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  1. First up, the Atlanta Hawks. I kept their jerseys very similar to the current design, it's one of my favorites in the NBA right now. One of the issues I have with it is the colors, so I switched them back to the ones used from 1995-2007. The alternate is based on their uniform from 1995-1999, just with their current alternate logo and number/wordmark font. Home Road Alternate Hope you enjoy, C+C is appreciated.
  2. DoctaC's NBA Redesign Hello everyone, today I will be starting a new thread on the concepts forum; my NBA redesign. These concepts will use a template I made myself (for paint). It was inspired by the one used by @Victormrey in his MLB x Nike Aeroswift thread, and this image: I will be doing all 30 teams in alphabetical order - when I finish all 30, I may do some expansion team concepts, defunt team concepts, or something else is this thread. For the current 30, I won't be doing any logos from scratch (as of right now), just uniforms. I may make some tweaks to some logos if I feel it is needed. Each team will receive a home, road, and alternate uniform. Hope you enjoy. Atlanta Hawks Here's the template:
  3. 1957-58 BAA Season League Headlines - New Orleans completes the largest turnaround in BAA history, going from 6-40 (the worst season ever), to 40-16 and a 2 seed in the playoffs. - Riddled with injuries, the Pittsburgh Danes plummet in the standings. Oliver Perkins and Zane Douglas both went down early in the year with season-ending injuries. - Midway through the year, Virginia Kings owner Thomas Monroe announced his intent to sell the team. He cited the decreasing ticket sales, and overall lack of profit as his reason. Just 3 weeks after Monroe's announcement, the BAA narrowed it down to 3 buyers, and called a meeting of the other 13 owners in order to vote on who would receive the team. The price for the Virginia Kings was set at $68 million. Here is a list of potential buyers: Matthew Lawson Houston, Texas Jim Henderson Indianapolis, Indiana Richie Rogers Miami, Florida - Around this time, it was also announced that Denver and St. Louis would be the two new expansion franchises coming to the BAA for next season. Their identities will be released sometime this summer. All-BAA Team G - Josh Newmauer - New Orleans Crescents - 1x G - Brady Jenkins - Philadelphia Bells - 2x F - Ben Sanders - Boston Rebels - 1x F - Alex Overton - Columbus Cardinals - 5x C - Kevin Day - Virginia Kings - 3x BAA MVP Brady Jenkins Philadelphia Bells 27.4 ppg 8.7 rpg 6.1 apg 48% FG The 1958 BAA Playoffs will be up tomorrow, thanks for reading.
  4. I switched it to Missouri. Thanks Ah, I guess I should've done more research into the flag. I guess you're right, it still works fine.
  5. On the Miami alternate are there no player numbers? Just the ‘19 for the championship? And also repeating what @OwenCE said, why are there no clash uniforms?
  6. Will you be adding a CDL graphic to the front post?
  7. New York Liberty Boston Clippers New Haven Exchange Washington Lieutenants Richmond Navy Pittsburgh Fusion
  8. 1957 BAA Off Season After a little break from this thread, I'm back with the 1957 BAA Off Season. Memphis Pharaohs Unveil New Logo, Third Uniform The Logo The logo is a record which symbolizes Memphis' rich history in the music industry. On the cover, there is a pyramid and the monogram "MEMPHIS." Third Uniform The Pharaohs' new third uniform is just an alternate version of their road uniforms, with the blue and gold swapped. Jacksonville Pumas Unveil Alternate Logo, Third Uniforms The First Alternate Logo in the BAA Based off of the Jacksonville City