shine even brighter on the big stages!
  7. How ironic that it is labeled as "Los Angeles Chargers" above the Los Angeles Rams logo, and vice versa!
  8. Just to reiterate my thoughts from another thread:
  9. Ram Horn + Ocean Wave + Crescent Moon = Random Ram-Dumb Logo