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  1. The first take on the Racers looks solid. Only thought is that the old photos look like they have a darker, purpler shade of blue, but it'd probably look worse, because the blue you've used is really nice. As for the second take, I really like the concept, but I've found some more things to nitpick: To look a bit sharper and match the original a tad better, I'd add a blue outline around the inside of the roundel, the outside of the roundel, and the car. Also I'd switch up the font for something wider/rounder or at least increase the kerning. Finally, the blue of the collar feels a tad out of place but that might be remedied by adding blue sleeve cuffs. More nice work!
  2. And for the last entry in the series, a Tacoma expansion team: The Rockets name appears to dominate Tacoma's hockey history (and the '90s-tastic Sabercats was the only other option)... so I tried to think of something new. In my time out on boats on Puget Sound, I've seen more harbor porpoises than any other sea creature, so I figured it might work as a theme. I thought "Harbors" sounded a bit better than "Porpoises," but I'm open to suggestions for a more dynamic, less literal name for the team! The jerseys are a sort of mixture of two photos of the 1940s Tacoma Rockets and the Stars' classic geometric design, set in a sorta Defiance-adjacent, Rainiers-adjacent color scheme. The triangular stripes are made into the shape of the Tacoma Dome. As I wrap up, I wanna thank you all once again for all of your response and constructive feedback! It was definitely quite motivating to get through the series. Barring any final requests/comments, I'll catch you all on the next concept series!
  3. Thank you! Though I think many would take most anything else over that poor choice of design :P Thanks for the kind words! Glad you like it! Yeah, unfortunately the new IRL logo is a low bar.
  4. Here's a update to Prince Albert's secondary logo, motivated by @monkeypower's critique and in line with @jwinters's pirate theme suggestion: Pretty self explanatory: skull & cross-sticks in the beveled style. The city flag logo no longer appears on the jersey. I put it as the new shoulder patch, and it goes front and center on a new BFBS alternate jersey!
  5. Okay, well, nothing seems to motivate me to continue this thread besides the continuing drip of terrible MLS rebrands... ...so of course the Columbus Crew had to go ahead and mess things up. I actually had an Ohio-flag shaped Crew concept nearly done in November, but I never ended up posting it... Now that we've seen the awkward C logo, I felt inspired to both finish the original concept and create a version that incorporates the C. The design has some unique elements inspired by the civic landmarks seen on the Save the Crew logo. The top of the logo is based on the Short North sign, which appears most explicitly on version 1. The hardhat's front design is based on the windows of the LeVeque Tower. And now for some quick jersey designs: The home is just a simple number I threw together based on the checkers and stripes of the 2015 logo. Still works, even with the update, IMO. The away is based on this mural some local artists painted during this pandemic... They did a beautiful job; I'm just parroting it! Well, what do people think? I definitely think this isn't as good as the 2015 logo, but hopefully it's better than what we just saw!
  6. Thank you! Strange to do color balancing with a rainbow, but I'm glad you like it It's another bonus concept for a Kootenay expansion team! If the Ice brand stays in Winnipeg and the Kootenay region ever gets a second chance, I think Kootenay Crows would be the name to go with. The team name is inspired by the Crowsnest Highway which crosses Crowsnest Pass, which has been an important trade route through the Kootenay region. The crow in the primary sits on a railroad spike representing the region's railway history. The shoulder patch is based on the Ice's old logo. The colors are carried over from the old Ice scheme. I imagine this team would end up in the BC Division, so I'm probably gonna try to pull off one US Division expansion to even all the divisions out at six...
  7. The logo is really nice, and I appreciate the promotion of an existing brand! For that reason, the Jets similarities don't bother me so much. I don't know if my ideas would actually improve the logo, but I'd be curious to see versions with a slightly bigger plane AND/OR the right leg of the A paralleling the angle of the wingspan AND/OR the "highlight" of the plane always in the jersey's base color. I only say that last one because, at home, the A has no green touching white but the plane does (same for blue & green on the away) The jerseys are solid; the number font is very appropriate for the concept overall. I'd love to see if you could integrate the team's current reticle logo as a patch for one shoulder and the main wordmark into the identity (maybe on the helmets?) Anyways, despite my nitpicking, it's a nicely done concept!