Flag, this logo includes a fierce puma on the prowl. It will be used in addition to their current logo. Third Uniform The Pumas' new uniforms utilizes their new logo, and uses their "Sunshine Gold" color as the base. 1957 BAA Draft 1. New Orleans Crescents - Bill Fredrick (C - North Carolina) 2. Washington Senators - Anton Walther (SG - Michigan State) 3. Georgia Yardbirds (via BOS) - Harlan Johnson (C - Oklahoma City) 4. Louisville Thoroughbreds - JJ Wroten (PG - Louisville) 5. Louisville Thoroughbreds (via JAC) - Levi Jones (SG - Seattle) 6. Georgia Yardbirds - Kirk Coolidge (PG - St. John's) 7. Minnesota Moose - Julius Davis (SF - Duke) 8. Memphis Pharaohs - Walt Walthers (PF - Mississippi State) 9. New York Tycoons - Lester Magee (PG - Wake Forest) 10. Columbus Cardinals - Rich Alexander (SF - Manhattan) 11. Chicago Stars - Bronco Thomas (PF - Dayton) 12. Virginia Kings - Ivan Carlson (SG - Bradley) 13. New York Tycoons (via PHI) - KJ Yates (SF - Canisius) 14. Pittsburgh Danes - Byron Fairs (C - Iowa State) Trades Two big trades occurred this off season. First, the Columbus Cardinals sent Kirk Koenig to the Pittsburgh Danes in exchange for Jerry Roberts, Sampson Cartwright, and their 1958 First Round Pick. This deal shows Pittsburgh's intentions on winning now, as they traded away most of their young talent. As for Columbus, this is a good deal. Koenig has played a major role in some of their title runs, but his play has been declining recently. Hopefully something good can come out of the FRP. In the other trade, the Georgia Yardbirds sent longtime point guard Patrick Montague to the New York Tycoons in exchange for their 1958 Second Round Pick. This trade helps New York add some depth to their guard rotation, and gives Georgia an extra pick in the future. BAA News - On June 14, 1957, days before the BAA Draft, Commissioner Roger Dobrinski announced that the BAA would be expanding once again. These are the markets being considered: Denver, CO Dallas, TX Houston, TX Kansas City, MO St. Louis, MO Phoenix, AZ Feel free to give your opinion on which markets you think should be chosen.
  9. 1957 BAA Playoffs Play-In Games Philadelphia Bells 98 - Columbus Cardinals 94 March 3, 1957 | Nationwide Arena | Columbus, OH In a rematch of last year's Furlow Cup Finals, the Philadelphia Bells once again outlasted the Columbus Cardinals behind a big performance from James Coker. He finished with 33 points (13-18), 21 rebounds, and 7 blocks. Brady Jenkins added 24 points, and Hurley Steves added 18 points to go along with 13 assists. In the loss, Alex Overton scored 27 (14-23), Brad Akers 23 (7-17), and Kirk Koenig 18 (8-16). New York Tycoons 93 - Chicago Stars 102 March 4, 1957 | Dobrinski Arena | Chicago, IL In just their second year as a BAA franchise, the Chicago Stars won their first playoff game behind a record-setting performance by Van Collins. He scored 41 (16-34), rebounded 14, and assisted 12. It was the first 40-points triple-double in BAA Playoff History. Evan Ingol led the Tycoons, scoring 31 points to go along with 18 rebounds and 5 blocks. BAA Semifinals Game 1 Philadelphia Bells 93 - Virginia Kings 78 March 10, 1957 | Royal Arena | Richmond, VA The Bells took a 1-0 series lead behind their 3-way attack of Jenkins, Coker, and Steves. Jenkins scored 29 points (12-25), Coker scored 26 points (8-11) and had 16 rebounds, and Steves scored 16 points (5-11) to go along with 11 assists and 5 steals. Kevin Day scored 29 points and had 10 rebounds for the Kings in the loss. Game 2 Virginia Kings 100 - Philadelphia Bells 91 March 13, 1957 | The Palestra | Philadelphia, PA Virginia tied the series at 1-1 behind MVP