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  1. i like what you're doing, especially for a rookie, good work fr fr. However, chargers alt is too similar to the rams throwback all whites, especially being in the same stadium, i don't like how similar they look on those two jerseys. Also, lets see the LAC away w some light blue pants. could be fire.
  2. As a Miami fan, I'm cool with it. I love getting FLA back, and protecting the FSU rivalry is clutch too. We lose a few other games I like, like VT, UVa, etc., but those are the two I'd want and we get it. Great idea tho man, really interested in this format.
  3. fact. also chargers are pretty, I would just love to see a different number font.
  4. Damn, I was expecting the devils jersey to be inspired by the cones, detours, and construction that covers any NJ highway. But nah, in all seriousness devils look clean, nice work with em.
  5. great concept, but I'd be curious to see it in their current colors. looks awesome w the sky blue tho.
  6. excellent series, every design was insane. wish this was real.
  7. I like the uniforms, but there are two things: the number font doesn't work at all, it needs to be thicker and a more menacing, Bengal-like font, if that makes sense, something with edge, modern maybe. And also the throwbacks, despite being good designs, look so much like the Browns. Good first concept tho.
  8. Columbus and Dallas are fire, no complaints. As for the next teams, I'd like to see Vegas, the Kings, the Devils, and the Leafs.
  9. Saints definitely look cleaner, and more modern, however I don't know if thats a good thing. I kinda liked the classic feel the old one had, with the traditional striping and white accents. This would be a great redesign if it was to happen now in replace of their real life identity, but when comparing it to the original one you designed... I'm leaning towards the first.
  10. In LOVE with that grizzly/native art set. The grizzlies have my fav color scheme of all time, period, I'm a sucker for anything related to their branding/logos/colors. Love the vibe that set captures, seems very local, very Vancouver, if that makes sense. Great look, even the alternate, which I usually don't like with the giant V.
  11. I like the sleeve caps, the multicolored looks sick there, but the numbers don't work. I would either go up and down, like @scottyeagle said, or just a solid color. Other wise, it's a nice concept, love the pant stripe.
  12. definitely a step in the right direction, good job. I would just maybe change the shoulder logo to the lighthouse logo, or make the shoulder logo the primary and use the NY current alternate as a shoulder logo, just to increase the continuity of the concept and have everything match. right now the logos contrast too much in my opinion Other than that, great improvement, good work.
  13. bottom row middle is my winner. I like this design, crest is big but not a design issue, but my only concern, and it's even more important if you add another blue shade, is to incorporate more blue on the uniforms. That's all though, everything looks nice.
  14. I'm one of the rare people that actually likes this logo and the alts that came with it during this phase of the Isles, but the uniforms were always bad, and that doesn't change here. I like the color scheme, and the idea of incorporating the wave pattern isn't that bad, but I just think it lacks consistency. The colors don't go all the way through the uniform, making it look very choppy and dysfunctional. Also, the waves take up way to much space, I would either get rid of them and put the colors elsewhere, or condense them, like a lot. Good idea, but it needs to be cleaned up.
  15. bucs look amazing. one of the hardest teams to redesign, in my opinion, and you killed it. Great work
  16. hate the eagles, but you did a great job here. Only problems, and I don't really know how to describe them, are the logo and white pant striping, something is just off about em both. Good work, also nice job with the saints, a concept i missed due to the holidays.
  17. super clean and crisp, really like how u started with this. good work
  18. This is a good idea. You should make city type jerseys for NFL teams when ur done
  19. Gotta be honest, I wasn't a fan of this concept at first, as I thought all of them were just the same template with different colors and names/logos, with no real design or uniqueness. but now, that's changed, and each team is getting an extremely unique design that looks awesome. so great work, these are super cool, especially the m's, the a's and the rays.
  20. too clean. but the warriors are wack. all bias aside, this is so dope, design is perfect, wish this was real.
  21. beautiful logo, but i agree more blue on the road sweater. everything else is perfect.