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  1. I rarely seen any CPBL stuff compared to KBO and NPB. NPB used to be a bit easier for me to watch back in 2019 while KBO back in the 2015-16 used to have games posted on SpoTV YouTube channel. I used to archive them but after a recent dead drive, I no longer have them and I can't find them anywhere on YouTube... *sigh* Also, don't know if this was brought up yet but this article was shown on my Google News feed the other day. Think i will throw this is as well, the MLB needs to be sued. https://www.sfgate.com/athletics/amp/Why-were-Oakland-A-s-minor-league-players-served-16218376.php
  2. They are making it to what they believe is good for them. Not for the small cities, fan bases, or even the players and staff who work with the teams. I honestly now at the point that I wish I can watch the KBO again on ESPN. I really miss watching NPB games online... Atleast, in my opinion, are refreshing to watch over the MLB stuff (unless it the Pirates then it like watching baseball answer to New York Jets. Prove me wrong!).
  3. To me it was either the Edmonton Elks or the Edmonton Empire. I believe they made the right call here. Love that logo!
  4. I honestly didn't know that. Is it the only NCAA sport where that happen. Congrats to Sam Houston but what happened to the "State"?
  5. I knew that would happen. I honestly only bought two of their games. From what I played, it needed more time. I wasnt a fan of them but respected what they were doing. Sad seeing them closing, but it was bound to happen...
  6. Not joking but I'm kinda surprised we don't have a kickball world championship or something like it yet? Also, what is pickleball? I honestly never heard of it.
  7. Just wait another year, we might get something similar..Or even worse...
  8. Dude, the reason I said that was due to you bring it up so much. Relax okay?
  9. My head hurts reading this... Everything about this... Why?
  10. Dude I been on and off here for over a year or so. But I usually keep my opinions to myself, which is something I like to stop doing as I had people complain to me about stuff and when I tell them my though they get annoyed and walk off. (To be fair, I rarely comment on stuff here since I like seeing and reading other people thoughts on stuff. Basically I'm the Silent Bob of the forums). To be fair, I honestly find the name, and mostly the logo, as lame. But maybe it because I loved the Golden Knights logo and name so much I was expecting something more with Seattle. That's what I get for having my hopes up...
  11. Honest opinion, I actually hate the new uniforms for the movie. Not that I was looking forward to the sequel, despite me loving the original so much growing up, but the old uniforms are iconic for me (and others) growing up. I personally would just have an slight update to the old uniform and that would be it.
  12. I never heard of this before. I honestly love the jersey though, something I would buy actually.
  13. So I may be the odd one out (Maybe not idk?) but I really find the the Seattle Kraken to be a lame NHL name. It fine for something like the NLL or even Arena Football, but for the NHL, I was expecting something better. When I was a kid, I remember created a fictional hockey team from Seattle the Emerald Dragons. Maybe they had something else planned for the team name but the Kraken feels like a dud.
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