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  1. Houston: Apollo United FC Dallas: Lone Star United Montreal: Montreal Rouges FC New York: Five Burrows SC Philadelphia: Philadelphia Liberty FC Those are some I have come up with. Hopes it helps you out. I'm loving this series.
  2. Wait.. I though this was a joke. LA Giltinis? Who the h*** in MLR thought this was a good idea!? Oh god the Miami Vice color scheme looks tacky as heck. What is going on with MLR?
  3. I do you one better. Why isn't Breakers used anymore in sports. Seattle Breakers would be a awesome name and would be original in the NHL. I would love to see the nickname be used again in any sports.
  4. I'm getting some Lakers vibes with the Hammerheads uniforms. I still like Denver uniforms though.
  5. Rebels is a tricky one for me. For me, Rebels can mean something from Star Wars then Confederate soldiers. I like that the SEC trying to get help get rid of Mississippi state flag, I just think the team might need a makeover to remove the confederate pass in the school. (Personal Opinion (here comes the flack): I lie the Rebels nickname but wouldn't mind seeing an updated term with it.) Also adding to this is the Texas Rangers name. As someone who used to like the Texas Rangers (Thanks Walker, Texas Ranger...). I honestly can see why the team needs a new name. Personally I think Dallas Raiders or Texas something or other. Personally. It just the times are changing. If it getting better, we have to wait and see.
  6. Few things I want to add. 1: I miss ABC Sports and Keith Jackson commentating games for the network. Also his commentary in NCAA Gamebreaker is something I do enjoy now as an adult. 2: Speaking on Gamebreaker. I miss 989 Sports and Acclaim Sports. While I have a bad history of NFL Gameday 2002 (Bad controls and being a bit glitchy being two of the reasons). I used to love the NHL Face-Off series with NHL Face-Off 97 a personal favorite growing up. As for Acclaim, while I never played a lot of Quarterback Club, I did enjoy 2002 recently and wished they improved with another game. Still to be honest, SEGA Sports and EA were better growing up. Also miss SEGA Sports to be honest.
  7. I seen what they look at online. They just look bad to me. I guess a better example would be the LA Kings third jersey from 95 to 96 since that was worn. Also, yeah, I would actually. I like the AHL actually. I'm weird but I used to grew up watching the Houston Aeros on Fox Sports Southwest.
  8. MLB: New York Yankees (Deal with it) NFL: Los Angeles Rams (Was a fan of St. Louis Rams growing up..) NHL: St. Louis Blues (Switch from Blues from the NY Rangers. Growing up it was the Mighty Ducks) NBA: LA Clippers (Never had a true favorite but I like the underdogs so I go with the Clippers) MLS: Toronto FC (A tossup between them or Seattle but I like Toronto a bit more) NLL: Toronto Rock (Let's Rock!) MLL: Stopped supporting this league years ago but used to like the Boston Cannons Arena Football: Milwaukee Mustangs (I have their helmet as my profile pic) CFL: Ottawa RedBlacks (Missed the Renegades but this team is better in every way) Australian Rules: Western Bulldogs (Love the team song) Rugby Union: SupeRugby- Highlanders, English Premiership- London Irish and Harlequins, Pro14- Newport Dragons, MLR- Seattle Seawolves Soccer: EPL- Arsenals, A-League- Western Sydney Wanderers, J1 League- Kashima Antlers Honorable Defunct Teams: Hockey- Hartford Whalers and IHL/AHL Houston Aeros Basketball: Seattle SuperSonics Football: St. Louis Rams and the USFL Houston Gamblers Baseball: Montreal Expos
  9. Agree. I hate Sports Blackout Policies in general. Also like to add: I don't miss The Tennessee Oilers. Sounds horribly wrong to me. Dual-Use Stadiums. I never should think one stadium should be used for everything. Especially MLB and NFL dual use stadiums like Three Rivers Stadium or Astrodome. Still need to get rid of the Alamodome, despite not holding and MLB or NFL team, the stadium looks bad. Also hate it when MLS teams used NFL stadiums. Giants Stadiums or RFK Stadium should never be used for soccer and that is final. Also don't miss the first wave of third jerseys in the NHL. St Louis Blues Jazz Jersey is a nightmare to look at. If i had to wear it for my team I would be asked to be sent to another team or go to the AHL instead. I also hate the Buffalo Sabers Jerseys of the Late 2000's as well. Weird thing is that i love the prior one before it.
  10. Okay, I just thought of this awhile back. But I was considering something about School and University that need a name change or team nickname and fast. For me I have two schools and a university that need to update their image. For starter, my old High School, Douglass ISD and Jacksonville ISD (both based in East Texas) are nicknamed the Indians and I find it confusing and dumb. I never like the nickname and always called Douglass another team name like the Eagles or the Lions. As for Jacksonville, the city is known for their tomato festival. I never went to school in Jacksonville but I would rename them the Kings or something. As for the University. I like Stephan F. Austin Lumberjack Basketball team and their team name is fitting for the school. But I do not respect the name of the school since Austin promoted slavery. I actually like to see them rename the college but keep the Lumberjack name. (Sidenote, I would also drop the Ladyjacks nickname and rename them the Lumberjills instead.) What schools you guys been to and needed a new school name or team name. Honorable Mention: Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler, Texas needs to be renamed as well.
  11. Two ideas I had in my head for this topic. 1. What if the Baltimore CFLers (Stallions in 95) won the 1994 Grey Cup over the BC Lions. Maybe winning the 1995 one would help the CFL be popular that the Browns couldn't move to Baltimore? 2. What if the Mighty Ducks came back from behind in Game Seven to beat New Jersey to win the Stanley Cup?
  12. Well I will start a topic on this idea. But idk where to post it? Should it count as a concept or what?