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  1. I've had a couple weeks to process it. I'm coming around on the name. Never loved the name "Kraken". I agree it's gimmicky. But I'll get used to it. We all will. It'll sound natural within a year. However, I'm curious what the team will promote as far as nicknames, I'm sure they don't want "Krakheads" and "The Krakhouse" to gain too much traction. I cringe a little whenever I hear someone say "RELEASE THE KRAKEN!" I really hope they don't run with that. I was disappointed by the simplicity of the logos at first, but I think they did a great job making the logos iconic and memorable. The tentacle is a nice (and necessary) touch. The logo serves as the yang (clean, timeless, and iconic) to the name's yin (strange, unique, conceptual). The alt logo is only tangentially related to Kraken, but as a logo it's beautiful. Looks great on a hat. Would love to see a lighthouse alt logo in the future, similar to NYI. Love the colors, but DAMN, why couldn't they have went with that salmon red instead of boring old red? They're trying for unique colors, promoted salmon this whole time on their website, then ditched it. Disappointed there. Uniforms are beautiful. Kind of strange to have 4 shades of blue in your palette, but it looks nice on the jerseys. Was hoping for something more wild with a name like Kraken, with tentacles down the arms or something, but they make a good decision to keep it clean and simple. Can't wait to buy a jersey. I really hope the team promotes the "ice blue" color in their promo materials and designs a third jersey in that color. Would look great with an anchor crest. Was really hoping for a seafoam green and it's pretty close to that. Conversely, I hope they keep red to a minimum. I've already purchased a few pieces of merchandise. The logos look great on navy, ice blue, and white. Looks terrible on black. Fanatics sucks for merchandise. Overall I'm a fan, and I'm pumped for 2021.
  2. I don’t think anyone is suggesting the name Sockeyes because of the reference to fighting. Sockeye salmon are a huge part of the local history, economy and identity. That’s why it’s a popular name, much more so locally. It also alliterative and sounds professional. I can’t imagine anyone seriously being offended by Sockeyes. I think the reference to fighting in hockey mostly comes from those who don’t know what a Sockeye salmon is. We know it’s there, but it’s not the primary meaning, and the team likely wouldn’t acknowledge it. Sockeye salmon fight the current and swim upstream to lay their eggs. They get bruised and beaten up and yet they persist. If you need some kind of story, that’s how you market it.
  3. Did anyone else think Bucco Bruce was smoking a joint in the first link?
  4. The airport has a lot of flights
  5. COVID losses aren’t over. Do you think we’ll have fans in the stands next season? It’s a pretty lofty goal at this point. And while I’m no WHL expert, I have to imagine that gate revenues are a much larger portion of their income, and their margins are much slimmer than pro franchises. Who would say no to an offer from a group who put up $650M for a franchise? why haven’t we heard about it? Same reason why we have no recent leaks since the Kraken rumor. The team is doing a good job of keeping things under wraps. why would NHL Seattle adopt the Thunderbirds identity? Like you said, it’s an established Seattle hockey identity. It’s a solid name, solid branding, good brand awareness among sports fans in the Northwest. It’s the exact same logic that led to the Seattle Sounders, a name that was overwhelmingly popular with fans.
  6. My theory is they’ve decided to sell the name to try and recoup their losses from COVID-19. NHL Seattle reached out to the WHL Thunderbirds years ago and they weren’t interested in selling. So the NHL team was to be named ‘Kraken’...until they got a call from WHL Thunderbirds at the 11th hour, ready to talk. Now there’s new branding/trademark issues to work through. just my theory
  7. Seattle has never released a short list of names. Years ago there was a leak of domain names that the team registered. That doesn’t mean they’re certainly choosing between those 13 names. I’d argue Thunderbirds is the best historic name they could choose. It’s regionally relevant, a powerful native symbol (at the top of the totem pole), and the T-Birds played for years in the same Key Arena. update the colors and logo, and they’ve got a winner in my book.
  8. Just did some digging, found this from 2006. Evidently the reference is even older than this. @JustForFun don't claim other's "work" as your own. Come on man.
  9. I swear this is some joke reference to something posted to CCSLC years ago. Like a decade ago. I've know I've seen this logo before
  10. seems like a ridiculous argument. How many teams out there are called the Wildcats, or the Bears, or Bulldogs, or Tigers? Nobody will be confusing an OHL team in Flint with an AHL team in Palm Springs, CA.
  11. Actually this would be a great opportunity for the NHL to go old school plain white boards. But I'm sure they need the ad revenue more than ever. Come to think of it, COVID will likely be the catalyst for every major North American league putting ads on uniforms.
  12. wow. these are 10x better than the new uniforms. And these were a temporary stopgap. Maybe change the gold to yellow and you're set. That navy/white helmet is great.
  13. serious question, how is this shoulder design going to translate to fan jerseys with longer sleeves?
  14. This is Nike and the Rams trying way too hard to ruin a classic look. i don’t mind the gradient numbers. That’s about where the positives end. They use two different designs on the shoulder and neither are a Rams horn! The bone gray away jersey is needless. White would’ve looked better. 3 different number styles on these two uniforms. Unnecessary patches on the upper chest. the whole thing is a mess.
  15. They've discovered a whole new now it's wolf gray, silver, ash, slate, bone, and graphite.