Kevin Day's huge 25-20 performance. He scored 27 points (10-22) and had 22 rebounds plus 6 blocks. Jenkins and Coker were off for the Bells, going a combined 16-57 (Jenkins 21, Coker 18). Hurley Steves played well, however, leading the Bells in scoring with 28 (11-16) with 13 assists. Game 3 Philadelphia Bells 109 - Virginia Kings 94 March 16, 1957 | Royal Arena | Richmond, VA The road team won for the third time this series as the Bells clinched a spot in their second straight Furlow Cup Finals. Brady Jenkins was spectacular, scoring 41 points (17-24). James Coker added 25 points (10-12) and 13 rebounds, and Hurley Steves finished with 20 points (6-13) and 15 assists. Game 1 Chicago Stars 85 - Pittsburgh Danes 91 March 11, 1957 | Pitt Pavilion | Pittsburgh, PA All-NBA performers Oliver Perkins and Zane Douglas led a late-4th quarter comeback in order to knock off the Chicago Stars and take a 1-0 series lead. Trailing 83-75 with 2:24 remaining, Perkins and Douglas went on a 16-2 run by themselves. Perkins scored 10 of his 34 during that run, and Douglas scored 6 of his 27. In the loss, Van Collins scored 25 for the Stars and had 9 assists. Game 2 Pittsburgh Danes 103 - Chicago Stars 82 March 14, 1957 | Dobrinski Arena | Chicago, IL The Danes clinched their spot in the Furlow Cup Finals for the first time since their championship win in 1951-52. Oliver Perkins scored 31 on 12-22 shooting, and Zane Douglas added 21 points (7-16) and 14 assists. Van Collins scored 24 points in the loss for the Stars. Furlow Cup Finals Game 1 Philadelphia Bells 89 - Pittsburgh Danes 75 March 24, 1957 | Pitt Pavilion | Pittsburgh, PA The Bells took a 1-0 series lead in Pittsburgh behind a record setting performance from Hurley Steves. He ended the game with 27 points (12-20), 20 assists, and 11 rebounds, recording the first ever 20-20-10 game in BAA history. Brady Jenkins added another 27 points, and James Coker added 22 points and 13 rebounds. Oliver Perkins scored 22 points in the loss. Game 2 Pittsburgh Danes 98 - Philadelphia Bells 93 March 27, 1957 | The Palestra | Philadelphia, PA Pittsburgh tied the series at 1-1 before heading back to Pittsburgh with a chance to take the driver's seat with a 2-1 series lead. Zane Douglas led the Danes in scoring with 31 points (13-18) to go along with 13 assists. Oliver Perkins added 23. For the Bells, Brady Jenkins scored 28 in the loss. Game 3 Philadelphia Bells 83 - Pittsburgh Danes 89 March 30, 1957 | Pitt Pavilion | Pittsburgh, PA Zane Douglas had another great game and led the Pittsburgh Danes one game closer to their second BAA Championship, taking a 2-1 series lead. Douglas scored 23 points (8-14) to go along with 16 assists and 8 rebounds. Oliver Perkins was solid, scoring 19 points (7-17) and grabbing 12 rebounds. For the Bells, James Coker led them with 29 points and 14 boards. Game 4 Pittsburgh Danes 98 - Philadelphia Bells 93 April 2, 1957 | The Palestra | Philadelphia, PA The Danes outlasted the Bells in a tough OT game and captured their second BAA Championship (1st Furlow Cup). They became the first team to win two championships. Oliver Perkins scored 34 points (13-17) and had 14 rebounds and 7 assists. Zane Douglas added 19 points (6-16) and 11 assists. Brady Jenkins scored 28 points for the Bells. I realized that the Furlow Cup isn't really a "Cup" like the Stanley Cup in the real world. So I redesigned it into more of a cup shape.
