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  1. best uniforms in Canucks history. these were absolute beauties. I like the orca, I just wish they would adopt this template
  2. who officially confirmed this? If it's true, overall it's a slight upgrade. However I think the shoulder patches on the white road jersey should remain blue.
  3. so someone just posted this "leak" of the new Canucks jersey on /r/hockey subreddit. Take it with a grain of salt. Looks like it could've easily been photoshopped.
  4. Seeing this reminds me of the Thunderbirds old green uniforms. Which makes me wish the Seattle team could just adopt one of the local WHL team's identities. Seattle Thunderbirds or even Silvertips logos, colors, uniforms would look great in the NHL. I understand why this won't happen, but I wish the NHL organization could pay off the WHL team to adopt their identity. This jersey with an overhaul to the striping would be a great choice.
  5. Watch them roll out something like this monstrosity...
  6. Hold on, what? There hasn't been any kind of confirmation regarding the team name or colors. Unless you have some insider info, you're going to need to back up that claim with a link. And I gotta disagree with you on red, black, and slate gray surely being the team colors. I don't care what the website shows. When a name is determined, there will be a total rebrand. 'NHL Seattle' has established itself as a brand using red/black/gray on their apparel, media, etc. 'Seattle (Team Name)' brand will have its own set of colors. Maybe it'll include some of those colors, maybe not.
  8. Glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Take solace in the fact that there's no way the team will be the "Kraken" and by the end of 2019 it'll be a distant memory. I think the name will almost certainly be Sockeyes, with the only hurdle being acquiring the trademark from that romance author. I also don't think the team is set on a red-black color scheme just because they're using it currently on their website, like everyone else seems to think. "NHL Seattle" is a brand of its own, that uses red/black, but when they re-brand to "Seattle Sockeyes" or whatever it may be, the colors will change accordingly. I'd love to see the Seattle Sockeyes in black, teal, and salmon.
  9. Because everyone is obsessed with the idea of saying "RELEASE THE KRAKEN". Truthfully, naming the team after a cephalopod is a great idea. It's a creepy sea creature, completely unlike any other sports name, and Puget Sound is full of giant squid and octopus. But Kraken is gimmicky and has no connection to the region. How about Seattle Squid? You can have all the same imagery and uniform design without a terrible name.
  10. If you listen to the video where Steve Mattson mentions the name is “water related”, it’s clear they are discussing the team name.