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  1. when you’re a basketball team the LAST thing you want is sleeping fans. However PowerBalance was a fraud from the start so idk
  2. in 2011 the Sacramento Kings played in the PowerBalance Pavilion. PowerBalance went into bankruptcy the next year. I guess they couldn’t balance that power.
  3. his formerly blonde hair patch or the Love’s advertising patch
  4. all Charlotte had to do is to MAKE THIS SET PURPLE AND TEAL PUT HORNETS ON IT AND GET A NEW ALTERNATE JERSEY and they royally bumbled that opportunity no pun intended. That way the pinstripes would fit in. this was always a beautiful set of jerseys to me because it reminds me of trading for michael carter-williams in nba 2k14 as a young lad
  5. i view these jerseys in a chicago white sox sort of way
  6. A random thought. Around the league teams have seemingly made their center court logos smaller. Call me a conspiracy theorist all you want but they did that at about the same time Stephen Curry was lighting teams up and disrespecting them by shooting from the logo. could those two things have caused the logos to get smaller? Did Adam Silver make a secret rule change to the center court logo sizes? we may never know
  7. it’s a different font and there’s no ugly green box around it
  8. couldn’t the Marlins do ANYTHING RIGHT. Why did they use this ugly,awkward looking red and not a simple pink like the Miami Heat. I feel the Red and the Blue look awkward together
  9. Imagine if 6ix9ine was to have had a custom jersey with 69 on it. Oh my that would look like a trainwreck. Anyways what about the Warriors shouldn’t they change at least a little bit because their going to the Chase Center
  10. I thought you were exaggerating but I thought about it (Red/orange the city,yellow statement,green earned,blue away, and purple throwbacks) and you are accurate
  11. I like the extra dark look of the original. The sharp teeth,the eye shape,the whiskers and just the extra edge on the old one makes it better. However with that said the edges and blue on the current one is MUCH better
  12. ^^ I also laugh anyways, how old are you? I’m 15
  13. As the most likely youngest board member this reference makes me a very happy camper