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  1. I - I really like these. Like a lot. I think they’re infinitely better than the previous set with the huge side panel. I think it’s cause I’m in love with the Heat throwbacks and it’s basically the same design.
  2. Right? They had an identity that looked great. Sure it could be cleaned up, but why are they so ignorant of this logo and how well it works for their identity? Was there a problem with jersey sales? Is there a copyright issue? Are they just dumb?
  3. Nets look great and I really like the Boston kits but! About the crest: maybe put the clover logo inside the roundel? I think that’d work better than the Irish dude holding a basketball. Or at least shop a soccer ball over the basketball. great work as always though!
  4. I love the color but what exactly is going on with the logo? It would look great if it was their current logo.
  5. I don’t know why but I love that subtle addition of pinstripes on the Raptors! I am kinda torn on the Blazers’ sash. I think it looks great in your concept but I can’t help but loving their actual one more. Regardless it’s an awesome concept - keeping it the same would’ve been boring.
  6. I like that alternate court way more than I should. That skyline roundell works perfectly for center court, and i’ve always loved gray and yellow together (it was one of my favorite combos the Ducks would wear). Great looking brand and amazing presentation! Excited for the unis!
  7. Well I stand corrected: the horford era blue and red is just freaking amazing man - I love how you managed to balance them!
  8. That stinger is so well placed! I also feel like every Heat player should have Guy Fieri iced tips to go with that amazingly horrible jersey. Keep up up the awesome work!
  9. For Miami, I prefer the white numbers to the yellow on the black units. Other than that, I love the asymmetrical look - nice nod to their Floridians jersey’s that they rocked when Lebron was there (I think they might have also worn them during the brief Shaq/Wade era)
  10. At this point bro: seriously - take my money. Take it all. I would pay out the you know what just to see these made and then to own them.
  11. I don’t know what’s happening on the Knick’s and Mav’s shorts but I love it
  12. Another crossover series! Sweet! Nice start with the hawks! I think the red and white look very clean together, so I don’t think the addition of a tertiary color is absolutely necessary. But out of the colors that MDTrey4 mentioned, I think yellow would work the best/tie in better with their identity
  13. 76ers: wow their roundel really translates well! Very clean look - maybe would like to see the liberty bell logo on the red alternate. Suns: pretty much perfect. Personally I love the sunburst logo more - how would it look like the old “sash” on the 90s unis? Spurs, Kings, and Blazers are amazing. Dude I love your series!
  14. Please tell me the bird teams come with actual wing extensions and the suns and heat just literally light their players on fire. But seriously: such a creative idea and I can’t wait to see the Heat and Suns and Blazers
  15. I gotcha! That would definitely be a unique look - something definitely needed in the NFL
  16. Wow! I’ve never seen that before! So what would the scheme be? A Washington state-esque silver and red scheme? Or more gray and red? My interest has been piqued.
  17. First of all awesome work so far! I never thought about how many blue teams are in the league, so I can see your point. That being said, I love those blues you drew up for the Sixers lol. I also think the Magic look spectacular now that you’ve updated the blue to a lighter shade. Memphis is great! I absolutely agree with you that the Vancouver colors are the identity that sticks out the most.
  18. Holy mother of god. Now THIS looks great! Coming to these concepts boards makes me so sad about the current states of so many teams. seeing this beautiful set and then looking at the harsh reality is like night and day. But I would like to see maybe a brighter teal or purple with this same concept haha. Would that stand out even more? regardless keep up the great work!
  19. Panthers: I see that you’re trying to clean up the identity by removing the silver, and I think you’ve made it work! I’m a little iffy on the number font, however. It’s a little too thick (wink). What would it look like thinned out - possibly with a different color border? 49ers: perfection. Phins: you’re absolutely right - the fish have always looked better with the block font and I think that’s why their throwbacks have been so well received (well, ONE of the reasons). Great look! Falcons: all looks good here too!
  20. Sixers: Awesome job! I like the script going across the chest! I like the red, but I don’t think their blue is boring at all - did you try it in blue at all? Magic: I’m liking the zaniness of the sublimated stars as well as darkening the home script to black. Maybe the blue is a little too dark - I feel it gets a little lost amongst the black.
  21. Nothing much to critique on the Bucks - amazing work as always!
  22. In that Pumas baseball pic, that purple seems to work cause it’s pretty light. Maybe in your Yotes concept you could lighten the purple? Have you tried different shades? I really like that purple in the Pumas pic you posted - it really pops!
  23. I grew up with the Sharks, and Patty Marleau was always my favorite player. This image continues to break my heart.
  24. First of all, I’m a big proponent of all things Kachina so I love this idea. I’m not too sure how I feel about the purple being thrown in there. I really think it makes them unique, but maybe it’s too dark to go with that red. And personally, I love the full body kachina logo - how would you recolor that to fit this purple/sand/red color scheme?
  25. Not my concept - I posted it here because I saw a lot of people talking about the coyotes brand and thought it would further that conversation.
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