  8. Definitely a solid choice to work off of! Might be a thing with the template but I think the stripes might look truer to the original with equal widths and those sleeve cuffs. Would also be curious to see a version with a rounder arc for the text, and maybe the logo underneath a la Canucks.
  9. I'm glad you like Edmonton! I figured it would be sorta love-it-or-hate-it, so it's good to see that people like it. Certainly I'm glad it's better than that PG jersey Also, thanks for all of your feedback to make the updates happen! And now, for a BONUS IDEA for Winnipeg so that Kootenay can keep the Ice brand: The name and design is based on the 1920 Winnipeg Falcons, who represented Canada in the Olympics to win the first ever gold medal in hockey. The name was considered during the return of NHL hockey to the city, so maybe it should be considered for the WHL's return too! The neo-retro style jersey design is *very* loosely based on the original team's design (seen on the left in this image). The primary logo combines the Esplanade Riel logo from the main concept with a falcon. The secondary logo shows the famous Golden Boy's torch which also stands in for the Olympic flame. Next up will be a new Kootenay expansion brand...
  10. WHAT HAVE I DONE INDEED MWAHAHAHAHA (Thanks for the kind words!) Here's another attempt at a Moose Jaw Maroons logo, trying to work from @jwinters's feedback about the face. I added the MJ in the corner to try to preserve the hockey stick somewhere, but let me know if you think that doesn't work.
  11. Thank you! I've been really trying to practice finding unique fonts rather than repeating them too much, so I'm glad you like it! I finally got around to editing Spokane to deal with the white-on-white numbers and to include more lilac, as per @TheHealthiestScratch's suggestion a while back. Take a look: Hopefully this still keeps the red/blue co-dominant look Spokane has, even with the increase in blue, while integrating the lilac accents.
  12. And for the final main entry in the series, a kinda weird take on an old-fashioned team: The Oil Kings seem perfectly happy to do crazy neon colors for some reason, so the concept is a rainbow oil slick theme. Not sure I'd want it IRL, but it was a fun concept to make! The striping has a swoopy pattern inspired by the architecture of the team's arena. The shoulder logo is based on the Oil Kings' original WCHL logo from the '50s, but Edmonton skyscrapers replace the small village (why was that even on the original in the first place?) Anyways, that's all of the teams of the Western Hockey League! Thanks everyone so much for all your feedback and response throughout the series. I'll try to make a couple of updates based on suggestions, PLUS I have two bonus concepts coming shortly, so stay tuned!
  13. Lol, I don't think *I'm* even sold on it being better than the '98 version, but I'll take it! I'll try out your suggestion to have more black on the logo. Thank you! I was wondering if I'd seen a boot/skate logo before; maybe I'd seen that one a long time ago and forgotten Anyways, here's my update based on your suggestion: Definitely think that was the right call. Hopefully those additions in that otherwise empty boot space on top look okay! Thank you for your feedback!
  14. And since I took a while on the last one, here's a second. It's a team that I've really been struggling with, Medicine Hat: I feel pretty good about the jerseys, at least... We flip to orange as the primary color instead of black, and tiger striping is in the shape of the fumes from the Gas City's coat of arms. A paw goes on the shoulder. The new wordmark is based on the original wordmark logo. Mostly because the current IRL logo was hard to work with, I tried to make a simplified version of the logo that would fit in somewhere in between the old-timey, hyper-detailed style it has now and the head of the over-aggressive, full-body 2000s logo: Not feeling super confident about it... Animals are hard, and I fear this lacks the character of the real thing. Please let me know if you have any advice.
  15. It took a while for inspiration to strike, but I feel pretty good about what I came up with for Red Deer: Red Deer has a beautiful primary logo, all it needs is the removal of the pucks! I opted for a more western color scheme and number font, and jerseys inspired by their current thirds. The striping includes a barbed wire pattern. The wordmark logo is a cowboy-themed spin on the Rebels' original 1991 skate logo.
