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  1. yes! it’s a beautiful venue. i saw a concert there not too long ago and the arena itself was simple and excellently built. the bowls are amazing
  2. i agree and see where you’re coming from
  3. they really could have made a giant sun cut the basketball out make it a normal circle and put the number
  4. accurate. when i play Toronto the jerseys in the crowd still have the 2016 NBA All Star Game logo on it. 2K is a lazy group of bums that can’t update a crowd in 5 years
  5. i read that as “won’t brow down” at first
  6. i’m hoping that’s the plan. that does look very good. part of me wants them to build off of the city set from last year
  7. this is REALLY stupid. i loved these headbands and they looked so cool. and even then is there a direct reason for them to be banned? Is it because Ninja the gamer signed to Adidas? is it “dangerous”? I thought it would be cool for Wizards rookie Rui Hachimura to be the “Nation’s Ninja” and rock one of these headbands. now that’s out the window. R.I.P ninja headbands 2018-2019
  8. No. to be fair i wouldn’t smile either if i was in that no mans land we know as the Cleveland Cavaliers. If they know how to do anything their recent jersey line ups have been good. The city court is promising and the throwbacks look nice. I still enjoy last years earned edition very much. Whoever designs for them needs a raise
  9. that goodyear patch is bothering me. it almost connects to the N
  10. i’m guessing their city jersey will be graffiti related. it could either go REALLY good or TERRIBLE. we’ll see
  11. what does it say next to the arena name on the Orlando courts? i don’t see the hoopla about it. they’re words. they should have had 2 courts one with stripes and one without
  12. change that awful Buzz City to Charlotte and i’m sold
  13. as another kid i will confirm that’s a cursed image