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  1. I doubt it. Either ND decided to join in before the game releases, or just be replaced by another school. I really could care less. I want teambuilder to be announced. Hopefully it wont become a joke.
  2. Well I mean for quick edits on roster and maybe a change here and there. Majority of edits and creations will be done on PC with TeamBuilder website.
  3. I also want to throw in the placement of team or conference logos on the uniforms. Instead of being in certain spots. I also would love to have more options in stadiums choices or maybe build your own stadium like in MVP Baseball 06 and 07 (when it used to be College Series) and even in older Madden when creating an team. The idea of making my own college stadium or at least having more customization in prebuilt stadiums would be great. Also something i thought, Instead of TeamBuilder creation tool being on PC, why not have it also in the console as well. Or something similar to update roster and make a few fixes. It would require some extra work but maybe in future games? I'm very happy that EA is doing this but I want TeamBuilder back so bad. I loved and enjoyed making my own teams and having them compete over and over again in CPU vs CPU matchups. I hope they release TeamBuilder first before the game comes out so I can create my new school idea. UVHR Breakers and Tyler University Dons coming to life in TeamBuilder would be a dream come true for me.
  4. There also Bally Astrocade console from the late 70's. I will miss Fox Sports tbh. But I like to see what Bally will do now.
  5. So does Mike Modano count. He played for the Minnesota North Stars I believe before team relocating to Dallas? That sadly the only person I can think if at this time. Sorry if I'm incorrect btw.
  6. Another fine example of a scam in my point of view. Let's look at the fact. 32 teams for a new league, what are they smoking? The site states it "will not" be a feeder /minor league or inferior to the NFL. They will have professional coaches, staff and players. Good luck finding people who willing to buy into this junk. I swear, this was made for laughs. If they was made to be serious, then it is sad.
  7. So in other word. It is a complete waste of time and only make things worse. MLB will reap in the money while completely screwing everyone over. I think this will end badly for baseball...
  8. Who else would drop out? Doubt the IL would leave due to the MLB needing a Triple A league.
  9. Haven't fully read the article. But It another chapter in the "Mafia League Baseball ruining fun stuff" story. Thoughts? Will update when I have the chance to finish the article. (update: The Atlantic are a joke. So I'm just curious now on how the MLB will react.)
  10. So with the MLL dead and the dead body being adsorbed into the PLL like Cell from DBZ. Only the Cannons got the offer to join the league or will other teams join in before the 2021 season? While I never been a big fan of the MLL, I hate that basically this would be treated as a relaunch for the Cannons (unless I miss something?). I like continuity dang it. Also, if the Denver Outlaws or New York Lizards or the other teams failed or be kicked out to the curb due to the merger, would the National Lacrosse League buy the trademark of said teams? Doubt it since the NLL Mammoths would kick the Outlaws to the curb. This feels like a misguided mess to be honest. Hopefully the Outlaws and maybe another MLL team or two could join to boost the league to 10 teams. Though given what going on, I doubt it.
  11. So if the four schools go to the WAC to reform the football conference. What will happen to Southland Conference? I do think they can managed but it will a tough road ahead.
  12. Woah.. I like the name but really hate the logo. That logo looks bad. I was expecting something a bit similar to the NPB Giants Logo from the 2000s (the one with the baseball player) but with colors that match the city other team (Ottawa RedBlacks). Wasn't expecting a rejected cartoon characters from the 1990s..
  13. Awesome. I remember the USFL story you did in the old Fan-Fiction section. I can't wait to see how the off season goes.
  14. Okay, so how does things look for the MiLB so far now with the MLB having their way? I honestly hate it that the San Antonio Missions (who I listen to on TuneIn Radio) is back in AA, but I know why and at least they are still around. But the whole thing with the reorganization of the minor league teams is a mess to put it bluntly. So, my question is, where the Independent and Summer Collegiate Leagues in all this? I have been following this as much as I can but I'm still lost on some of this.
  15. Gridby sounds better. But that's my opinion.