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  1. It been a long time since I played Persona or SMT.. How the heck did I get that reference? Also the Power Rangers jersey looks dumb. I will take one of each ranger please..
  2. Is this concept art for a new story or just for fun? Either way I'm interested to see the teams for the RHL. Also I love that the Rhein Rhythm logo is being reused. Sad that the WLAF story ended but at least the logo can live on. I can't wait to see more of this league concept art.
  3. Fair enough. I heard some horror stories about the stadium location and the city being pretty bad. I just thought it would be better since it was smaller and smaller venues would be better the XFL for right now. So question, what about the other stadiums? I don't live in Philadelphia so idk about Franklin Field or the others.. What would be the best stadium for Philly XFL team?
  4. Bit early for my liking but Philadelphia would make a good home for an XFL team. I would have them play at Lincoln Financial Field then the other two stadiums. though, why couldn't they use the Talen Energy Stadium? Does ask the question a bit early, where are they gonna place a team next. Personally wish San Diego will be next.
  5. Fair enough..
  6. Which makes me wonder something. Why the heck is Summer Football not a thing? I know Baseball and Soccer might be an issue but it would make more sense. They don't have to worry about the CFL at all and still play for 10 weeks while fans would not have to freeze their butts off watching Spring (more like still Winter) Football. I don't know. But summertime would make more sense to me as a fan of american football the springtime football.
  7. I thought I was the only one who noticed that. It weird. Last week they were almost packed. Wonder how many New York Guardians fans will show up in MetLife Stadium next time they have a home game?
  8. Kinda have to disagree now with the XFL debuting tomorrow. For me it not a month but it the combination of two months, mid July to mid August. Don't ask me why but I hated this time of the year for me as an sports fan. It kinda weak for me as a sports fan.
  9. The old one atleast looks nice. The proposed new one looks generic as hell.
  10. Idk why that has to be a thing with sports teams from Texas. I'm from Texas and I think it weird.
  11. I remember when Stephen F. Austin almost change the logo for the school athletic programs but was shot down hard. It looks so generic as hell. Glad the students shot it down before it became official. Original Article:
  12. The AAF was more like glorified minor league football. Kinda reminds me of the WLAF but limited to America. Honestly was better then D3 football but that's it.
  13. I am gonna say it now and say it again. I hate it when arena leagues (AFL, NLL and others different sports leagues) starts blaring music during the game. The NHL doesn't do it. Why they have to do it. It sucks if you wanna watch the games on sites like YouTube and it get blocked due to that crap. If I ran a league, I sure as hell would stop that crap from happening. For me, it makes going to games upsetting as the music hurts my ears. I remember going to an SFA game in Nacogdoches and I left during halftime due to the music hurting my ears to the point I felt sick. Maybe that's why I rather watch games at home then at stadiums... On the subject of the riptide jerseys. Meh is meh. I miss the Saints to be honest. I love the logo they had and I wish someone would revive the franchise from retirement. I do like the side logo, wish that was the official chest logo for home. Speaking of home jerseys being colored. I wish the NHL didn't start that... I blame them on making it happen that the NBA follow suit.
  14. I know I'm kinda late replying to this thread. But this year Playoffs are probably the most insane one in years. Feels like we are in Madden and it kinda crazy. Also, I'm betting that that the Titans will make it back to the Super Bowl.
  15. Wow.. that creepy. That "thing" looked like it came from a low budget horror movie from the 1980's.