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  1. I like your (and I mean this sincerely) thoughtful response, and mild snark. It's refreshing. Thanks for the explanation of your objectives - it makes sense. Laziness is often underrated. I agree with you that the pullover era had some of the best uniforms of all time (the Phillies powder blue and maroon road unis, and the Astros Tequila Sunrise jersey come to mind right away), so my thoughts on the piping weren't meant to be complete condemnation of the era, just that I didn't feel like they fit with the Cardinals look. I also think the jerseys from that era, more than any other uniforms from any other era, have designs and stylistic elements that just don't work outside of a throwback uniform night. For example, I dig the powder blues, the racing stripes/piping/arm trim, but I can't imagine a modern team returning to that look with the way current uniforms are worn in the big leagues. They just don't look good if uniforms aren't skin tight, and as I'm sure you've notice, that is not how players wear them these days. Obviously, there are no blue Cardinals, but the navy cap has been a part of the Cardinals catalogue since the early 1940s. Blue, be it navy caps or the uniforms themselves, was a primary part of the Cardinals road uniforms every year from 1942-2012, with the exception of 1965-1973, and 1985-1991, and of those years without navy/blue being part of the road uni, only six seasons did not feature SansABelt Pants and Double Knits. Now, like I said, for the navy cap to work, it must be worn with red sleeves. A hastily compiled/unedited set of examples: I think the navy cap and belt is a fantastic balance to the amount of bright red the Cardinals wear. I also really like the distinction between "Home" and "Road" caps/uniforms. A lot of the current Cardinals have taken to wearing navy sleeves when they do wear the navy caps, and it's just not a look that works for me. Example: I don't know. I'm tired and rambling. Keep up the good work, though. I have enjoyed the series, and will keep my eyes peeled for the rest.
  2. I can appreciate the effort and the spin on this uniform, and I am glad to see that the ugly Cream Colored Saturday Home Alternate unis they have in their current rotation is gone with this design, but I have to say this one is a hard "Hell No" from me. As a Cardinals fan, I can assure you this uniform set would never fly in The 'Lou. I completely understand that this is just for :censored:s and giggle, so please forgive me for being harsh here... Getting rid of the Birds on the Bat for the St. Louis Cardinals is like getting rid of the interlocking "NY" for the Yankees, or the "G" for the Green Bay Packers - there are some aspects of certain uniforms you just don't mess with. In 1956, the Cardinals did something similar to what you tried to do with the home uniforms, and the fans revolted, and rightly so. The birds were restored the following year, and have stayed there ever since. The piping/trim on the pants and the jerseys is a no-go, for me. When I see that on a Cardinals uniform, I think SansABelt Pants and Double Knit pullovers. Not a good look. The "STL" logo used has the Flat Cornered "T" instead of the Angled Corner "T." It's a small detail, but it makes a big difference. The Angled Corner "T" is a much better look. I cannot get behind either of the alternates. The white one with the "STL" logo and the updated Slugger Bird cap is boring and quite ugly, and the Red alternate top looks like a Little League jersey to me. In fact, I'm almost positive one of my brothers got a jersey that looks nearly identical to that in one of those "Kids Baseball Uniform" boxed sets about 15 years ago. I, and this is admittedly a very personal bias, absolutely hate the red caps being paired with the Cardinals road uniform. I strongly believe the Cardinals road uniform looks best with their navy cap that features a red STL, a navy belt, red shoes, and red under sleeves. I wouldn't have an enormous problem with the road uniforms saying "St. Louis," but again, the birds on the bat needs to be there. The idea of updating "Slugger Bird" has potential, but essentially just placing the current logo's head on the old version makes it look creepy to me.