  10. 1956-57 BAA Season Central 3 - Columbus Cardinals: 41-15 4 - Chicago Stars: 38-18 Memphis Pharaohs: 33-23 Minnesota Moose: 25-31 Louisville Thoroughbreds: 18-38 Northeast 2 - Pittsburgh Danes: 45-11 5 - New York Tycoons: 36-20 6 - Philadelphia Bells: 34-22 Boston Rebels: 15-41 Southeast 1 - Virginia Kings: 47-9 Georgia Yardbirds: 24-32 Jacksonville Pumas: 19-37 Washington Senators: 11-45 New Orleans Crescents: 6-50 League Headlines - After missing the playoffs last season, Virginia finished first overall with a 47-9 record. - The Northeast Division kept up their dominance, once again having 3 of their 6 teams make the playoffs. - In their first year as a franchise, New Orleans recorded the worst season in BAA History. - Before the season began, two big trades shocked BAA Fans. First, the Georgia Yardbirds sent Bobby Dickinson to the Boston Rebels in exchange for Patrick Montague and Boston's FRP in 1957. Then, just days later, the Louisville Thoroughbreds sent Alvin Newsome and Perry Scott to the Jacksonville Pumas in exchange for their FRP's in 1957 and 1958. All-Star Teams The two teams are "Team Red" coached by Albert Strauss of the Virginia Kings, and "Team Blue" coached by Dante Anderson of the Columbus Cardinals. The uniforms are just versions of the teams' uniforms but in red or blue. Team Red Roster Starters G - Zane Douglas - Pittsburgh Danes - 1x G - Van Collins - Chicago Stars - 1x F - Oliver Perkins - Pittsburgh Danes - 1x F - Alvin Newsome - Jacksonville Pumas - 1x C - Kevin Day - Virginia Kings - 1x Reserves G - Hurley Steves - Philadelphia Bells - 1x G - Kirk Koenig - Columbus Cardinals - 1x F - Evan Washington - Georgia Yardbirds - 1x F - Harry Armstrong - Georgia Yardbirds - 1x C - Sam Orange - Washington Senators - 1x Team Blue Roster Starters G - Brad Akers - Columbus Cardinals - 1x G - Brady Jenkins - Philadelphia Bells - 1x F - Ben Sanders - Boston Rebels - 1x F - Alex Overton - Columbus Cardinals - 1x C - Evan Ingol - New York Tycoons - 1x Reserves G - Bobby Dickinson - Boston Rebels - 1x G - Roger Johnson - Virginia Kings - 1x F - Xavier Bailes - Chicago Stars - 1x F - Darrell Armstrong - New York Tycoons - 1x C - James Coker - Philadelphia Bells - 1x All-BAA Team G - Zane Douglas - Pittsburgh Danes - 1x G - Van Collins - Chicago Stars - 1x F - Oliver Perkins - Pittsburgh Danes - 2x F - Alex Overton - Columbus Cardinals - 4x C - Kevin Day - Virginia Kings - 2x BAA MVP Alex Overton Columbus Cardinals 20.2 ppg 10.7 rpg 6.8 apg 3.7 spg Big Games Boston Rebels at New Orleans Crescents December 8, 1956 | Crescent City Convention Center | New Orleans, LA BOS: 23 26 25 27 101 NOC: 24 27 28 25 104 After starting the year 0-14, the New Orleans Crescents finally got their first win after beating the Boston Rebels at home. Rookie Josh Newmauer, the young leader from Ohio State, was big for the Crescents. He scored 28 points to go along with 11 assists and 4 steals. The 1-2 punch of Ben Sanders and Bobby Dickinson from Boston wasn't enough. Sanders scored 24 points to go along with 9 rebounds, while Dickinson scored 22 and had 7 assists. Washington Senators at Jacksonville Pumas February 22, 1957 | Jacksonville Arena | Jacksonville, FL WAS: 19 20 21 18 17 16 111 JAC: 20 18 17 23 17 17 112 With 9.8 seconds remaining in Double-OT, the Jacksonville Pumas inbounded from half-court, down 1, with a shot to win the game. The ball was thrown in to Alvin Newsome, the Pumas star player who had led them with 38 points and 10 assists. When the clock hit 5 seconds remaining, he hit his defender, Oscar Yates, with a quick crossover that freed up a lane for him. He then proceeded to take two dribbles down the right lane-line and put in the game-winning layup as the buzzer sounded, giving him the clean 40. Washington was led by Sammy James, who scored 34 points and had 13 assists. The 1957 BAA playoff will be up tomorrow, thanks for reading.
