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  1. That latest jersey with the side panels is awesome! I also really like that gray BKLYN jersey for the Nets. As for the logo, the simplicity of the design works a lot better with the more interesting B.
  2. I like version 2 a lot better now that the pelicans don't have basketball heads In all seriousness, it's a very nice look. The end-court wordmarks with the drop shadows are pretty nice.
  3. The jerseys look good, and the home/away sponsor idea is fun! I think the away could use brown shorts, though. I like the logo, but the L in the monogram is hard to see, so maybe extend it outside the S? Also, the wordmark and monogram don't fit well together. Perhaps the font from this Stars logo would work, or you could add some serifs to the monogram? Just curious; what would the team be called?
  4. Looks super clean! Definitely an upgrade. Could we see the away jersey for this?
  5. I'll say it right off the bat; the name is pretty darn generic for a city that has many good name options.That said, despite the name, this is a pretty unique concept! The Mariners colors are awesome for Seattle. The neon green is a bit too saturated for my taste, but it works just fine. Red or salmon pink could also work in its stead, and then you could have a Metropolitans fauxback I really love that secondary logo! The primary logo's shading could use a bit of work, though. Perhaps remove a lot of the helmet shading, since right now it's hard to read. The face is a bit too wide, IMO. The jerseys look good; no real complaints there! Incorporating the city into the branding more would probably help for me, but so far it's a pretty good take on a non-ideal starting point.
  6. The two jerseys are giving me whiplash: the home is way too loud and awkward and the away is pretty boring. Also, why would they ditch a red primary, along with every ounce of green? Also, I feel like a storm-cloud pattern would be way more appropriate for the Reign... Portland really should revive the stem pattern from that 2015 jersey above. I'm really bummed: instead of lovely blue vs red Seattle-Portland rivalry games right under the Space Needle, it'll be black vs white in Tacoma
  7. That script for Boston is super classy, especially with the shade of green and the clover. Excellently done. I like the city flag reference for the Suns; those colors are sweet! The Kings script might look better under the front number than on the shorts, but I like the jersey idea. Orlando looks really cool! It's way better than what they currently have. Just some minor suggestions: I'd replace the waist logo with the O from the city flag. I'd also rather see Orlando for the main wordmark, but it's fine as-is. On the Pacers' shorts, you should have the lines intersect at the logo. Good work!
  8. I love that blue + yellow Nordiques flag jersey! Fauxback is also quite slick and the 90s style is a well-done blend of classy and flashy. TB looks really good! Just move the start of the rain pattern downward on the sleeve (and a black & white shoulder patch, perhaps?) and you're golden!
  9. Like @hendocfc, I'm not feeling the navy blue for Italy; replacing it all with royal would work for me. Otherwise, the home is pretty slick! The chevrons seems a bit odd for the US home; maybe just do red & white V's? The away is a pretty nice fauxback; I'd swap the shades of blue (light stars, dark BG) and get rid of the "USA" on the shoulder stripes, but it's already kinda cool.
  10. The Victoria Grays looks awesome; that would work beautifully for any sport, including soccer. I imagine the Jersey would be mostly gray, right? Thunder Bay is pretty cool, either way. I like the Boreal Thunder Bay name (but I'd drop the SC) a bit better. That said the green to pink gradient is a bit awkward in the text. Just go with one line in pink and the other in green.
  11. So far you've got some classy stuff! The Blue Jays with the powder blue away and the racing is really elegant. The concept is totally fine as is, but it could be cool to incorporate the Toronto flag T into the blue jersey's striping. Chicago in black and green looks really cool! I really like that Chicago script. My only suggestion is to use the flying sock for all the jerseys. That Cleveland concept is a good transition into the Spiders name, while keeping the look classic. Well-done. I feel like the sleeve logo could use some work; maybe add diagonal radial lines to further mimic a spider web? Also, the I in Spiders needs slab serifs. Really clean stuff here!
  12. Saskatoon's alright; double green is cool. I like the secondary a bit better, and I think it would work well with "SSC" or "SSSC" on it. Winnipeg is a really great idea! The W is smart, and I love that "Golden Boys" nickname. The silhouette is pretty nice; it just needs some cleanup where the hand meets the torch. I don't like the official name, though, and I feel that Winnipeg Gold or just keeping Winnipeg Valour would be way better. I'd be up for the Calgary Mustangs as @Flames1fan and @kylonian suggest, though it'll be challenging to not look too much the Stampeders.
  13. Ottawa's monogram is cool; good job with that font. Halifax is an interesting idea, but I'm not sure I feel it. The beak doesn't read properly as part of the bird to me. I'd keep the Wanderers name too; it's got good history and still works with a bird theme, IMO. The orange is kinda cool, though! Alaska looks beautiful! Really well done!
