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  1. That Georgia Rebolution logo is incredibly similar to the Austrian lacrosse logo. Not sure who was first tho. The Austria logo was uploaded to their Facebook in 2010
  2. I think you should shorten the length of the H in the logo. Also, the logo and numbers are very big. But overall a great start!
  3. I think you should bring back the double grey stripes for MN. Also, name them the Minnesota Loons like mentioned above.
  4. It looks good but the primary logo is a bit simple. I live the idea but compared to the other logo’s it’s a bit plain. Try adding some outlines, maybe a darker shade of the logo color to get even more of a fauxback feeling.
  5. That’s an amazing redo! Looking forward to MN!
  6. Looks great! What font did you use for Tampa? It relly works for them!
  7. That's Amazing!
  8. Oh wow haha! Great minds think alike I guess! The white or gray pants became the only white or gray on the home since everything else is black. Therefore it just stook out rather than beeing part of the design