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  1. As a Southern Minnesotan, we don't care if the name has meaning, as long as it sounds nice.
  2. I found this after following the MAHL thread. These are the type of leagues I love. I'm from a small Minnesota town myself and was elated when the MAHL came out, hoping for a team I could cheer for. My town also has a town ball team in real life and just recently made the state playoffs. I will follow this with great interest.
  3. Is that the lowest seed to win the Cup? Either way, this is a proud moment for the Valley league.
  4. That could become a point of the story, and some young players have been working for a change for a few years.
  5. Imagine how demoralizing telling your team, "Nice job guys, we made the playoffs. We're the 23rd seed, but we really have a shot," would be. There are just a lot of teams, on a large scale only as large in the US as high school sports and town baseball, which I guess this is like.
  6. The Moose did it! I was wondering whether the Moose would win the Kellog Cup before or after teams start moving into the south and southwest. Question answered.
  7. I can't take sides until I get a local team. It's only a matter of time.
  8. The new graphic is nice. Also, wow. It did not take long for the Northland League to be the biggest league.
  9. Looking at most of the logos, I am brought back to pictures I have seen of old Minnesota town baseball logos. The posts are succinct; short, sweet, and entertaining to a high degree. I await the league's expansion south and west. Maybe we could get a banner for Kellog Cup winners? As for my favorite team, I must say Stillwater the Moose.
  10. I like Thunder Bay, but looking purely at geography, they seem like a closer fit in the Iron Range. Then again, I don't have roadmaps form the 30s and I don't know if it would be faster to travel to Duluth, say, than Soudan because of road quality.
  11. Some lakes are great, but only one is Superior... That aside, the Hornets' new logo looks crisp and could be around for a while.
  12. Name: Julian Scott Age: 67 Personal Bio: Born and raised on a farm in rural North Dakota, Julian wanted to be a part of something bigger. He went to college for business at the University of Minnesota and currently owns a medium-sized convenience store chain, Great Scott's. Great Scott's is headquartered in Mankato, MN, and has locations throughout Minnesota, Iowa, and the Dakotas. Case for or against a certain city: Julian believes a professional sports team in St. Paul would give those across the Mississippi to rally around to counter those loyal to the new Minneapolis Lakers.
  13. I may not be replying much, but that is because I am awestruck and happy with just a bout all you've done. The Millers' switch to orange was much appreciated by me. The new Mavs logo is nice and works well with the unis. Also, shoutout to the Vics and Miners, who wasted their talent the first year and won't be back to the Kellogg Cup until the 90s.