  16. A bit unsure about if I executed it as nicely as possible, but I tried out the away with yellow... Feels a bit off somehow but it could work: Anyways, I imagine my opinion on the Giants is kinda unpopular but there's something pleasant about it to me... More character or something ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Thank you, I was definitely worried about that derivative part! Glad the dog logo worked out Yeah, it's a very touching gesture that the team does, and it's not like I had an exciting idea for a shoulder patch to replace it, so the clover just gets a cleanup! Certainly a reasonable request, if a bit subtle: Thanks for the feedback while I simmered with the other teams (and dealt with a bit more schoolwork than usual :P)!
  17. I think for Minnesota that maybe you should go with one of the primarily white logo colorations from the jerseys you linked. That would work better with the numbers, anyway. Colorado looks good in red but I'd be curious to see yellow/blue/yellow or blue/white/blue for the striping... No complaints for either Nordiques take, looks great!
  18. Agree with @QCS about the Vampires alt logo; gotta appreciate a clever combo, and the colors are really unique. Only suggestion would be to make the hands a bit less square... Maybe round out one of the corners more than the others. Saguaro State is a really nice take on the old-timey fighting college mascot cliche, which I normally really dislike, so kudos to you or making that work. I'd suggest that you just go with gold outlines regardless of background, though; something about the white on gold is bothering me. Also a good reminder to get back into the Fruit Bats, I started listening to them last winter in preparation for a concert that got canceled by the pandemic and then apparently just they dropped out my rotation, I guess out of disappointment Dakota Tech looks good... For some reason, I'd be curious to see a roundel based on that shield, maybe with the dragon head on it? Sorry I didn't respond to these older ones when they came out... Rocky Mountain's primary looks great. The secondary feels a bit strange without any purely horizontal grounding though, so I'd try making the text skewed rather than rotated or having one letter be taller than the other or having the mountain underneath the letters; just something to add some grounding. Besides the colors, not really feeling Tri Rivers. The floating severed arm and club is okay, though a bit odd. As for the alternate, I'd go a carving route rather than a chalk route; that texture isn't working for me. Maybe it'd work better on a log cross-section or something rather than a triangle, and the triangle could be the container for the primary. Iowa & Rio Grande look great, no changes needed. Polaris has a nice alt logo but the way the points of the star are stacked atop each other for the primary is really offputting... Maybe a Nevada silhouette should go on top instead. Anyways, it's more good work here! Don't know if I'd mentioned it before, but you definitely have some skill with your use of shading and I could stand to learn a thing or two
  19. No real suggestions for Santa Ana; they're really top notch. Love how the subtle gradient on the jerseys works with the red & orange in the crest. Sorry to say, but I'm still not feeling Circle City. The more I look at the banners on the logo, the more I feel like the only solution is to ditch one of them. As for the jersey, I think maybe the pendulum has swung too far... Together the drifting center of the circles, the varying line weights, and the random cutoff halfway down the jersey make for the design feel kinda busy. Idk, maybe you had it right the first time and I shouldn't have have doubted it!
  20. I really appreciated that you removed the shoehorned puddles and skyline and silly cheese plate, and I'm even more appreciative of the removal of some unnecessary colors. The eye is in a better location now, too. This (understandably) might be an unpopular opinion, but I almost feel like your execution is a bit *too* polished here. It feels weird to say it, because I'm so used to thin outlines looking unpolished, but I feel like maybe the thinner outlines of the original have some character and breathing room that your version lacks. @Brian in Boston's suggestion of ditching the blue shadow on the wings might help, even with the thick outlines. Besides that, I agree with the people saying to ditch the bratwurst.
  21. This primary Firebirds logo here is not a bad idea, but it's hoping for some more dynamism here. More than anything, I think it'd really benefit from a tail and maybe a second talon to ground it vertically. I'm far from mastering it myself for my own concepts, so I wouldn't blame anyone for not doing it, but I feel like maybe this would be a good time for a non-uniform, tapered outline. A heavier outline towards the right and bottom would probably add some more character to this concept. I like the flame/gear logo idea; it just needs an outline to match the primary, I think! Also, the gray/orange color scheme is really pleasant. Definitely has a Detroit-area, industrial vibe (at least to an outsider who's never been) and more so than any actual Detroit team's color scheme... I think the Firebirds brand seems really hard to work with, especially because what they have now is so nice, but I think you've got some good ideas to base a full design from!
