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  1. Honestly, not trying to start a debate on the ethics of Washington’s name, but I would really like the Redskins to change to something like the “Redtails” and more or less keep their beautiful color scheme/current unis. Here’s a concept I found: Is that more than just a tweak? Haha
  2. Really solid look - like Morgo said: I really like the modern number font with the jade and eggplant. Great work!
  3. Oh my - guys I really like these. Quirky collars and piping and all. The logo simplification is “meh” but i like the return of the number and letter font on the jerseys (something that was lost a while back due to technical restrictions, if I remember correctly?).
  4. This is the first time for me to see this thread and it’s just so awesome I wanna give some feedback on a few of the concepts: Sens: absolute perfection. Especially given how some of us on the boards are griping about how they’re moving ahead with their identity without the 2D/sidefacing senator logo. Your concept gives them that regal look while also focusing on the 2D logo (their best). Ducks: there are so many black-centric teams in the league that it’s refreshing to see an embrace of the secondary orange as the pillar of this set. Everything from the D being the crest to the diagonal stripe is amazing. Yotes: love the sublimated rising sun as well as the cactus logo! Lightning: sooo beautiful! Your concept gives life back to the Maple Leaf rip offs and gives them a unique identity and crest back! Love the chevrons on the Jackets as well. I could gush for hours on these concepts. Amazing work all around!
  5. Be careful, we might just see a yellow alternate with black spots that mimic a giraffe’s spots. Aaaaand now I actually want to see this.
  6. @CS85 if they call it “lombardi silver” or any varient, I will buy you the inevitable lombardi silver flaked draft day hat that comes out with the redesign. In seriousness, I’ve always loved Kelly Green and Black together. It’s what made teams like the North Stars stand out a bit more. So I really wouldn’t mind them SPARINGLY AND CONSERVATIVELY, NIKE, YOU HEAR ME? using black as a trim.
  7. I mean it’s basically the same thing when you think about it! Haha But seriously, do they expect the general public to look at this and just be jaw-droppingly amazed?? oh god, do they?
  8. Oh no everyone, I found a spiel and it’s quite spiel-ly: “ The Nike uniforms have been created using NikeConnect technology. Each adult-sized Nike NBA Connected Jersey will have an embedded NFC (near field communication) chip that will launch real-time team and player content such as pregame arrival footage, highlight packages and top players’ favorite music playlists – all on the jersey owner’s mobile device. Throughout the season, a wealth of exclusive offers and experiences will bring fans closer to the game they love. After downloading the NikeConnect app, fans can tap their phone on the tag at the bottom of the jersey to unlock the full Nike Connect experience based on the player whose jersey has been tapped. The uniforms are comprised of recycled PET bottles, a combination of Alpha Yarns and recycled polyester (each uniform represents approximately 20 recycled bottles). This modernized, sweat-wicking, sustainable design has a vastly improved fit with altered construction and hemlines on the shoulder, along with the bottom of both the jersey and shorts allowing for a full range of motion”
  9. @colortv absolutely right - that 2k pic looks amazing but that black panel is just . . . Usually Nike gives a little schpeel about why each and every little design aspect has meaning. Did they give one for the black side panel? “To represent the darkness of the souls of the people of Los Angeles”?
  10. Hey guys look! It’s another one of those nfl to nba crossover concepts! Really sharp work on combining the Ravens and Lakers!
  11. Htown1141 yeah yours too! Vikings put that stripe quirk up on the sleeves and you used it down on the pants. Would it be too much to have that design feature on both the sleeves and the pants? I think it makes for a more cohesive design.
  12. I guess you guys are right I don’t know - I guess i’m just a sucker for uniqueness in a brand in terms of having an actual mascot. But of course for a prestigious franchise it’s not necessary- that I can be realistic about. But in my fantasy head canon, the Lakers will have a giraffe logo.
  13. Love the fire coming out of the crotch and butt of the rockets set. Pure gold! This series is awesome!
  14. There have been a lot of concepts floating around the boards with the old Jets script in kelly green. Wait, Oldschoolvikings, was that you that incorporated the 80s/90s “jet stripe” into your concept? If they can do that, they can have a great look without it looking like a first graders work, like joekono said
  15. Do you think they ditched it once they realized that the fans were embracing the Yellow/royal design? I’m hoping that ththe negative blowback from their current monstrosities will push them to the royal-yellow full time with the color rush yellow as a third.
  16. Haha slap one of the new jersey’s on him and have him dunk some balls. He’s got the height to do it.
  17. That makes a lot of sense! Thanks for the info!
  18. I loved the original iteration of those uniforms - thought they were a modern classic and tied the Rams to St. Louis and the Dome. You’re right: they just didn’t know how to make the pants mesh and they muddled the look by putting those random stripes on them.
  19. How many giraffe teams are there overall? This is why I like this identity so much: it’s incredibly unique and something they could own. I know it would never happen, but I could see that full campiness. Maybe you’re right: the only way to do it justice and not ruin the brand would be just a fauxback night.
  20. What kinda tone are you thinking? Something more campy? I admit it would have to be relegated to secondary or even tertiary logo status. I just love it so much haha
  21. What with the Lakers’ brand garnering more eyes lately with Lebron joining and introducing the fauxbackd, I began to think about just how bland the Lakers’ logo is. I coincidentally was at a Toys’R’us with my stepdaughter when it all rushed back to me that the Lakers had a giraffe as their logo at some point in the sixties. I’ve been looking all over google but have yet to get a definitive answer on the existence of this logo: I couldn’t find much about it except that it was actually sold on merchandise when the Lakers moved to LA but I guess it was never officially adopted. I wanna see if anyone else on these boards knows anything about this branding and why it never caught on/why it was abandoned, so to speak. I also really like this old logo in terms of the sheer goofiness/campiness. It has a lot more life than the Lakers script logo (although of course that has so much history attached to it). Does anyone else like it? finally, does anyone else think that this can be modified and brought back to bolster the Lakers’ current identity in any way? I found this logo concept by a designer named Mark Crosby: and i think it’s freaking brilliant. Magnificent. Would anyone else like to see the lakers build around this? Or have i just had one too many drinks and am just insane? I’d love to see some discussion about this quirky little facet of the LA Lakers’ identity.
  22. I also have to agree with the shoulder stripes being awesome for the ravens. As a raven’s fan myself, I think it does a good job of evoking a raven’s wings or shape of beak - either way that style “feels” like it belongs on a bird team. As an oregon fan, i’d Also like to see 1000 percent camp and actually make those like abstracted raven wings (like the span from the original logo before the copyright kerfuffle). Either way, great work as always man!
  23. The horseshoe colts set is beautiful. Just perfection
  24. Wow - that Laker set could actually work as a legitimate alternate or something. It’s abstract enough to work without coming off intentionally cheesy like the other unis in this series. Well done! of course if you wanna make it cheesy, just throw in a bunch of palm trees and an orange sun and some sailboats.
  25. The clippers’ whole brand is a boring bland yawn but I love seeing how even something as simple as a splash of powder blue can make it pop. Well done! I’ve always felt the same about the Mavs and your concept breathes a little life into their uniforms with that gradient! Excited to see the rest of this series!
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