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  1. Thanks for the suggestion, here are the Cavs v2:
  2. Chicago Bulls - Updated logo, not much different other than the eyes. - I've never been a fan of the diamond & logo design on the shorts, so I went with a new design that utilizes the 4 stars from the Chicago Flag. - City edition also based on the Chicago flag. C+C appreciated
  3. Final edition of the Hornets. Decided to go with a much simpler statement jersey:
  4. Looks wayyyy better than what they actually rolled out. Nice work.
  5. Thank you everyone for the C+C, here is the Charlotte Hornets v3: Added a word mark to the statement edition. Still not completely sold on it, C+C appreciated.
  6. Made some changes to the Hornets, let me know what you think: - New word marks on the icon and association editions, one now says "Charlotte" instead of "Hornets." - Kept the same light blue color, but used the purple from the '90s. - New statement edition. - New city edition based off of NASCAR, as Charlotte is a major NASCAR hub.
  7. Charlotte Hornets - Updated word marks. - New number design that uses a honeycomb pattern. - New side-stripe design. It's simpler, and the bottom ending in a point is meant to symbolize a hornet's stinger. - City Edition based off of NASCAR, as Charlotte is a major NASCAR hub. Original: C+C appreciated
  8. Thank you, I originally only had the shoulder stripes on the city edition - there were some on the Dodgers uniform I based it off of. But, then I put them on the other 3 uniforms to see how they looked, and I liked them. Thank you! I agree, the Celtics are one of the uniforms in sports that shouldn't be touched, but instead of just recreating the real-life design I wanted to create something a little different. For the alternate, I took your suggestion and made the stripes more green heavy, and I think it looks much better. I'm glad you like the Hawks and Nets!
  9. Brooklyn Nets - Updated logo with new font. Replaced basketball with a silhouette of the Brooklyn Bridge. - New side-panel pattern that is meant to imitate a basketball net. - City edition uniform based off classic Brooklyn Dodgers uniforms worn during the Jackie Robinson era. C+C appreciated
  10. Boston Celtics - Updated logo with new font, altered some outlines. Overall made it sharper. - Utilized gold a lot more. - Used parquet design for city edition, mixed it with a throwback design. C+C appreciated.
  11. Thanks! I added the peach piping to the city edition.
  12. Atlanta Hawks - Went back to the classic red + gold color scheme. - Kept the same base design, altered a few outlines. - Kept the same peach theme for the city edition, just executed it differently. C+C appreciated
  13. DoctaC's NBA Uniform & Logo Concepts 7/32 Completed Atlanta Hawks Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets Charlotte Hornets Chicago Bulls Cleveland Cavaliers Dallas Mavericks All Completed Logos While spending the past few weeks social distancing, I've got back into making concepts. Today I'll be starting a series rebranding the NBA in alphabetical order.