  14. Looks good. The darker forest green is ideal, IMO. I always like a good flag-inspired uniform!
  15. So inspiration struck for an exciting idea in this series, so here's another. Hope you like it! Johnny Canuck is a lumberjack, after all, so plaid is definitely appropriate. I've seen the occasional plaid concept for the Canucks before, so I figured it's not too out there! The primary logo is a plaid-ified version of the Johnny-in-V logo. The secondary is brand new, with a two-man saw, blue plaid water, and the Vancouver skyline. It's partially inspired by the Denver Nuggets skyline logo. Finally, my geometric, full-body Johnny dons plaid flannel for the alternate. The home and away jerseys are fairly simple, with striping based on the primarily logo. The alternate jersey is my take on the Canucks' odd 2001-06 alternate jersey, with plaid replacing the gradient. Hopefully you think it works! The font is High School USA Sans. C&C for any of these concepts is welcomed, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  16. Colombia looks better, especially that home! Korea looks good. The tiger stripes are a good touch at home and the asymmetrical away is very nice. I think it'd pretty sweet to see the black lines from the flag as sleeve striping on the away, though!
  17. These Cincy jerseys look pretty good, though the away looks a bit too LA Galaxy for my time. Having blue shorts and some more diagonal stripes would help!
  18. I'm really honored that you like my Flying Skate enough to pitch it as a potential permanent look! That said, I personally dislike the idea of the Canucks returning to that logo and/or color scheme. Red, black, & yellow feels way too Calgary, and the skate is pretty generic. IMO, the West Coast Express has been the best scheme the Canucks have had. Blue & maroon has history in the WHL era Canucks, and it just feels like Vancouver. Blue and green is a good second option, though. I agree with you about having a flat, neutral Johnny, though! The current Johnny is a bit too busy to work alongside the rest of the Canucks logo set.
  19. After doing my CPL concept series, it's always interesting to see others' takes, and how different or similar they are! I like that Regina concept quite a bit. The buffalo is really well done. I take it that's the western lily up there! St John's is cool, but I agree with @NoE38 about making it a hill, and maybe try pastel colors. That second version for Quebec with the new wings looks much better! The MLS teams all are slight upgrades. I like the NASL font for Vancouver and the integration of the fleur de lys for Montreal. I look forward to your takes on Saskatoon and Calgary! I find your idea to include Anchorage pretty cool! However... how could you separate the Whitecaps from the Sounders and Timbers after 45 years of rivalry!?
  20. OOF sorry Key word "mostly," I guess... Edit: if it's any consolation, it appears that DC is stuck in the same boat, with seemingly no tag at all on their horrendously boring white jersey:
  21. Well, I'm still not the hugest fan, but the side-panels help. I wish they had done a pink to coral orange gradient for those lines, since they're going for a sunset inspired look. A light-colored crest would be better, as @hawk36 said. It might grow on me, who knows? I'd just like to take a second to acknowledge that, regardless of the jerseys, the jocktags have mostly been EXCELLENT this year. Montreal: NYC: Toronto: Salt Lake: and now Seattle: Kudos for that, if nothing else!
  22. Love that tartan pattern for Scotland! The Dutch and Qatari home jerseys are also pretty awesome! I second @JosiahWVU's question about the green for Egypt... there's already a lot of green for other North African & Middle Eastern teams (Algeria, Saudi Arabia, etc). No complaints about the actual designs, though. Excellent work!
  23. Calgary looks alright. I like the maroon color for Calgary, and that blue and white striped hat is fun. That said, the C logo on its own is a tad plain, while the C+engineer logo doesn't quite jell for me. Maybe try a C + hat logo, a la the Calgary flag. Oshawa looks good. Interesting choice for a location, but a solid inspiration behind it. It's a bit tough to read as a tire when the streak is coming from the baseball. If the streak came from the tire, with the baseball as a hubcap, that might work better. I like the city flag logo; it's got some nice color to it! BTW, I'd be curious to see your take on the Edmonton Trappers (though maybe in new colors so as not to conflict w/ the Prairie Sox)
  24. Thank you for the kind words! As for the secondary, I figured I'd try the Ryman Auditorium first, given it provided some variety into the league. However, here's my idea for a blue away: It's a simple piano keyboard pattern, with trailing sublimated lines. I worry that it's a bit too similar to the primary, but at least it allows for mixing and matching color combos (e.g. blue/white/blue, yellow/white/blue, yellow/yellow/yellow).
  25. So Nashville SC released their new MLS logo, and it's bad enough that I felt I should try to rectify the situation immediately: I tried to combine some elements of the real MLS logo and the USL logo--most importantly the guitar strings. It has been mentioned that the real octagon looked like an abstract guitar headstock, so I went all out on that, with some inspiration from the Tennessee flag and the 2016 NHL All-Star game. The inaugural season logo is the city flag on a vinyl record. The home jersey has the six guitar strings running vertically down from the headstock logo, with a sublimated guitar surrounded by vibrations. The away jersey has a sublimated graphic of the Ryman Auditorium, a historic country music venue in Nashville. Please let me know what you think! Hopefully, you feel this is better than the real thing...