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  1. A second concept for a Redskins Rebrand, the Washington Generals. Logo utilizes 5 stars that make a pentagon shape, with a W inside the negative space. The top of the W follows the angles of the pentagon and creates a shape alluding to the Washington Monument. Helmets would have a matte finish. LOGOS + WORDMARK UNIFORMS C+C appreciated
  2. Here's my concept for the renamed Redskins... the Washington Veterans. C+C appreciated. LOGO + WORDMARK UNIFORMS (BLUE PRIMARY) UNIFORMS (RED PRIMARY) Do you prefer the blue or red primary uniforms?
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, here are the Cavs v2:
  4. Chicago Bulls - Updated logo, not much different other than the eyes. - I've never been a fan of the diamond & logo design on the shorts, so I went with a new design that utilizes the 4 stars from the Chicago Flag. - City edition also based on the Chicago flag. C+C appreciated
  5. Final edition of the Hornets. Decided to go with a much simpler statement jersey:
  6. Looks wayyyy better than what they actually rolled out. Nice work.
  7. Thank you everyone for the C+C, here is the Charlotte Hornets v3: Added a word mark to the statement edition. Still not completely sold on it, C+C appreciated.
  8. Made some changes to the Hornets, let me know what you think: - New word marks on the icon and association editions, one now says "Charlotte" instead of "Hornets." - Kept the same light blue color, but used the purple from the '90s. - New statement edition. - New city edition based off of NASCAR, as Charlotte is a major NASCAR hub.
  9. Charlotte Hornets - Updated word marks. - New number design that uses a honeycomb pattern. - New side-stripe design. It's simpler, and the bottom ending in a point is meant to symbolize a hornet's stinger. - City Edition based off of NASCAR, as Charlotte is a major NASCAR hub. Original: C+C appreciated
  10. Thank you, I originally only had the shoulder stripes on the city edition - there were some on the Dodgers uniform I based it off of. But, then I put them on the other 3 uniforms to see how they looked, and I liked them. Thank you! I agree, the Celtics are one of the uniforms in sports that shouldn't be touched, but instead of just recreating the real-life design I wanted to create something a little different. For the alternate, I took your suggestion and made the stripes more green heavy, and I think it looks much better. I'm glad you like the Hawks and Nets!
  11. Brooklyn Nets - Updated logo with new font. Replaced basketball with a silhouette of the Brooklyn Bridge. - New side-panel pattern that is meant to imitate a basketball net. - City edition uniform based off classic Brooklyn Dodgers uniforms worn during the Jackie Robinson era. C+C appreciated
  12. Boston Celtics - Updated logo with new font, altered some outlines. Overall made it sharper. - Utilized gold a lot more. - Used parquet design for city edition, mixed it with a throwback design. C+C appreciated.
  13. Thanks! I added the peach piping to the city edition.
  14. Atlanta Hawks - Went back to the classic red + gold color scheme. - Kept the same base design, altered a few outlines. - Kept the same peach theme for the city edition, just executed it differently. C+C appreciated
  15. DoctaC's NBA Uniform & Logo Concepts 7/32 Completed Atlanta Hawks Boston Celtics Brooklyn Nets Charlotte Hornets Chicago Bulls Cleveland Cavaliers Dallas Mavericks All Completed Logos While spending the past few weeks social distancing, I've got back into making concepts. Today I'll be starting a series rebranding the NBA in alphabetical order.
  16. American Athletic Conference: Part I Cincinnati Bearcats East Carolina Pirates Houston Cougars Memphis Tigers SMU Mustangs South Florida Bulls Thanks for viewing, C&C is appreciated.
  17. Over the past few weeks when I haven't felt like working on my Sports Fan Fiction topic on AH Sports, I've been working on some college court concepts with a template I made: Now I've decided I want to redesign every college basketball court in alphabetical order by conference. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Let's begin with the first conference, the America East: Albany Great Danes Binghampton Bearcats Hartford Hawks Maine Black Bears New Hampshire Wildcats Stony Brook Sea Wolves UMass-Lowell River Hawks UMBC Retrievers Vermont Catamounts Thanks for viewing, C&C is appreciated.
