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  1. gonna try to get some info on the uniforms. OTA hat is the first sign of the Shield being used as the Primary.
  2. Padres ST uniforms are indeed the ones with SD on the left breast.
  3. I would be very, very intrigued by a Padres set, unfortunately I don't think we'll ever see one. damn the San Diego curse.
  4. so bummed that we finally switch full time to brown and they come out with this garbage. was really really hoping for something good. not only are they not good, it looks like there's a damn swastika in the Padres hat. unbelievable.
  5. when you say Rams fan and Chargers fan, you mean their respective All Pro defensive backs, right? not that i'd expect someone with a Rams name, avi & sig to know that.
  6. Padres hat. this has been the worst new uniform rollout i've ever seen. you can't buy the jerseys and there's one damn hat. figure it out Padres.
  7. and he says they were specifically told the White uniforms are in honor of Randy Jones but when asked if those are the ST unis he says "maaaaaybe". that's them. I honestly thought that's what our regular season brown uniforms would look like but i'm definitely not complaining, ST jerseys are muuuuuch cheaper than their regular season counterparts. now just need to see the hats!
  8. possible Padres ST uniforms.
  9. that Blue Jays hat is solid. really, really hoping the Padres one is ok.
  10. love the new material, don't love the new designs. would rather have patch on the side and the secondary inside the primary looks like a fashion cap. ugh.
  11. oh no...I was so excited to see the first Padres ST uniforms in the new colors but not with hats like that...don't put our wordmark in the glorious Friar please.
  12. wait, what about the Knights?
  13. I think my point is, that casual fans won't stop watching because of all these new uniforms. they'll look at them and be like, those are stupid, and keep watching.
  14. let's be honest. how much do "casual" fans even matter anymore?