  11. 1960 is a pretty good guess, I haven't decided which cities though. Can't imagine one of them not being LA. Thanks guys
  12. 1956 BAA Off Season A new league logo, two expansion teams and the first alternate uniform headlined this off season. The brand-new BAA Logo: Minnesota Moose and New Orleans Crescents Unveiled Minnesota Moose The Moose are owned by Matt Dooley, a native Minnesotan who played basketball at the University of Minnesota. They are named the Moose after the large amount of the species that live in Minnesota. Minnesota will play at the 4th Street Forum in Downtown Minneapolis. The Logo A moose head with an M sitting behind it. The Uniforms A very simple set utilizing the blue in the team's logo and a block letter font. New Orleans Crescents New Orleans' Club is owned by investors from the City of New Orleans. They are named after the city's nickname as the "Crescent City." The Crescents will play at the Crescent City Convention Center just north of the banks of the Mississippi River. The Logo A New Orleans font with a crescent sitting to the left of it, and a fluer-de-lis in the O of Orleans. The Uniforms The only uniform that places the word mark above and below the numbers on the front of the jersey. On the shorts, there is a number that has a crescent to the left of it just like in the logo. Updates The only change to an already existing identity this off season was when the Washington Senators became the first team to unveil a third jersey. It is navy and will be worn for divisional away games. 1955 BAA Draft After a coin toss, the Minnesota Moose were awarded the first overall selection ahead of the New Orleans Crescents. 1. Minnesota Moose - Jarvis Johnson (SG - Temple) 2. New Orleans Crescents - Josh Newmauer (PG - Ohio State) 3. Memphis Pharaohs - Brett Kinsley (SG - Marshall) 4. Boston Rebels - Mark Pryor (C - Minnesota) 5. Virginia Kings - Jose Martinez (SF - Oklahoma City) 6. Washington Senators - Harrison Stewart (PG - Iowa State) 7. Jacksonville Pumas - Oscar Thompson (SF - BYU) 8. Louisville Thoroughbreds - Tex Thomas (PF - Houston) 9. Georgia Yardbirds - Patrick Donahue (C - Illinois) 10. Chicago Stars - Nate Day (PG - Kansas State) 11. New York Tycoons - Luke DeGaurier (SG - Wake Forest) 12. Pittsburgh Danes - Sampson Cartwright (SF - Stanford) 13. Columbus Cardinals - Chris Davis (SG - Vanderbilt) 14. New York Tycoons (via PHI) - Alex Long (PG - SMU) BAA News - Minnesota will join the Central Division, and New Orleans will join the Southeast Division. - When questions of future expansion and teams from smaller markets such as the Yardbirds and Kings arose, Commissioner Roger Dobrinski was surprisingly open about the BAA's future plans. When it came to expansion, he was adamant about expansion and his hope that the league will have reached the West Coast by 1960 and north of 20 teams by 1965. When it came to questions about the smaller markets, Dobrinski simply stated "We have no intent on moving any of the clubs, unless an owner decides to, or the profits begin a drastic decline. As of right now, I don't see the teams from Richmond or Savannah relocating within the next few years, barring a serious change." - The first BAA All-Star Game will be held this season. Because there are currently 3 divisions, the players will be split up through a private draft between two coaches voted on by the players. Each player receives a vote but can not vote for their own coach.
  13. 1955-56 BAA Season Central xyz - Columbus Cardinals: 42-8 x - Chicago Stars: 30-20 Louisville Thoroughbreds: 24-26 Memphis Pharaohs: 9-41 Northeast xy - Pittsburgh Danes: 37-13 x - Philadelphia Bells: 35-15 x - New York Tycoons: 31-19 Boston Rebels: 12-28 Southeast xy - Georgia Yardbirds: 29-21 Jacksonville Pumas: 20-30 Washington Senators: 17-33 Virginia Kings: 14-36 x = Playoffs y = Division champions z = Home court advantage League Headlines - Chicago earns the 5 seed in the playoffs after their first BAA Regular Season. - The northeast division dominates claiming 3 of the top 4 seeds. - Columbus finished the regular season in 1st place overall for the 3rd season in a row. All-BAA Team G - Brad Akers - Columbus Cardinals - 2x G - Brady Jenkins - Philadelphia Bells - 1x F - Oliver Perkins - Pittsburgh Danes - 1x F - Alex Overton - Columbus Cardinals - 3x C - Evan Ingol - New York Tycoons - 2x BAA MVP Alex Overton Columbus Cardinals 20.2 ppg 10.7 rpg 6.8 apg 3.7 spg Big Games Virginia Kings at Boston Rebels December 18, 1955 | Rebel Arena | Boston, MA VIR: 18 22 20 19 79 BOS: 23 24 21 23 91 Rookie Ben Sanders led the Boston