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  1. I found these two caps on the sale rack at Lids the other day. They were having their "buy one, get the 2nd 50% off". Sadly, only the second one was in my size (which I am wearing right now).
  2. The jersey with the "T" on the chest is actually a black jersey (likely faded out from the light and prior use). The new grey jersey is the one with "TROY" on the chest.
  3. Here's a link to a photo gallery featuring some new color combinations for Troy this season.
  4. I would most prefer having the logo stamped onto the ball. My first choice would be for Wilson to do since they were the ones that provided the GST ball with the silver and black shield logo on it, but I have not been able to get a hold of the right people there to find out. However, I will also be fine with the logo being printed on there if it can be done with a shiny/metallic silver with the flat black to make a look similar to a metallic stamped logo.
  5. Thanks. When I was at Troy, we used the 1005 GST ball through most of my time there. Eventually, the 1005 GST got discontinued and the 1003 pattern became the smaller pattern.
  6. Guys, I recently purchased an unused leather Wilson 1005 pattern GST football that I am wanting to put the Troy shield logo on it. Is there anywhere that I can send the football to and get a logo put on (preferably stamped on)? Thanks.
  7. New road alt uniform for Troy for this upcoming season. Extremely well done.
  8. Not uniform related, but here is what "The Battle for the Belt" between Troy and South Alabama will be played for on Saturday night.
  9. Pics of all of the 2015 Troy Trojans game helmets/uniforms. Also, here's an article showing additional photos.
  10. This is perfect. The Steelers need to switch to the same finish on their helmets. Honestly, I wouldn't mind if classic teams like the Yankees and Cubs switch to the matte finish eventually.
  11. It's not cream, it's white. I picked one up a few days ago at Hat Club. It's also not technically the right logo, either. When the D Backs first announced all of their branding information, they were supposed to wear white caps as their primary home caps, and the first ones released had that huge A logo. Some time along the line they switched to the purple caps as their primary caps, and the white hats they did wear on the field quite sparingly, had the regular smaller A logo. EDIT: Looking at it closely, that cap that's hung up may have the proper sized A logo. If that's the case, you can chalk that up as another D Backs on field authentic that Hat Club got wrong. Looks like they are using the current numeric typeface by mistake instead of the retro typeface (similar to what the Ravens wear on their jerseys). Here is the correct retro typeface for comparison.
  12. That's because it is a "fauxback" uniform combining several decades of NTSU football into one uniform. They are wearing the dark green jerseys and white helmets to represent the 1960s, and the "flying worm" logo and the lime green to represent the 1970s and 1980s (even though the "flying worm" was never worn on a white helmet) Here is a good photo gallery with pictures from that particular timeframe:
  13. I think that was the helmet a lot of folks made a big deal about last season. It was quickly shot down as a concept helmet by a fan.