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  1. Back when I was a wee lad (and well before I stepped foot on the University of Oregon’s campus), I was just getting into football by going to Hurricane’s games with my mother who I lived with in Miami. So these mean a lot to me:








    These sets to me are the best the Hurricanes have ever looked and were a modern classic (and yes, I’m aware that nostalgia goggles combined with the National Title years may lead to a bias, but I don’t care!)


    Coincidentally, young me couldn’t get enough football and I found myself drawn to watching late night Pac-10 games featuring a team wearing a similar design on the west coast:





    I didn’t know at the time, but staying up and “cheating” on the Hurricanes with the Ducks would lead down a path to Eugene, and I enrolles there in 2010. Four amazing years are always brought back up when I see these beauties (which I still believe to be the best set the Ducks have ever worn):










    Oops this post got long! These are just three football sets that mean the world to me because of where I was in my life and where I am now. I’ll never forget the Hurricanes getting me into football and I’ll never forget Oregon for making me the man that I am now.


  2. As a Duck, I love love your concepts! 


    That basketball identity is super sharp and something I’d love to see on the court. I also happen to agree with you about thr football unis peaking in 2015ish. If you hsd time, i’d love to see your design in the other Oregon colors (for example: volt and dark grey, grey and black, neon green and black, etc). 

  3. 2 hours ago, whitedawg22 said:


    In that case, is this photo a visual representation of chucking plastic back into the oceans?


    NO because clearly they’re running/rising out of the water which means the waste is sentient and will soon take over as our new recyclable overlords.

  4. 31 minutes ago, dont care said:

    They did a yellow Jersey with grey numbers but black wings around 2008-10. They went with both the black and carbon fiber helmets.  Every yellow jersey since has had just black numbers with silver only being used as an outline.


    I really truly believe the yellow/gray combos were underrated. They seem like an alternate universe Steelers concept but just worked so well for some reason.images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTkdd1dtdkoIIsU1oneh83

  5. Well, opposing qbs should have no problem identifying the Mike linebacker. From across the realm.


    Glad they brought the winged helmets back but . . . Very underwhelming. Just a giant number on the front and back with nothing else. It’s amazing how they’ve found a balance before between minimalism and modernism, and how Nike and the Ducks are unable to get back there.


    this is similar to the Jaguar’s problem of just being too little. And the little that is there just doesn’t feel right. Especially for the ducks.


    I personally love the volt back on the black unis . . . 



  6. Oh wow! While i do love those colors together, I’ve always felt they connotated the Pacific Northwest more than Dallas, Texas (also there’s the issue of the Wolves “owning” those colors in ththe NBA). But in a vacuum, your concept is wonderfully executed solves the logo mess that the Mavs currently have. Kudos to hiding an “M” in the star!

  7. Double green again! Nice! I like everything except for trying to bring the titan’s yoke and keeping the loops on the arm. I would say pick one or the other . . . 


    Unless of course that’s the point in which case I’ll shut the hell up and continue the desecration.

  8. Oh wow yes! I’ve low key been in love with double green for the jets since i stumbled upon this concept a few years back:



    For your concept: I like the striping and everything but I think the hunter green is a little too dark to the point of looking black.


    Also the plane in your logo looks more like a location pin in a maps app than an actual plane silhouette.


    other than that I like to see the originallity - especially if it resulted from a happy accident (just like my step daughter).

  9. Amazing designs man!




    FLA - Yes! Thank you for bringing a nice modern spin on their classic look! The shield stands out better that way - essentially has room to “breathe.” Love seeing the leaping panther back as well.


    SENS - simply beautiful. Very regal look for them and uses their best logo as a crest. Amazing


    ANA - always love seeing the radical color combos that have been on the boards as of late - combining jade and orange to actually match a mallard. And it pops so much more than thier current identity.


    All your classic sets are perfect and black back on the Lightning, Peyote back on the Yotes, and loops on the Jackets all look amazing.


    Points of improvement:


    really only one:


    LA - In my opinion, that gold and purple are just too dark. You say you were inspired by a mid-2000s look, and that drabness shows here. This is my personal opinion but: either 1) brighten the gold to more like what the saints/huskies/niners use to stand out amongst the black/gray/purple of your set OR 2) go full retro and make it Lakers gold and Forum blue. 


    But again man: overall fantastic series!!


  10. 7 hours ago, Around the Horn said:

    Or you could have a stand alone logo for the helmet that resembles the Tuskegee Airmen medals and keep the roundel logo for other applications.




    I never realized how much i wanted this identity to happeb until this suggestion. Even if they went with that plane concept as a primary, i love the side-facing airman as a secondary. But it’d be the perfect replacement/tweak to the current logo. 

  11. 29 minutes ago, Morgo said:

    Next Update


    Tampa Bay Lightning 2.0

    Refined my last Lightning concept into something a little more traditional while merging the current logo with the past.  The Lightning don't need to dress like the Maple Leafs, they need to embrace the look they won the Stanley cup with.  The alternate is a little more 90's inspired which I think is appropriate since the team was established in 1991.  C & C always appreciated, thanks for looking.




    Tampa Bay Lightning 1.0




    2.0 is exactly what they should have done: modernize the Cup set. Seeing how beautiful your concepts are makes me really shake my head about the direction the Lightning ended up taking (like you said: off-brand Maple Leafs). Same with the Ducks.


    keep up the superb work my dude

  12. 9 hours ago, upperV03 said:

    More evidence to suggest a possible font change for Oregon’s new football uniforms this year; the women’s soccer team showed off some new kits at their picture/media day yesterday, and they have the new font:



    This coupled with the fact that the football team is using the new font on their new workout/practice shorts, and that the athletic department is using the new font on recent social media and promotional graphics, as well as new Nike gear for this season, suggests that there’s a pretty good chance we’ll see this font on the football team’s new uniforms for this season. The new font will also very likely end up being used by the volleyball, acro & tumbling, softball, and baseball teams in the near future as well.


    I like it - the post-Mariota font never really clicked with me and on top of that I now associate it with failure on and off the field.


    I’m hoping for a refreshing and cohesive set as opposed to the myriad one-offs that they’ve had.

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