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  1. Good idea but the logo is too long. Also, try to add a second color, maybe gray?
  2. There are barely any extra costs, helmets are light and easy to pack so they dont take up much space, socks too. Jerseys weigh a litte but not enough to make a difference.
  3. An extra helmet can easelly fit into the players' equipment bag, so can the other pair of socks and a shell for the pants if needed The jerseys can be folded up into an extra players bag or a crate like some teams do
  4. NHL: Team chooses whether to wear colored or white at home, away team wears a jersey of different color, can be color on color. Can help to enforce an identy. Examples: Winnipeg can go with white jerseys to build on their White Out brand and the flames can wear red at home to fulfill their motto of C of Red. Everybody's happy
  5. Looks good! What font did you use for Houston's numbers?
  6. For our next team we head to the southwest and stop in Switzerland for HC Ambrì-Piotta. I have the same problem with their jerseys that I have with all Swiss National League Jerseys. They are all covered in ads that are not recolored to fit with the team. Just splashed on there. Ambrì-Piotta has a nice idea with their jerseys but the ads ruin them totally. I liked the yoke so I kept it, and then I simplified the arm and hem stripes. Let me know what you think! What team would you like to see next?
  7. For the next team we head South to Poland and last year's Extraliga champions GKS Tychy. The striping in this set is takesn from the logo with the green, black & red with gold borders to unify them all. What team would you like to see next? C&C Appreciated
  8. The Champions Hockey League is rising in popularity in Europe. Teams are seeded by League level with the best leagues having most teams in the tournament. One thing that does stick out every year is the awful templated jerseys made by Warrior. They create 4-5 differet templates and then recolors them for every team, then the teams pick what design they go with. They also cover an entire arm with one advertisement. I moved that to one shoulder like Adidas did with the WCoH Jerseys. One good thing that Warrior did do was to place the country of the team's flag in the collar pentagon, I moved it tp work as a hanger effect instead and kept the pentagon to the CHL logo. Adidas is booming is the hockey jersey industry, starting with the NHL and starting to work with new collegiate teams every year. In this tread I'm imagening the CHL with jerseys created by Adidas with the adizero template. Starting of with one of last years SHL finalists Djurgårdens IF from Stockholm, Sweden. They are the oldest continuous hockey team in Sweden. Therefor I wanted to keep their jerseys as classic as I could while still updating the look to fit the AdiZero Template C&C Appreciated
  9. The first two picture of the temporary outdoor rinks are from a game in Sweden in 2012. The same structure was used for another outdoor game with other teams (see Villa Långbers Arena) that temporary stadium had a capacity of about 17,5k
  10. Why have you not used the C from the logo to form the C in Carolina and Copperheads on the jerseys?
  11. I really like the Yotes concept. However the thinner stripes are too thin and would not be noticed from a distance