  18. I also created a list of all 36 teams I'm planning on doing. There are a few teams I haven't chosen a nickname for yet. You can see 5 ideas I've came up with for each, but I'm open to other suggestions as well.
  19. HOUSTON ROCKETS The Rockets' new identity that was released a few days ago looked really good, so I didn't change too much from that. I got rid of all black from the identity and removed the thick stripe running down the side of the uniform. MIAMI HEAT The Heat's new look utilizes their old logo and the orange-yellow gradient on the uniforms. The Miami Vice stays as the home alternate. Thanks for viewing, C&C is appreciated.
  20. Thanks. As a Wizards fan I really don't like their nickname, so that will be changed. I do like their G-League affiliate's name "Capital City" so I may use that in place of Washington as well. As of right now my favorite idea I've came up with are the Capital City Commanders. Thanks, I didn't give Minnesota the Lakers name because I like the Timberwolves name, and I gave it to Cleveland because of Lake Erie. Thanks for the ideas, I already know I want to do teams for Vegas, Vancouver, and Seattle. I'm just doing a home/away for each team, and alternates when I feel like I created a good one. Maybe I'll do courts in the future, but I'm just doing uniforms and a primary logo for now. Keeping it moving, here are the: Chicago Bulls -> Chicago Zephyrs New York Knicks -> Manhattan Empire CHICAGO ZEPHYRS There was once a basketball team in Chicago called the Zephyrs, and since the Bulls have a classic look I don't want to mess with, they return to this old nickname in this rebrand (even though those Zephyrs are now the Wizards). The Zephyrs nickname pays homage to Chicago's nickname "The Windy City," and the use of the six-point stars is based on the Chicago city flag. The colors are drawn from the old-school Zephyrs. MANHATTAN EMPIRE The nickname "Empire" comes from New York State's nickname "The Empire State" and from the Empire State Building itself. The silhouette of the Empire State Building can be seen throughout the entire identity. The team's colors come from the NYC flag, just like the Knicks. Thanks for viewing, C&C is appreciated.
  21. Let's get it started with the Brooklyn Nets and newly named Cleveland Lakers. BROOKLYN NETS The Nets' new identity looks back to the days of the Brooklyn Dodgers baseball team, utilizing their blue and red color scheme. The new logo is one of the current secondaries with the old Dodgers B in place of the current one. CLEVELAND LAKERS The Lakers' design is based on the Cavaliers' current city edition uniforms. The shade of blue is new as well as the word mark and number fonts. The new logo uses the basketball from the old Cavaliers logos from 2003-2017 along with the jersey word mark (in the same place the text was in those logos). Thanks for viewing, C&C is appreciated.
  22. Today I will be starting my own NBA rebrand thread. I tried this a couple months ago but didn't get too far into it - I felt my designs weren't very good and the template I was using was meh. So I've been working on my design skills and now feel it is a good time to try this again. In this rebrand, each team will: Be made to look different. Each team will be receiving a brand new design that strays far from their current one. Get at least two uniforms. If I feel I can create an alternate design that looks good, the team will get one, but no more than two. Hopefully look good. Some teams will: Get a new nickname. This is because I think they could have a better one overall or that their current identity is a classic and shouldn't be messed with (ex. Boston & the LA Lakers will get new nicknames because the Lakers & Celtics' identities are classics and can't really be improved that much). Relocate. One I already know I will move is the LA Clippers, most likely to San Diego, because I don't want to design two LA teams. There will also be six new expansion teams (one for each division) just for fun. These will be done last (if I even get to them). I hope you enjoy.
  23. I'll try these when I revisit Wright State completely, right now I want to move on and get a few more teams completed. Thanks. Omaha and UMBC are my favorites so far, and I think it's because of how awesome their logos are for football helmets. Thanks, that was the goal. The icons are actually an idea I got from @oldschoolvikings's football template. They really are great. Let's move onto the next two teams - Denver Pioneers Denver's logo is a very simple inter-locking DU. So, I gave them a super simple set. UW-Green Bay Phoenix Green Bay gets a set that combines a Seahawks-like helmet with some Jets-like jerseys. Thanks for reading. As always, C&C is appreciated.
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