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  1. I've waited a while to say it but these are really nice! I love what Puma has done for African teams, and these jerseys are on par with that. The Bolivia Wiphala away, the Ecuador home, and the Brazil flag away are probably my favorites. Not quite feeling the Venezuela away; it's got too many colors with the bright red added. I'd also rather see a full-on chevron rather than a pointy arrow. Also for Uruguay's away, I don't really like the blue triangle underneath the scarf. You could also maybe make the shirt brown like the vest in the image. Anyways, really good work here! I love to see nice locally-inspired designs instead of the templates.
  2. I love the paisley for the Denver away, and the barbed wire pinstripes are cool too. The iridescence for the Lizards is fun. Not sure how I feel about the Lizards' shorts; doesn't really read as a tail. Minor complaint: the outline on the Adidas logos feel unnecessary for the Outlaws and the Cannons away. Overall cool designs! Can't say I prefer the PLL's location-devoid branding scheme, but you've done a really good job adapting the MLL teams over.
  3. I like your idea to switch the colors around, with the orange letters and the black, shadowy lion. However, the face could use some work, since it doesn't quite look like a cat. The snout is too big and the bottom jaw might be better if it curved the other way. You might consider adding the tip of the nose in orange, too. The back being up so high also makes it hard to see where the head starts. Also, the bumpy paw feels a bit out of place with the smoothness of the main logo.
  4. Your take on Sarnia is a big upgrade from the current cartoony '90s look, not only for its simpler style but also for just how well you kept the feisty emotion without overdoing it! Excellent work. If you're worried about the alt logo, you could make the hive sections into distinct lumps but I think this version ties in well with the primary logo as-is. Mississauga already has a workable logo but I think yours is really well-done as well... The jerseys are sharp... I like the silver as the home color. You might try having the M logo be blue with white outlines on all backgrounds, though; I'm not totally sold on the way the colors switch now. Not feeling the towers alt logo. They might benefit from horizontal lines for windows, but personally I'd rather see a lighthouse logo like they currently have. More really good work here!
  5. You've got a solid design here, though I've got a couple ideas. I think the recolored lighthouse logo would look cleaner without the outline and with blue waves instead of orange. The upside-down V sleeve stripes are definitely a bit too steep. You could also flip them right-side up (and maybe add a shoulder yoke) as a semi-callback to the strange 2003 alt. Without those side-panels, it might be kinda nice! Either way, it's nicer and more adventurous than what we got IRL!
  6. If the original Calgary striping is swapped to be primarily yellow, then I think the collar should swapped around to be more yellow than red as well. Yours definitely looks good without any white; bummer that the logo from the real teaser was white. Love that you went with the fin logo for San Jose. Definitely prefer that over the original shark-in-triangle logo. For the Whalers one, the white name & numbers are kinda hard to read. You might go green or blue instead. I like the gray helmets! I'm not a fan of the real-life desert landscape jersey or their decision to go with purple, but despite that I think your take on the Coyotes is really nice! The moon logo goes well there, and the silhouetted mountains look good. I might make the black sleeve stripe thinner to match the black hem stripe, but that's it. It's not accurate to the teaser, but I'd love to see a version in burgundy instead of purple!
  7. vtgco

    EPL Kit Concepts

    They're pretty good for the most part, though I'd appreciate a couple tweaks. I'd probably ditch the random stripes on the back and maybe the black shield around the crest. Thinking about each on its own, I like the simplified advertisement and the chest stripes, but they kinda clash on the change jersey. You could EITHER fill in the Chevy logo with white OR you could make the logo red and expand the black stripe into a full hoop that fills the logo (that would look more like the original '99 jersey too!) I like the subtle pitchforks on the alt; maybe you could make them a bit more prominent!
  8. I like the idea of a suffrage theme. If it were me, I'd probably revive the Independence name for that. I've never heard of the Justice Bell but it'd be a great symbol for a Philly women's team. You might also look into the suffrage flag. If you're looking for some additional imagery, maybe you could include stuff to do with the river, like rowboats? Definitely could incorporate the bridge by the stadium if it's a Union sister team.
  9. Certainly a unique idea for a series here! You're off to a good start. I agree with @DukeofChutney about the arm on Ajax's logo, which otherwise looks great! I don't like that the pants stripes and sleeve stripes use the same design but totally different colors, though. Also, it would be cool to use the Amsterdam flag Xs somewhere (a black & red cap to replace the A cap? As part of the sleeve striping?) As for the Gunners, you might get rid of the baseballs on the logo (maybe replace with the ermines from the old Arsenal logo?) I'm not also really feeling the burgundy, which you might replace with gold, silver, or just more red. That said the vest jersey is excellent, and the curved wordmarks are great! You also might consider having the cannon on the second cap rather than another G. Anyways, good work! I know you don't have them planned, but I'd love to see Roma or Galatasaray's colors on a baseball jersey... Either way, I look forward to seeing Valencia & Porto.
