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  1. He said "all black throughout the playoffs." That obviously can't happen if the Saints play at GB for NFCCG but it'll be the all black leotards for the home games.
  2. Looks like it's black pants throughout the playoffs for the Saints. Same guy that told me about the gold pants told me when I asked if it was just a one time thing to shut me up or if it would be considered for the playoffs said that it's black pants for rest of the playoffs and that maybe gold pants would be considered if they make it to the Super Bowl. Bummer
  3. The key to the Bring Back The Gold Saints Pants Twitter campaign was tagging Sean Payton in every post and then the team captains after he said to do so and clever hashtags.
  4. They wore them last in week 2 last season against the Rams when Brees injured his thumb. Which is why some people think they bagged them because they are "bad luck."
  5. I'm certainly skeptical too. Now that I have read his messages to me again, I actually think he meant the surprise is tomorrow despite the announcement of black pants. Gametime Saints is saying that Saints will be wearing gold pants tomorrow. At this point I'd much prefer them just wear the black pants tomorrow and save their best look for the playoffs. Beggars can't be choosers I guess. We shall see
  6. It's actually been the last 3 years. Haha. Minnesota Miracle (white over black), No Call (All black), Minnesota last year (all white). Not to mention they wore gold in both playoff games and the Super Bowl in '09/'10.
  7. I noticed that too. I cannot say the information is reliable but someone on twitter who claims to work for the Saints DM'd me on the Bring Back The Gold Saints Pants Twitter account and said he "has a surprise for me" and that "we've heard your cries."
  8. The Saints will be busting out the gold pants for the playoffs. You heard it here first.
  9. Get on board the Bring Back The Gold Pants Twitter movement https://twitter.com/SaintsGoldPants/status/1335055372982300674?s=20
  10. I agree but at this point I'm not trying to be greedy. The gold pants are somewhere stashed away in the attic collecting dust. They can be busted out. I'll push for the return for the old gold in the offseason.
  11. No sir. Not a troll. Just passionate about gold pants.
  12. Or I can just go :censored: myself. That's cool too.
  13. Super random drop in and post. Occasional lurker but I know most people in here want the Saints to rock the gold pants. I have some friends with whom we constantly discuss the need for gold pants. I started a twitter page that has a massive following of 3. Haha. Since I know everyone here is in favor of the gold pants. Any help with the page would be appreciated. Thanks https://twitter.com/SaintsGoldPants
  14. Saints in color rush this Sunday https://www.facebook.com/neworleanssaints/videos/491060991676263/?t=1
  15. http://www.nola.com/saints/index.ssf/2018/06/fleur-de-glee_saints_logo_unif.html Not lost sports logos related but lots of interesting tidbits I didn't know about the Saints uniform history and proposed changes that never panned out. Also, the Saints voted best uniforms in the league?? I'm as biased as they come when it comes to the Saints but we do not have the best in the league. We do have pretty good ones but the white on black is the absolute worst uni combo in the league. Burn the black pants and we do have some beauts. I would be ok with the occasional black on black but they've worn that out by wearing too often
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