  22. Really appreciate the Freedom Trail bricks in the crest! I think works really well to rep the region while still retaining some of that national imagery they were going for. The font works really well too. My only complaint with the crest is the empty space between the text and the sides of the tree. Maybe it would work to put an inner circle outline behind the tree and an outline of the tree, sorta like what the shield does for the inner circle of Inter Miami's crest. The home jersey looks quite nice with the brick pattern carried through. I'd suggest you use a tad more red though. Maybe a vertical stripe of red bricks, since it seemed like the Revs had a good look going with vertical stripes back in 2016. Love the socks! The clash is definitely out there but the idea really works for New England! Not sure that it needs changes, but I've got a couple ideas to take or leave. I'm pretty sure I'd like a version with bigger triangles. You *might* be able to ditch white altogether if you desaturated the yellow/green/red a bit, which might look even autumn-ier (or it might look weird, idk). Finally, you might try a version with just the tree in place of the crest. Mostly just nitpicking here, really good work!
  23. Orlando Stockade looks good... That third jersey would be a nice IRL fauxback for Orlando City, though I'd just shift that stripe up. I imagine that white numbers and ads probably have enough contrast with both red and purple to make it work. Daytona's logo is nice but I'd maybe move the "Racing Club" text to be centered at the bottom of the roundel, and put the 1911 either inside the inner circle or on the sides. The away uniform is beautiful. No changes needed other than to make that one the primary! On the other hand, that third is kinda offputting to me. That recolored crest really doesn't work because the contrast between the colors is really poor, so I'd go with the normal colored crest or a black & white version. I appreciate that you're trying to do something interesting with the socks, but I think in that case they would be better as solid. Hillsborough County's away has a really nice color scheme! Makes me wish Atlanta United had done that for its peach themed jersey. Tbh the home is fine but I think the third makes for a nicer primary color scheme for a nautical-themed team, though I guess that'd be too close to Lauderdale. Speaking of, I like Lauderdale's third and home. The away is nice but the sponsor and numbers need thicker white outlines. I know I waited a while to say it, but Fort Myers has three really gorgeous jerseys. I guess I'm a sucker for blue, but I would be over the moon if a Seattle team used that away jersey. The chevron home is also really nice. Only suggestion would be to go with dark gray crest & numbers for the Minnesota United-style third; contrast would be better than way IMO. The River City colors and designs are nice, but that home jersey doesn't quite read as bridge-themed like you say. I think a vertical stripe based on the front-on view of the bridge tower could be nice. Good work!
  24. I'm obviously anti-OKC Thunder, both the team and its branding... but that version 3 is solid. The simplified colors are a huge upgrade from the real thing, and the drop shadow on everything really makes the difference. The asymmetrical colors of the thin slivers on the shoulders are really nice. Maybe a tiny sliver of orange underneath the wordmark would be cool?
  25. Manchester's court looks gorgeous! I'd be curious to see it with the light greens dots having ever-so-slightly randomized shades, but it's not really necessary. Cheshire has a solid design, and the placement of the flames are excellent, but I think it would be improved if the flame pattern was stained rather than being negative space in the stain inside the 3-point line. Also, you might try a navy outline for the court so that yellow and white don't touch... Idk if that's enough contrast for an easy out-of-bounds call! I really like the nice use of gradient for Leicester! Not your fault, but their primary logo sucks, so I'd replace it in the middle with the horseshoe alternate logo. Then I'd ditch the wood-stain horseshoes, because I'm not really feeling it overlapping multiple colors. Finally, the wordmark is nice, but I'd rotate it a bit so its bottom edge aligns with the endline. Finally, I'm not a big fan of the design for Newcastle. The key coloring is nice, but the black and gold feel too distant to make a nice gradient. I'd replace that part with solid black, maybe with gold stripes inspired by the logo. I like the font for the end line wordmarks, but I assume "Eages" is a typo. If you'd be willing to put that font on the center-court logo, that might be an improvement, or you could cut out the eagle from the roundel and use that as your center-court logo. Anyways, nice work here! Never knew about this league before, but after looking them up, it seems you're making some big upgrades!