  10. Actually, I was saying I like the roundel one better than the hexagon... But you're right, it does look a bit like a tunnel boring machine, doesn't it?
  11. Okay, here's my second logo concept for the Dynamo! I started this version first, before the leak, but I still think I prefer it over my hexagon version. The logo merges the starburst from the original logo, a soccer ball, and an electric dynamo -- all-in-one! The wordmark worked for both versions, I think. The home jersey is a solar system-like pattern orbiting around the city of Houston on a map of the Texas Gulf Coast. Inspired by the 2020 Dash jersey, this away jersey is an all-round '70s Houston homage, with the Oilers' helmet stripe, Astros' tequila sunrise, Rockets' drop-shadows, and NASL Houston Hurricane's collar & side-panels. The design also incorporates the bridge at Allen's Landing in Downtown Houston. C&C appreciated!
  12. Okay, soon Houston will be releasing a new logo, which has been leaked. It's not bad, IMO. The monogram is excellent, but the rest of the badge doesn't gel with it. Here's my spin on it: H E X A G O N I S B E S T A G O N I wanted to make more of the logo's design elements work together, as well as bring back the starburst motif from the original crest. Unfortunately, I could only do that by dropping the letter D, but I guess it's fine... Feedback there appreciated. Given that the team is using an energy bolt, the new wordmark is a mashup of the current one with the lightning-y logo of the 1983-91 minor league Houston Dynamos. The font is modified Blocktastic. As for the jerseys, the primary uses a subtle pattern based on the skylights of the Astrodome. The focus on more black from last season stays, but the use of white returns. The away is inspired by the Space Shuttle Independence and the NASA 905 plane, which are displayed together at Independence Plaza in Houston. Next up will be a second version inspired more closely by the original Dynamo logo. In the meantime, let me know what you think!
  13. That City court for the Suns is excellent! I might move the Valley script to the ends and just have the logo at center-court, though. Also, it's not necessary, but I'd be curious if the gradients would look good rotated 90 degrees so the sun is rising out of the ends. The Hornets design isn't bad but I think I'd rather see just one hexagon style (maybe the one from the sidelines). The wood stain for the Nuggets is too dark, and it makes the pickaxes feel busier than the original ones did. I'd lighten everything up and/or switch everything inside the 3-point line to the current, simpler design. Definitely a good idea to bring back the mountains, though! I feel similarly about the Kobe tribute court, but I think maybe it would work better if you ditch or shrink or monochrome the Lakers logo? Or move the 8 & 24 to the ends and put the logo in their places? Overall, good work!
  14. I can't say that I'm very familiar with the sport but it's cool to see some rugby concepts! The league logo is clever but it could be a bit cleaner. The goal posts could be thicker so that they match the letter "I" in División, with the horizontal bar higher up to sit next to the rest of the word "Honor." Finally, you might try to reduce some of the empty space on the bottom with a less vertical shield shape. Santander's jerseys look really excellent, especially that beautiful fern away jersey. I think they would be even better with just the seal & ball rather than the whole crest, perhaps in all black on the away! If you keep the roundel, though, you might ditch the Roman numerals and go with one fern per side with stems that follow the circular shape. As for Getxo, I have to say I'm partial to '70s logo design, so I'm not feeling the new logo so much. The sublimated jersey chevrons are solid, though I'd say it'd be cool to have a design that closer matches the shape of the bridge (maybe 2 chevrons in a row, maybe with pinstripes?) Anyways, it's a nice start to the series!
  15. Actually, I had in mind one big feather design similar to the New Zealand Warriors for the Seahawks, but I think if you could adapt this pattern into more closely matching the Haida pattern, it would work just as well! Certainly either style of design (sublimated patterns or big color elements) would add the exciting rugby flair for these teams.
  16. I understand that you're trying to do a direct conversion of NFL designs to a rugby template, and you're doing a good job at that. The Titans and retro Saints converted well, I'd say. That said, I think it'd be more exciting to see how these teams might use more interesting rugby-style designs, especially since you're forgoing the ads that normally make everything busy. Maybe the Seahawks could have a curved chevron to match the Haida pants pattern; maybe the Patriots can have their new red/white/red striping as a vertical stripe... Just remixing everything a bit!
  17. I've noticed that all the images I've posted, which are hosted on my personal website, all stopped displaying on the site sometime in the last month. The "Insert Image from URL" option just results in an error whenever I try editing and relinking to those images. Certainly the issue could be on my end, but I thought I'd ask if there was some relevant change to the boards before I give up and reupload everything to Imgur. I'd appreciate any info you might have.
