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  1. wow, do we really have the 2nd most Hall of Famers during that time period? crazy to even think about.
  2. the Orioles? they aren't going anywhere.
  3. everything in that Rockies concept is horrific. As a Padres fan and playing them 10+ times a year, like the pinstripes, ok with the road, purple is alright, but that damn black uniform is so annoying to see, seems like that's all they wear when they play here.
  4. born & raised San Diegan. the 98 pinstripes are my favorite uniform the Padres have ever worn. was very bummed when orange was eliminated early on in the focus group process. and @Teal, apparently the home uniform is a pinstripe uniform, which makes me very, very happy.
  5. big time bummer. my father just passed and he's from Massachusetts, have very fond memories of that logo from going back there and watching Sox games with him over the past couple years.
  6. apparently Manny Machado requested to see the new uniforms before his signed this past offseason.
  7. from what i've heard, the home uniform is pinstripes.
  8. ugh, was looking forward to getting a couple Authentics of the new Pads uniforms but idk with them being flex base still. that tail just doesn't look right when a fan is wearing it.
  9. word is the home uniform has pinstripes...and a different font than what is on the current uniforms.
  10. big time bummer that the yellow seats are gone. iconic look imo. now it just looks like every other arena.
  11. you're correct, they're gold to celebrate the championship.
  12. Chargers going with new primary logo next year, haven't heard anything re: uniforms.
  13. also, as per the orange discussion. orange was included in early focus groups and quickly phased out.
  14. that's not what i'm talking about, i'm talking about owning OC. these 3 years should have been spent solidifying the OC fanbase instead of alienating San Diego and fighting for LA.