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  1. I found these two caps on the sale rack at Lids the other day. They were having their "buy one, get the 2nd 50% off". Sadly, only the second one was in my size (which I am wearing right now).
  2. The jersey with the "T" on the chest is actually a black jersey (likely faded out from the light and prior use). The new grey jersey is the one with "TROY" on the chest.
  3. Here's a link to a photo gallery featuring some new color combinations for Troy this season. http://troytrojans.com/galleries/?gallery=810
  4. Holy crap! That SEC championship ring is WAY too cool.
  5. True, but given the fact that most Stanley Cup champs in recent years have gone with that type of design, I wouldn't be surprised if it turns out to be pretty close to that design.
  6. That's a very clever design. Not only with the rose being inside of the negative space of the "O", but also with the unique top design.
  7. SO much better than their last NC ring. Very tastefully done.
  8. Yes, that site is legit. The rings are real. They get them by consignment from the previous owner.
  9. Kansas 2010-11 Basketball Big 12 Championship ring.
  10. Edgewood (AL) Academy 2010 AISA 2A football championship ring.
  11. USC's new national championship ring for water polo. I don't care about the sport, I just thought it was a cool looking ring.
  12. Picture of South Carolina's SEC East championship ring
  13. I already posted a cropped image of the top of the NC ring that I found online, but this is the first time a drawing of the full NC ring, as well as the BCS ring, have been posted here.
  14. App State's 2010 Southern Conference championship ring.
  15. yeah they've been doing that for some time. It makes all the more sense that Nebraska ordered a divisional ring since this was their last season in the Big 12.
  16. Screencap I took from a video for FIU's 2010 Sun Belt Conference football championship rings. It reads "CHAMPIONS" on the top row and "2010" on the bottom row. EDIT: Better pick I found.
  17. Partial of a sketch of Auburn's National Championship ring.
  18. I stumbled upon this rough sketch of the design for Alabama's National Championship ring. I found it interesting
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