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  1. -Update- Sorry for no updates to the story as of now. Life been pretty crazy and i been too busy to do this story. I haven't given up but if i did, I would release a planned timeline of what important events happened and that would be it. I have planned out to at least continue the story till the year 2000 (in story). I honestly think I should step back and see if i wanna continue with it or not. As of now i honestly don't know..
  2. Well this was surprising and dang it is awesome. Seriously would love to have some of the jerseys from this league. Krilya Sovietov Dovetshin is my favorite and i want their jersey.
  3. Honestly have to agree with that. The NFL is the old reliable league that been around without much issues despite some of it controversy? I have the same feeling with the MLB and other league like it minor league system and even the ABL or NPB. While i watch or listen to them, mostly listen to the Minor League with tunein. I really can't abandon the MLB despite the games being longer then it was a decade ago or it strike from 1994. It is American past time for a reason. Gotta be honest. Before writing this I was arrogant toward the NFL due to it stupidity (some wont go away, like AB), I honestly did give it another thought and I do want the NFL to last. It kinda like if the WWE goes out of business, it will leave a giant size hole that probably never be recovered (although with AEW coming soon, who knows?) So in hindsight, i probably learned something by doing this. Which is honestly a good feeling. *checks how many people view the topic* Holy ****! Over a thousand. That honestly something i wasn't expecting. Thanks for it btw.
  4. Have no clue where that is? Never been the Michigan..
  5. Too optimistic in my point of view.
  6. Are you doing all three leagues at once or at different times? Or you doing the CDL every couple of years and do updates here and there, like the Dominion Cup Finals?
  7. I can see Vin Scully saying that. Or Chris Bermen when he used to do MLB Play by Play for ESPN.
  8. This is genius! Diobolic even. XD Give that hobo an award.
  9. Kinda surprised with the feedback. Honestly I only watch the NFL if a good game will be showing. Or if it the Cleveland Browns now.. Didn't need to mention the NCAA as it amateur but it worth mentioning them anyways. I still support the NCAA and still hope it will last. Finally someone gets it.. I know it isn't an "end all and be all" thing. I just wondering if it is a new golden age of American football. Just wanted to know who really want you guys think. That the thing. I have no NFL team near me but if the American Patriot League gets off then i will have Shreveport then I could go watch them. But the APL feels off to me and others here too. Don't get me wrong, I will like to live near a NFL or league team. It just that i don't. When i was a kid I was a Cowboys diehard. I liked Emmitt Smith and how he played back then. But as i grew older my interest moved from just the Cowboys though that just due to growing up. But honestly, if the APL actually make it to it first season and Shreveport plays a good game of football then i will go to Independent Stadium and watch. Only time will tell.. BTW, thanks for everyone who responded so far. Honestly I rarely rant about stuff so it helps to get it off my back. Um.. okay. Still thanks for at-least commenting
  10. I know but none really take that step for the future before falling from grace. Think the last last successful league to last a year or more was the United Football League. If we bring the CFL into the picture then I will consider myself wrong. As it stands, UFL lasted longer then the USFL at three and a half years.
  11. Forgot to add the CFL. They count as an alternative due to different rules and field of play. My mistake.
  12. Okay, never did a topic here but I need some guidance with this and maybe i can try to explain my case. Don't know if anyone did this or not but here my rant. Back in 2013 I heard about the A11FL or All-11 Football League. A league that tried to be different by changing the rules to allow anyone to catch the ball or something like that. I was really gearing up for it and ready to support the return of the Tampa Bay Bandits since I love the logo and the original team anyways. But then out of nowhere it died due to lack of funds and creative differences. It is a werid trend of leagues either trying to be the top dog or being a minor league feeder system to the NFL. We had MLFB (Major League Football) and it failed to start. I know the UFL and XFL 1.0 did get off the ground but failed to last. Either by not being able to fund the league or just being bad and sometimes unwatchable. Then last year, a shimmer of hope debut. The Alliance of American Football was announced and sure enough it debut just a month back. But then almost quickly died due to funds. I'm glad it was saved but now i have an issues. I know stadium attendance is an issue, which is one of my problems with playing early spring time football. But sadly I might get attacked for the next two reason. One is that the NFL pretty much dominate to the point where no one really cares about another league. In the age of the internet there so many things we can watch and sports is one of them. I could watch Arena Football League (which is a minor issue i have with American football), or the Canadian Football League or other sports. I watch rugby or baseball or even soccer from leagues in Germany and England. Point is that there other things we could be watching then spring time football. Plus the NFL is really stubborn in learning and adapting for a new generation of fans. Concussion and stupid stuff that the players do on their off time is a problem and yet the owners don't want to deal with it or don't care. But with the XFL 2.0, Freedom Football League or the American Patriot League, think i missing a few also... There more opportunity for players and fans to watch american gridiron football outside of the NFL. This is to me the an Renascence of Alternative American Football. I am not saying it a bad thing, far from it. I want it to happen to help grow the game and give players it dues. But it makes me wonder how long it will last before the bubble burst. With soccer growing (MLS is growing in popularity, despite to me not being a huge fan of it. the recent but finally resoved issues with Columbus Crew SC bring to like the USSA and sports in the American biggest problems), it a matter of time before something slips and one of the other popular sports takes the NFL spot at number 1. But i will like to ask you guys a question. What league will you support in 2020 and beyond. Either the older, well establish National Football League or the alternative leagues? I honestly want to hear what everyone says about it. I been bothering me for a long time and never got a chance to explain it to anyone. Hope you guys provide feedback and I will respond the best i can. Thanks for reading and have a great day.
  13. Alright time for something different. I decided to recreate the PSFL Football League Logo. Never heard of it? Neither did I until years ago. This was a failed league that almost started in 1992. Sad to see it failed to launch bit at least the league and team logos survived. Might do it here for consistency but if people want to I will make a new thread for it. Anyway here is the League logo. And here is my version: Pretty much a upgraded version of it with the green (Astroturf color) as the background instead of white. Here the logo itself: Any feedback will be nice. Honestly wished this league survived a lot longer then they did. Thanks for reading.
  14. Really sad.. But they caused it to them self. That's why I'm still waiting for Maximum Football 19 info to see if i want to get it this year or wait till later. Still be cheaper then Madden anyways, and has a create a team option anyways.
  15. I just found this league and thread today.. Oh god what the heck did i get myself into. The league logo looks really bad. Also found the team list. Houston, Texas: Why? The city will have an XFL team, So you just basically going to fail in the market. Mobile, Alabama: Okay, not a bad choice. Almost had a PSFL team before it died a quick death. (wonder who will do a "what is" story with that league?) Canton, Ohio: Dumb and also the championship game to be contested there? Wonder who will tune it to watch it. Probably me while drinking a few beers. Dayton Beach, Florida: Actually a good rival to Mobile and Houston. Good choice but again who will watch it? Sacramento, California: Wow.. you pushing it on this one. Seriously why that far? The teams are mostly in east and south eastern USA so that a far ways to play a game? Even the CFL had issues with it with the USA Experiments. Just no.. also to awnser your question @neo_prankster, Probably people who were forced or had no choice in going. and finally.. Shreveport, Louisiana: Please.. anywhere from here. I live near Shreveport (about less then 90 miles to and from Shreveport). Shreveport never really get to keep a football team for long. Thinking the Pirates are the longest one Outdoors? Might be the only team actually to play football outdoors. But seriously, I don't care what the team will be called but I probably will hate it. If they resurrect the Shreveport Pirates I probably lose it. That leaves two unannounced teams. I be waiting to see what they will be called. For now i need relax. Thanks for reading.