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  1. Padres ST cap https://twitter.com/b19brownmachine/status/1357148691778465793?s=21
  2. you've gotta be kidding me, those hats were panned even by casual fans, I can't believe they're running them back. has to be related to the pandemic.
  3. and a football team called the Raiders.
  4. they've been working on The Last Dance for years, I can't believe only one team had the foresight to see a 90's era jersey would be a hit right now.
  5. i cannot cite my sources but i mentioned last training camp that there would be a new Bolt and possible new uniforms.
  6. there's a couple things you're missing. A. the Chargers have a strong fanbase in Mexico because of the time in SD and proximity to the border. B. that fanbase in TJ would be deeply loyal to a team in Mexico City, I think you're severely underestimating the pride the whole country would have for any team that moved there. C. for the price of a parking pass to StubHub Center, or probably less than the cost of a parking pass to the new stadium, you can fly round trip from Tijuana to Mexico City.
  7. Mexico City is best case for the Chargers. there was a strong Chargers contingent down there for the game this year, you keep the Tijuana fanbase/win back the ones who left, and possibly win back some of the old San Diego fans. you play in a rabid environment with an extreme homefield advantage, and not only do you get out of sharing a stadium, you get a whole country to yourself.
  8. gonna try to get some info on the uniforms. OTA hat is the first sign of the Shield being used as the Primary.
  9. Padres ST uniforms are indeed the ones with SD on the left breast.
  10. I would be very, very intrigued by a Padres set, unfortunately I don't think we'll ever see one. damn the San Diego curse.
  11. so bummed that we finally switch full time to brown and they come out with this garbage. was really really hoping for something good. not only are they not good, it looks like there's a damn swastika in the Padres hat. unbelievable.
  12. when you say Rams fan and Chargers fan, you mean their respective All Pro defensive backs, right? not that i'd expect someone with a Rams name, avi & sig to know that.
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