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  1. But they look great and fit the Steelers branding. Do all nfl numbers have to be block? Is there any nfl jersey where the redesign was BETTER than the original?
  2. I'm not trying to insult you. I just don't get what makes the Steelers throw backs that much better. I'm sorry if you thought it was an insult but that wasn't my intention. I'm just curious as why you think the Steelers throw back that much better
  3. Well I've met quite a few on this website and no offense but I've looked through your post history and you kind of fit what I'm talking about. Like you once said the Steelers throw backs should be permit but it looks basically they same besides the numbers
  4. Maybe that's you but it sometimes feels like people like something am ignore or deny their flaws. An example of people criticizing something new and praising the same thing because it's old people dislike the jaguars using black as the primary but say the falcon should use black full time. Another example is that people criticize the falcons black helmets because it shallow out the logo but don't mention it for their old uniforms which is much worse since it has no red or silver and the outline is very small. Or how people hate the logos on shoulders like the pats and panthers as being repetitive but again no mention for the likes of the falcon or seahawks old uniforms. I just don't see the appeal in the old falcon or Seahawk logos or uniforms but so many people praise them and just ignore their shortcomings saying they are perfect. Even the packers 'new' uniforms get criticism over tiny changes no one notices. Hell I see people say the Steelers throw backs should be permit just because it has block numbers? Maybe hardcore steelers fans will notice but most won't Maybe those are just the extreme minority but they certainly are VERY outspoken on Reddit
  5. I just feel that people will give old uniforms a pass for everything and criticize anything new. Like I was discussing on Reddit with a Vikings fan and he hates their uniforms simply because of the numbers and the stripping looking like horns and wants the throw backs full time despite its numerous flaws (yellow touching white stripping, inconsistent purple, gray facemask). He even praised the inconsistency between home and away excusing it because they'll never wear it at the same time but happily criticized the seahawks inconsistencies hearse the shoulder patch isn't green like with the home jersey
  6. I know they different but they still aren't adored and lasted from 90-94 until that one. I know I saw this lost of worst nfl redesigns and the 94 ones were on there. Honestly that jersey you put looks way better but I get why niner fans dislike since it was when the organization was and they went through 8 OC while Alex Smith was QB. There's even parts I wish their current uniforms should include. Their current jerseys are kind of boring and could use some gold trim
  7. Then why did they only last five season? Why did they go back to their old school uniforms? I definitely remember a huge backlash about the 'ugly' shadow drop and white pants. There was a 49ers fan on Reddit met who said the current uniforms was perfect and hated this 'redesign' someone made here (that redesign was adding gold and black trim to the numbers and fixing the stripping) and reached about how they're worse the 90-2000 uniforms with the shadow drop
  8. I don't get why people are praising these. I like them but didn't people HATE those versions when they came out?
  9. TBF They plan on redesigning their look when their stadium finishes
  10. They should go to using those full time
  11. None of those are terrible name (well maybe the wizards) <MOD EDIT>
  12. Re-read the post. I said it is too plain FOR ME. 'I' think the italic font looks better TO ME. Maybe you think block looks better but imo it looks generic
  13. Why the italic font looks great. The original block font is too plain to me