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  1. Hope you get to do the New York Saints jerseys too?
  2. Loving this series. Love the Corinthians SC logo. Reminds me of the Detroit City FC logo from the NPSL.
  3. Yeah just notice that. Yeah the site needs to be updated to fix that. Sorry, though it was something that the main AFL site did.
  4. I knew this would happen. Honestly the players would have to travel more to play games for a team who isn't giving a care for the players. This idea of splitting a team home games up to two places isn't great to begin with. But to have them play in Canada isn't a good idea also. It feels rush as heck.
  5. Facebook page or website? I just looked at the website and I see the current team that are playing logos.
  6. Sorry. I been wonder that for awhile now. Just had to get it off my chest.
  7. Yep. Even then, Green Bay is the smallest city with a NFL team. So it doesn't matter if it small, as long as there a good stadium suitable for football (Alamo Dome) and a good following who love the sport (this is Texas after all). I think San Antonio should have a team. I believe the reason why is more due to to the other Texas teams in the NFL. I'm not really a fan of Jerry Jones to be honest despite saving the team and winning Super Bowls in the 1990's. But I do think his ego needs to go away. San Antonio would probably have a team much sooner if Jerry would just go along with it. Heck, i still believe that he wanted the Raiders in LV so that San Antonio wouldn't compete against his "American Team". Las Vegas is a cool place, but I think it way too soon to have major sports leagues hoping on the hype train. The Golden Knights is only 2 years old and it should be more of a wait and see if the city can keep a team or not. Also, given how the new stadium in Vegas is causing problems for the city already ( It would be a matter of time before the whole LV Raider thing falls on it butt and cost the city the money it needs. Even if the city can help the team, how much you wanna bet the team packs up shop to San Antonio or even Oakland? What I am saying is that this is still a giant gamble on the NFL and for the Raiders. For me, it needed more time and a city like San Antonio would have been a good home for the Raiders, even if it was temporary, it can still be a good test for them. Now, I should active my VPN setup and be running for the hills. I think Jerry Jones and his hit squad are getting ready to take me out now.
  8. *sigh* Sad but true.. Still hate it though.
  9. What about the ECHL? I always hated the minor league system in American sports btw. It really dumb. Only sports I can see getting away with it is Baseball. Wish relegation was a thing... Probably need to do a new topic on this but it a massive issue with sports in America.
  10. Then watch AEW or New Japan. But to be honest, WWE and wrestling as a whole isn't a sport in general. It entertainment to say at least. It was created to bring people in who didnt want to watch a long a amateur wrestling match. People wanted excitement, so the gold dust trio (look them up) help made wrestling as it is today. Also I'm adding amateur to the list of sports that I get but don't care for.
  11. Orlando and San Antonio need a good football teams. They been screwed for far too long with crap alternatives that failed them. Hopefully maybe the XFL 2.0 or NFL can help them.
  12. I seen so many accounts with the ASFL name. Even I used it but the "S" standing for simulation since I was using NCAA Football 14. I should look into reviving it someday... Point still stands. I want more proof that it is not another proof-of-concept league.
  13. It sound fun but I have issue with myself using guns, personal issues. Except in video games where it okay!
  14. Commenting here again. Does hunting count as a sport? If so then I will add it to my list of sports I don't care for.
  15. Another league?! By this rate everybody will have a football league... So I wonder if I should look into this league as well. Doubt they do anything and probably run away when they find out it not worthwhile. So no word on the APL. Not surprised to be honest. -edit- On second thought after seeing their Twitter account...