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  1. I actually realized my mistake and edited that comment moments before you submitted your own reply. Regardless, 4 different pairs of blue socks (6 overall) is completely unnecessary, let alone totally overboard! I dunno why they don't just use striped white socks with their primary white jersey instead of having two separate pairs of blue-topped socks to go with their primary blue & white jerseys, respectively. Also, they should eliminate solid white & solid blue. I find it amazing that the equipment handlers don't get mixed up on a regular basis with all those options!
  2. The Falcons really need to wear red socks with the gradient uniform combination, but we all know they never will!
  3. I think white, like at Dallas last season, would be even better (including the facemask).
  4. How many separate pairs of socks do they have, like six? I can think of four different blue ones (solid, striped primary home + road, and striped throwback) plus solid white & striped red for CR.
  5. Who else would be down with this alternate combo for the Browns? Aside from my minor modifications to his work via MS Paint, all art credit goes to @canzman. I hope you don't mind my borrowing of images to use for visual aid purposes!
  6. Wow, I hope that the Browns won't ever be stupid enough to really wear those striped brown socks with the white jersey. Cleveland's uniforms make for one of the few instances in which white from the neck down actually looks good, let alone logical. However, I suppose in some cases that their solid brown CR socks would work fairly well, including as part of this particular set. On the other hand though, if one considers that there is a current color-coordinated choice available — and with stripes that match those on the shoulders, at that — then they might as well utilize said version.
  7. Honestly, I have no idea, since I simply searched for different uniform combination match-ups.
  8. Yes, because one of those colors is white. Just look at how the one part matches the neck bumper. I am far from the first person on here to point out this inconsistency issue! Granted, they probably chose to go that route because of the similar beveling on the 'T' inside the "Flaming Thumbtack" logo, considering all of that is located within close proximity on the same surface. Still, both the jersey shoulder "sword blade" yoke & pants "sheath" striping patterns utilize two separate shades of grey/silver together, whereas the helmet "sword blade" stripe does not.
  9. I'll never forgive the Titans for allowing the removal of their secondary logo from their uniforms! Also, the dual grey "striping" everywhere except the helmet will never be anything but stupid! If a franchise insists on having a vast amount of design issues — which lead to cause for complaints galore — then said team should at least be consistent in its color pattern choices!
  10. I hope they lose every time they decide to do this. All those new combos, yet they wear the same two, plus refuse to use contrasting socks! Bring on 2025 and the inevitable redesign!
  11. Here's hoping that the Buccaneers also wear the red jersey with white pants at least once this season! I am a sucker for whenever football franchises wear different colors on every one of their uniform elements (helmet, jersey, pants & socks). Such instances that I can conjure up off the top of my head from over the years include the following: Atlanta Falcons – Black Helmet / White Jersey / Silver Pants / Red Socks (I would be all for switching the socks & helmet colors too, so something like their 1989 road regalia, but with black socks instead of red.) Carolina Panthers – Silver Helmet / White Jersey / Black Pants / Electric Blue Socks (Again in this case, another switch could work to my liking as well, which would be that of their former blue CR pants paired with black socks.) Los Angeles Rams – Navy Blue Helmet / White Jersey / Athletic Gold Pants / Royal Blue Socks New York Giants – Metallic Blue Helmet / White Jersey / Grey Pants / Red Socks (I am a big proponent of their current primary road attire, but also very much enjoyed the similar style that they sported for two seasons in 2000 & 2001, respectively. In fact, I wish SB XXXV had featured the Giants as being considered the away team, whereas the Ravens could have worn their home apparel. At least that match-up took place via preseason one weekday afternoon during Summer 2001.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Pewter Helmet / Red Jersey / White Pants / Black Socks Washington Huskies – Gold Helmet / White Jersey / Purple Pants / Black Socks (That is, when certain players wear them, plus pull them up to the knee.) Another team that I think could pull off such an appearance of four separate colors for each uniform element — and one that would be a lot better off for doing so, especially this season, what with their recent sock adaptation — is the New England Patriots: Silver Helmet / White Jersey / Navy Blue Pants / Red Socks (the latter of course representing a color-coordination tie-in to both the facemask & striping patterns).
  12. I think the Falcons' facemasks would work well with more Silver — particularly, as a base color for a pair of pants again — utilized throughout their uniforms.
  13. I wish the Rams would switch up their 'Mono-Bone' pants plus jersey uniform combination. Granted, at least they have wisely chosen contrasting blue socks every time whenever wearing it thus far. However, I still believe blue bottoms (preferably paired with 'Bone' socks for an alternating color appearance) or 'Sol' pants (preferably paired with blue socks) would be better road regalia — even if only for the simple fact that utilizing those other two pairs of pants would essentially make for an overall minimization of their 'Bonehead(ed)' color!