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  1. Chefs kiss, hope you keep this series alive !!
  2. A few problems with Toronto, albeit another solid set: Purple feels forced on the red jersey, I'd either drop it and keep it on the alt or lean into it and add some more, and also add to the home whites. As much as I love the purple raptors, I think dropping it is the best option, keeping it on the alt however, which is an excellent uniform. I also hate the whole OVO thing, I get the importance and its cool to honor a local artist but it's just corny and overdone to me now, like most of the city jerseys in the NBA . That being said I do like your design, feels very Vegas with the diamonds down the side, but its well done. Good job with this set
  3. Community edition for the bucks is so nice !!!!! I thought it was inspired by Blue Moon tho, which would work with the whole beer history there
  4. Hope to see the whole league potentially, that's a tall order but this series has been awesome!
  5. Let's see Toronto or dallas
  6. Uunbelievable work man! OKC is exactly what they should be!
  7. gotta love the team brown purple beauties. Can we see an iteration with the current yellow blue and green?
  8. All the variants look amazing, especially the late 90s light blue and white! Awesome, can't wait to see Utah, hope you keep this alive for some other host cities
  9. Very well put together and executed concept! Love all the little tributes to various Cavs uniforms, the end result is really great. Nice work
  10. As a diehard cowboys fan, I wouldn't mind this, but I think I'd prefer just a double stripe, drop the silver in between, just to keep consistency with the design we've always had. Id also use a silver number to match the stripe on the away and to mimic the 70s blue, I always loved how the silver and navy looks on those. My only other gripe might be the shade of silver, feels too muted and dull, almost like a soft grey, I would prefer a nice shiny silver on the jerseys to match the pants. Solid set, probably an improvement over what we have, although I honestly don't mind the double blues we currently use.
  11. Dallas looks surprisingly good considering you used the pegasus side panels off the current city. Something about those jerseys I just really hate in real life, but here, the single blue and white is actually really clean. I like them as a just blue and white team, which is honestly pretty original, I feel like everybody either goes the double blue or green route. Big fan of the last three as well. When I first saw the home and away I wasn't sold, but this grew on me a lot, pretty solid
  12. Great heat look, glad to see you're own creative spin on things. Orange set looks particularly awesome
  13. I agree with @Perrin, this is the best set I've seen so far here. Really great stuff here, clean crisp and modern uniforms, love the peach and black alt especially. Really nice work
  14. I'd love to see this become a series, really cool idea and inspiration. Kit looks sharp too, I love the leather crest and patches.
  15. I think I would unify the number colors on the front and back for the mariners, might clean it up a little. The last few have been awesome otherwise, although I'm still pushing for the rockies in the old colorado rockies/current nuggets colors !
  16. Huge fan of that statement for the spurs, that looks awesome!
  17. Pacers look great minus the black, I know that's a theme of your series but it stands out like a sore thumb here. Otherwise looks great
  18. very nice, I really enjoy just the clean white one the best. I love the phantom side panels and the focus on the all navy elements, it allows those stripes to really pop. I think the white and navy piping just looks super classy. Overall well done