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  1. @Flames1fan Have some patience. The designer runs the show, not us.
  2. Similarly to last time, I like your idea, but I think they could be executed much better. I like the idea of the basketball/sun over the horizon, but those black mountains just do not give me an arizona vibe at all. As far as rays for the sun, a lot of teams in arizona like to do that because its part of the arizona flag, so it's a little cliche. I'd still give it a try if I were you just to see if you like it better or not. Maybe make the ball's color a gradient between yellow and orange or between two different shades of orange. As far as the font, it is still pretty boring. Try to find one that really fits the team name.
  3. I like where you're going here, but I've got a few suggestions. First, the font of the LA is pretty bland. I would try using something that gives off more of a oceanic or west coast vibe. Also, I like your idea with the C in the center of the wheel, but the fact that the spokes are not connected to the center ring here is throwing me off. Maybe extend the spokes that aren't connected or fill in the gaps and make the c colored differently than the rest of the center ring. There's tons of different ways you could make the C stand out. All in all, I think you've got a good start here!
  4. Wow this is a great court! I really like the placement of the Missouri/Illinois border. Way better than the design they used. The only thing that's missing is the Kiel Savvis Scottrade Enterprise Center logo which I assume they would require be put somewhere on the court. All in all, huge upgrade here. I hope to see my tigers win it again next year on a court like this!
  5. Thanks! I didn't know TSB had a create a team feature. Might have to look into that...
  6. Hey all, About a week ago I decided that I would try my hand at pixelated art. I was inspired by everyone's favorite football video game, Tecmo Bowl, to create some pixelated football helmets. In this graphic, I've created all of the teams in the local Gateway Athletic Conference. I'd really love some feedback on anything and everything here. I'm only about halfway through my first quarter of Graphic Design 1 right now, so I'm definitely still new to making concepts. Any words you guys have would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for viewing, hope you all enjoy!
  7. Here are a few of my ideas: Baseball Tampa Bay Rays become Montreal Expos Home field advantage in the world series decided by regular season record Brewers make the mb logo and matching uniforms their standard set Phillies return to maroon Football Add developmental league Los Angeles Chargers become San Diego Chargers Falcons switch to black home jerseys instead of red Basketball Experiment with playoff series length to take away from the predictability of the NBA Cavaliers switch back to 83-87 jersey design but replace orange and blue with maroon and yellow Hockey Arizona Coyotes become Quebec Nordiques Ducks return to Mighty Ducks era logos and uniforms Flames remove black from color scheme Oilers change home uniform to blue
  8. Clearly I missed that while scanning the web. I'm very sorry about that. I have decided to shorten the name to Crisps. The new name is based off of the Autumn Crisp apple that was created by Cornell University, which is in Ithaca, New York. Here are the updated home and alternate jerseys: Thanks again for the feedback so far. Any criticism regarding the designs before I move on to team #2?
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I chose Honeycrisps because I thought it was the best sounding name out of all of the varieties I found on the New York Apple Association website. Any suggestions for names that you all think would better fit the concept would be greatly appreciated. I'll gladly redo the uniforms if a better name comes along.
  10. Hello! I’ve always been a huge fan of sports branding and history, but I’ve never actually taken to creating my own logos/jerseys until now. I figured this would be the best place to post my first attempts at creating teams because you all seem to give useful feedback, even if it isn’t always exactly what the artist want to hear. For this project I’ve created 8 team leagues for baseball, american football, basketball, and hockey, and I've decided to use my own templates. The templates are pretty basic but I’m proud of them. Any recommendations for upgrading the templates would be greatly appreciated as well. I should also mention that for the time being I am using a program called Vectr. First up will be the Stars and Stripes Baseball League. Each team will have a home, away, and alternate uniform. The 8 teams will be in these markets: New York Los Angeles Chicago Houston Phoenix Philadelphia San Antonio San Diego The first team posted is the New York Honeycrisps, which is based on the “Big Apple” nickname for New York. I know cliches aren’t always the best way to go, but I couldn’t keep myself from trying to create an apple holding a bat. Anyways, I’d really appreciate your feedback on what areas I could improve in. Thanks for reading!
  11. Unfortunately, found this when searching your image on google:
  12. Monday was the first day of organized practice for teams in the St. Louis Metro Area. Also, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is counting down the top 30 prospects in the STL area. Here's 30-26: #30: Brady Weeks, OL Ft. Zumwalt West Jaguars (Missouri, Class 6, Gateway Athletic) Verbal: Minnesota #29: Sam LaPorta, WR Highland Bulldogs (Illinois, Class 4, Mississippi Valley) Offers: Central Michigan, Illinois State, Northern Iowa, Western Illinois, Lindenwood, SIU Carbondale, Eastern Michigan, & Yale #28: Keith Jones, CB Cardinal Ritter Lions (Missouri, Class 2, Archdiocesan) Verbal: Western Michigan #27: Bryan Bradford, RB CBC Cadets (Missouri, Class 6, Metro Catholic) Offers: Ball State, Eastern Kentucky, Eastern Michigan, Kent State, South Dakota, & Western Michigan #26: Marquise Simmons, OL De Smet Spartans (Missouri, Class 6, Metro Catholic) Offers: Iowa State, Kansas, Arkansas-Pine Bluff, New Mexico, Syracuse, Tennessee-Martin, & Texas State Note: Missouri has classes 1-5 while Illinois has classes 1A-8A
  13. As a Cardinals fan, I've got to say the Reds bother me the least, mainly just due to recent history. For the Blues, I'm gonna go with Winnipeg. I rooted for them in the playoffs because they got Stastny. For Stoke, who's now in the EFL Championship, I really don't have anything against most teams (except for Leeds and West Brom), so I'll go with Sheffield United. And for Mizzou, I'd have to say Vanderbilt due to them being perennial basement dwellers.
  14. Haven't seen my local airport posted yet
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