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  1. Yet still own a 14 game lead in the all-time series. +6 more conference championships. Over 2x as many appearances in the Rose Bowl. + this
  2. So did I, and the NHL Seattle group could certainly avail themselves of this palette and come out with a very sharp set.
  3. Love love seeing the Blue & Yellow again for the Mariners and want to see them go back to it full time.
  4. A SoDo basketball arena is still a possibility. Also, That said, please Basketball Gods when we get our team back it’s SuperSonics and Green & Yellow not Green, Red with Yellow.
  5. Nike and classic looks only very rarely mix well together (Bama, USC, Texas!. I almost never say anything nice about Oregon, but this was a great look (also would be fine with the angry Donald logo on the helmet).
  6. Other than this set and the set we wore in 2000, Nike’s UW uniforms have been a travesty. Vegas Gold is a fancy way of saying Khaki and needs to be sent to the grave. Black sleeves on the purple home jersey is even worse. Adidas has some big misses, but rumors are they’re going the traditional route for UW.
  7. Yep. The SuperSonics will return and not as a Hockey team.
  8. The T-Birds used to play in the arena being renovated before moving to Kent
  9. USC and UCLA don’t share a home field. Shared major metro area yes, but field no. SC plays in the LA Coliseum and UCLA (obv) plays in the Rose Bowl.
  10. Great stuff. Please don’t do the Thunder’s Legacy is the SuperSonics. OKC doesn’t get Seattle’s history.
  11. I’d love to see a return to the Half-round skyline logo vs S that’s on both free throw lines.
  12. I want a white Sounders hockey jersey now. Any chance we could see a blue 3rd jersey?
  13. UW doesn’t use that logo anymore (Thank God). I still have nightmares about the Weasel.