Rebels past the Virginia Kings in the first ever game at the newly constructed Rebel Arena. Issues with construction delayed the date of the first game, moving it back from opening night on November 2 to December 18. Sanders scored 28 points with 12 rebounds, while Patrick Montague added 15 points and 9 assists. In a losing effort, Kevin Day led the way for the Kings, scoring 32 points to go along with 17 rebounds and 5 blocks. Pittsburgh Danes at Philadelphia Bells February 7, 1956 | The Palestra | Philadelphia, PA PIT: 87 19 22 20 26 87 PHI: 21 20 18 24 83 Pittsburgh was able to steal a late-season win at Philadelphia in order to pull ahead in the Northeast Division. Coming into the game the Danes and the Bells both stood at 32-13. All-BAA performer Oliver Perkins was a monster, leading the Danes with 38 points, 18 rebounds, and 7 steals. The 3-headed attack wasn't enough for Philadelphia. Brady Jenkins, James Coker, and Hurley Steves combined for 63 of the Bells' 82 points (Jenkins 24, Coker 22, Steves 17). BAA Playoffs Play-In Games In the first "play-in" game, the Philadelphia Bells blew past the Georgia Yardbirds 97-74. They opened the game strong, winning the first quarter by a score of 23-11. They stayed solid throughout the rest of the game and finished with a 23 point victory. Brady Jenkins led with 28 points on 11-15 shooting. James Coker added 20 points and 13 boards. In the loss, Bobby Dickinson led the Yardbirds with 32 points, and Harry Washington scored 19. In the second game, the Cinderella story Chicago Stars lost to the New York Tyccons 89-85. Chicago was down 14 going in to the fourth, but made it close at the end. Rookie Van Collins, who was magnificent all season, scored 29 points and had 14 assists. Evan Ingol was huge for the Tycoons, scoring 33 and rebounding 20. He also had 7 blocks, and shot 13-14 from the field. Semifinals Both semifinals ended in 2-0 sweeps, with Columbus and Philadelphia qualifying for the Furlow Cup Finals. Alex Overton and Brad Akers led the Cardinals past the Tycoons. Overon averaged 29.5 ppg, 14.5 rpg, and 9.0 apg. He scored 38 in Game 1 in a close 103-99 win. Akers averaged 20.0 ppg, 11.5 apg, and 3.0 spg through the two games. He had a double-double in both games. Evan Ingol was the only player for the Tycoons to score in double digits both games. He averaged 28.0 ppg and 18.5 rpg for the series. Brady Jenkins was good for the Bells averaging 24.5 points and 9.5 assists, but James Coker was better. Coker went for 49 points and 20 rebounds in Game 1, and 32 points and 18 rebounds in Game 2. The Danes lost 2-0 after getting a first-round bye, which was a big disappointment. Oliver Perkins and Zane Douglas led the Danes. Perkins averaged 24.0 points, 13.0 rebounds, and 4.5 steals. Douglas went for 21.5 points and 11.0 assists per game. Furlow Cup Finals Game 1: Philadelphia 96, Columbus 84 Game 2: Columbus 82, Philadelphia 79 Game 3: Columbus 102, Philadelphia 91 Game 4: Philadelphia 93, Columbus 89 Game 5: Philadelphia 95, Columbus 90 - In his first year after being traded, Hurley Steves help Philadelphia win a championship as a part of their 3-headed monster attack. - Alex Overton averages a triple double despite the loss. - After going down 2-1, two big games from Brady Jenkins helped the Bells come back and win the series in Columbus. Philadelphia Brady Jenkins: 24.4 ppg, 8.2 apg, 48% FG James Coker: 19.8 ppg, 12.2 rpg, 3.4 bpg, 61% FG Hurley Steves: 17.0 ppg, 11.2 apg, 6.4 rpg, 54% FG Columbus Alex Overton: 23.8 ppg, 12.2 rpg, 10.4 apg Brad Akers: 18.4 ppg, 10.4 apg, 3.2 spg Kirk Koenig: 15.4 ppg, 6.8 apg, 54% FG
  14. NYT Deals H. Steves for Draft Picks When Hurley Steves was selected by the New York Tycoons in the 1st round of the 1954 BAA Draft, he didn't expect to have a breakout rookie season and solid sophomore season... before being traded. But, it's what happened on July 2, 1955, when the Tycoons dealt Steves to the Philadelphia Bells in exchange for their 1956 & 1957 First Round Picks, and their 1956 Second Round Pick. The Tycoons felt he didn't pair well with star center Evan Ingol, so they sent him away. They now have 4 picks in this year's stacked draft, and an extra first rounder for the 1957 draft. The Bells were elated when New York offered them this deal. They, on the other hand, think Steves' run n' gun play style matches perfectly with guard Brady Jenkins and center James Coker. Either way, this deal shakes up the BAA a decent bit, and could propel Philadelphia's rebuilding ahead by a few years, now that they have who they believe to be their PG of the future.