  18. https://theathletic.com/2143708/2020/10/16/houston-dynamo-new-logo-james-harden-mls/ If this is actually it, the monogram's not bad; it's got a Rangers FC sorta vibe. The hexagon is kinda odd, though...
  19. Okay, here's my court design: http://vtg.co/sports/storm/court_display.png The Mount Rainier from the shorts goes at the end lines, and a Seattle skyline covered in clouds goes on one sideline. That particular rain pattern took my computer ages to render, but I'm glad it's done! The court template is from Conrad. C&C appreciated, and thanks for checking it out!
  20. Thank you for the feedback! I guess I was unclear about it, but I only wanted the yellow there for the alt as a callback to the previous jersey set (sorta like what the Calgary Flames are doing with their red & black jersey this year.) The main color scheme would be green & gray. That said, I think yellow could work as an outline for the logos, though the result is a bit less Seattle and much less brooding & stormy: As for the yellow jersey, I agree the wordmark does look good, despite being less true to the inspiration. Not sold on the gray trim, though; it looks kinda muddy, I think: I'll work on a court next!
  21. Your Guelph primary logo is really classy. Definitely an upgrade from the cartoony logo they've got now. The Cathedral logo is pretty nice too. I do agree with @Karnage84's concerns about the fauxback logo, but it could work if you separate the sections of the tornado instead of having one continuous squiggle. More like this: I think the original logo achieves a similar effect, just using different colors rather than gaps. As for the jerseys, they're a solid design, but such a good one-color logo deserves to go straight onto a jersey with no outline. If I were you, I'd either remove all the white from the home jersey and all gray from the away OR convert the chest striping to hem striping and just let the logo sit on the main color of the jersey. As for the alt, I think you could just use the original Storm wordmark that your G logo is based on; that font would fit right in to this set, IMO. Sudbury looks nice, though I wonder if you could replace the black with green on the logos. The Nickel alt is fun, but I might go with flat sleeve striping. Kingston's alternate jersey/logo is beautiful. Columbus should take note of that. Not necessary, but I'm curious if a K in the wheel as a bit more of a callback would work. That Windsor turn-ahead-the-clock red jersey (except for the font) is pretty cool! You might match the sleeve striping to the contrail though. Good work!
  22. This Capitals set is excellent; I can't recall seeing a better concept for them! My only idea would be to put the Winter Classic W logo somewhere (maybe as the fourth jersey logo? Or on the pants instead of the Weagle?) but that's certainly not necessary. I also really like Boston's fourth jersey with the bear logo and the fun sleeve striping, but it could use a second hem stripe. I'm not feeling Colorado here. Ditching the black is good and the current logo deserves to replaced but that standalone C logo is too simple to be the primary. Also the color blocking feels really top heavy. What if, instead of blue shoulders, you go with just a blue mountain stripe above the white one? Anyways, good work here!
  23. In honor of my hometown team's 4th WNBA championship, here's my take on the Seattle Storm! http://vtg.co/sports/storm/logo_display.png The current primary logo is a bit busy, so mostly this is a cleanup. The Space Needle gets a new, less abstract silhouette, while the wordmark is flattened and simplified. The alternate logos include a version of the current secondary mark, reworked into a raincloud, as well as a Space Needle + Mt Rainier logo and a evergreen tree + lightning bolt logo. The font is Mesmerize. http://vtg.co/sports/storm/jersey_display.png I know the WNBA is currently a templated, ad-covered mess in terms of uniform design right now, but we can dream, right? The two main jerseys have a raincloud-patterned side panel, and a similar Mount Rainier design on the shorts. The wordmarks are simplified versions of the Storm's original designs. The colors are limited to the green, silver, and white for an overcast aesthetic. The alternate jersey is my attempt to adapt the 2018/2020 championship uniform into this set. Please let me know what you think! Go Storm!
  24. The distance is just a temporary plan, apparently: Assuming they follow through on that promise, I think the city imagery is pretty nice! Also, the home's sleeve patterns look cool but I don't recognize what it is, especially from that angle... Could someone enlighten me?
  25. A pretty great concept you've got here! I think this would make for a great updated primary set, and it restores some life into the current, bland color hierarchy. The orange jersey here is excellent. That said, the other jerseys could use some color tweaks. The black jersey would look better with as little white as possible, or at least replacing the white in the Miami script with black. The red jersey should probably just use the same white script as the orange jersey. The white jersey might look good with red numbers with orange drop-shadows, because the black looks a bit muddy there. It might not be necessary, and it reduces the retro feel, but I'm curious to see the numbers without outlines and with double drop shadows only to closer match the script. Overall, great work!