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  1. A second concept for a Redskins Rebrand, the Washington Generals. Logo utilizes 5 stars that make a pentagon shape, with a W inside the negative space. The top of the W follows the angles of the pentagon and creates a shape alluding to the Washington Monument. Helmets would have a matte finish. LOGOS + WORDMARK UNIFORMS C+C appreciated
  2. Here's my concept for the renamed Redskins... the Washington Veterans. C+C appreciated. LOGO + WORDMARK UNIFORMS (BLUE PRIMARY) UNIFORMS (RED PRIMARY) Do you prefer the blue or red primary uniforms?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, here are the Cavs v2:
  4. Chicago Bulls - Updated logo, not much different other than the eyes. - I've never been a fan of the diamond & logo design on the shorts, so I went with a new design that utilizes the 4 stars from the Chicago Flag. - City edition also based on the Chicago flag. C+C appreciated
  5. Final edition of the Hornets. Decided to go with a much simpler statement jersey:
  6. Looks wayyyy better than what they actually rolled out. Nice work.
  7. Thank you everyone for the C+C, here is the Charlotte Hornets v3: Added a word mark to the statement edition. Still not completely sold on it, C+C appreciated.
  8. Made some changes to the Hornets, let me know what you think: - New word marks on the icon and association editions, one now says "Charlotte" instead of "Hornets." - Kept the same light blue color, but used the purple from the '90s. - New statement edition. - New city edition based off of NASCAR, as Charlotte is a major NASCAR hub.
  9. Charlotte Hornets - Updated word marks. - New number design that uses a honeycomb pattern. - New side-stripe design. It's simpler, and the bottom ending in a point is meant to symbolize a hornet's stinger. - City Edition based off of NASCAR, as Charlotte is a major NASCAR hub. Original: C+C appreciated
  10. Thank you, I originally only had the shoulder stripes on the city edition - there were some on the Dodgers uniform I based it off of. But, then I put them on the other 3 uniforms to see how they looked, and I liked them. Thank you! I agree, the Celtics are one of the uniforms in sports that shouldn't be touched, but instead of just recreating the real-life design I wanted to create something a little different. For the alternate, I took your suggestion and made the stripes more green heavy, and I think it looks much better. I'm glad you like the Hawks and Nets!
  11. Brooklyn Nets - Updated logo with new font. Replaced basketball with a silhouette of the Brooklyn Bridge. - New side-panel pattern that is meant to imitate a basketball net. - City edition uniform based off classic Brooklyn Dodgers uniforms worn during the Jackie Robinson era. C+C appreciated
  12. Boston Celtics - Updated logo with new font, altered some outlines. Overall made it sharper. - Utilized gold a lot more. - Used parquet design for city edition, mixed it with a throwback design. C+C appreciated.
  13. Thanks! I added the peach piping to the city edition.
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