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  1. I really like these, too!! If they must have the black in their scheme, THIS is how they could execute it and make it look great!
  2. I’m curious as to what the consensus is on these boards about the two 76ers brands. Is that Dr J era/current look more popular or is the Iverson black and gold more popular? I prefer the current look as I feel it’s cleaner and more timeless, but I honestly don’t mind the Black and Gold stuff either.
  3. I grew up in Florida in the nineties and this was a really popular jersey that everyone seemed to have (well, at least for the Cup run haha). But to this day I’m still in love with the leaping panther logo and the tri-color, clean units. Hopefully they return to it someday
  4. For the Clips: theirs is such a bland brand but you’ve managed to not only successfully make it into a cohesive hockey uniform, you’ve also made it super unique with the alternating stripes!
  5. Count me in: the only problem I had with the federal look for the Caps was the screaming eagle logo. For some reason it just seems boring and flawed. To be fair though, i’ve Yet to see a suggestion or a concept in the federal colors with a better logo. Maybe the Weagle? I’m not sure.
  6. I am enamored with these - though I love their green kits, too!
  7. I posted this concept I found in another thread. The Yotes keep coming up and i’ve Noticed the love for the Kachina logo but not the muddled colors of the original set. Some people actually seem to want them back but in a cleaner presentation. What does everyone think of something like this? Blending the old style with the current color scheme?
  8. I might be in the minority here, but for some reason I LOVE this maroonish/wine color that Mexico is using on their kits this year:
  9. I love that old Jets identity/logo, so incorporating it into the striping is just really clever! It’s something that immediately screams Jets without going too over the top. And your skills are just amazing, too! Keep them coming!
  10. Loving this series!! It’s pretty cool seeing how well the NBA brands transfer to hockey uniforms
  11. I’ve been seeing a lot of hate for the original colors and style of the jerseys. I’m in the camp thinking that the original kachina style can be blended with the modern colors. I stumbled across this beautiful concept and am wondering if it will appease both camps in this debate:
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