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  1. Here's a look at Iowa's new uniform. Looks like the Memphis Grizzlies' template. A definite upgrade over their last uniform.
  2. Gold bottoms in my mouth = a grill. Go yell at a cloud, old man.
  3. NBA has 16 unique franchises with championships since the NBA-ABA merger(1976), where as the NHL has 19 in the Stanley Cup era(1915). NFL has 20 different teams with championships in the Super Bowl era(1966). Just added their 20th this year(Eagles). So parity isn't really a problem. But one NBA team can be lifted for years by one superstar(Russell, Jordan, Duncan etc) and stay in contention for much longer than an NFL or NHL team, due to there only being 5 players on the court and the fact that the superstar plays both ways.
  4. A look inside Nike's HQ when they added the black side panel:
  5. Unfortunately they've gone the other way and made it the main font for all sports. I really hate it.
  6. Michigan State's Font: Iowa's Font: They're different, but not that far apart. I hate the notched font, and I wish Iowa would keep the block numbers.
  7. Disagree. If they had gold numbers they'd look like Mizzou.
  8. Looks like Iowa is switching from block numerals to their own number font that they've used for their blackout uni's and basketball uni's. A small change, but I hate it.
  9. Actually the Celts are seeing as how they have the most championships and don't f*** with a classic jersey that needs no changes. Celts will be adding a couple more 'ships before the Lakers, book it