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  1. what is everyone's issue with Agency font? I think it's a solid sports font, looks great for Chargers and Canucks. Just that its overused?
  2. stop bragging about your Kraken concept video, sparky.
  3. So you can’t stand the idea that there’s a SF Giants and a NY Giants? On a side note, a bit out there but what about... “Seattle Forest Giants” Alludes to old growth spruce/cedar trees as well as possibly Sasquatch, in a way that the team can have a unique identity, but also a classic name (Giants). You can just call em the Giants if you want. It has a “Golden Knights” ring to it and I know that’s not the most popular name, but the idea has stuck with me since I dreamt it up a while back.
  4. good lord that's terrible. I figured this was one of those red herring names that they'd never actually consider. Hopefully this just means that Palm Springs AHL team will be named the Renegades.
  5. I’ve never seen an argument so perfectly tow the line between subjective and objective. This argument should be 100% subjective but I feel like any rational person would agree with it. Seattle Sockeyes fits seamlessly with these other ‘67 expansion franchises. How would you even label the phenomena of a team name “feeling right” when lined up next to opponents? What is the term for that?
  6. Seriously? You think they would name the team “Kraken” and not run “Release the Kraken!” into the ground? Fans would be pissed! From what I’ve seen on social media it’s pretty much the only reason the majority of fans like the name Kraken.
  7. The reference to fighting in hockey in the name Sockeyes is only gimmicky if the team plays it up. They could ignore it entirely. They probably would, honestly. I don’t understand why “Sockeyes” sounds minor league, just because there isn’t currently a professional team with the name? Sounds a lot more “classic” than Wild. Or Jazz. Or Golden Knights. and I have no idea how the name Totems relates to male genitalia. (Outside of the general shape of a totem pole, but he said “hear” implying audio jokes, not visual jokes)
  8. based on this, it sounds like they don’t even need to reach out to her. Her trademark doesn’t cover sports franchises and she’s giving her consent and support anyways. This really seems to get lost in the discussion. If Seattle doesn’t pick the name Sockeyes, it’s not because of some lady and her romance novels. Seems like she is getting harshly scrutinized quite unfairly on various social media platforms. THIS is why I think the Kraken rumor is BS. The guy cited the romance novels as a roadblock in the way of them securing the trademark, but it sounds like it shouldn’t be an issue at all. Plus the reporter phrases it like this just came up recently. We’ve known about the romance novel thing for a couple years now, I’m sure the team has as well.
  9. It doesn't have local lore, at all. We do have giant squid in the Puget Sound, but Kraken comes from the Norse in the North Atlantic. If they wanted to go the mythical route, why not Seattle Sasquatch?
  10. I'm not buying it. I went to a hockey tournament over the weekend with NHL Seattle employees playing and in attendance, and everyone was extremely tight lipped about it. So over the same last few days someone spilled the beans? I doubt it.
  11. The “PINK IS A GIRLS COLOR!!! IT DOESN’T BELONG IN SPORTS! ITS NOT INTIMIDATING!!!” crowd. I agree, though. It’s beautiful.
  12. I'm not the biggest fan of the name "Seattle Rainiers" or taking the logo of the beer company as Tacoma's AAA team did, but I could REALLY get behind this uniform design.
  13. NHL Seattle hinted at the team name on a Happy Holidays social media post today. The clip showed a Christmas tree with ornaments of a whale, salmon, eagle, plane, squid, seal, Mt Rainier, and maybe Sasquatch? they’re just messing with us at this point.
  14. Anyone else see Bucco Bruce used for the Bucs logo on the NFL on CBS just now?
  15. why would a marketing team dislike this name?