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  1. Honestly I personally think we’re all overthinking it. Yea the clippers are using that San Andreas like font but what else indicates that they’re trying too hard? How could they be trying hard if it looked like the designers took a couple of minutes to design the uniforms? All the clippers have been doing are leaning towards more black which is great because they’re balancing out the rwb theme. The new court looks amazing. They made the clippers logo all black on the court because a lot of us hated it for how the colors clashed.
  2. Tweaked the new clippers city edition jerseys. I felt like there wasn’t enough black so I made the arm holes black. And I moved up the Los Angeles wordmark since it was a bit too low and changed the number font (it was a quick random font I found in attempt to match the Los Angeles wordmark) also the most noticeable change was adding the map lines which is inspiration from the court. Also added blue and red similar to how the original looked. Old: new:
  3. I dig the clippers jersey. But I feel like there should have been more emphasis on the black. Like black arm holes and black trim on the shorts. And also complete that black belt without the empty square
  4. Loving the new Mavericks court. It’s definitely a lot sleeker and not as “in your face” from last year. The contrast between the inside arc and outside looks great too. Also like the big logo. And thank goodness they finally changed the lighting it looks so much better and even better on this new darker court. Surprisingly the American Airlines logo looks kinda good too
  5. Looking at the new clippers court in game it’s definitely an improve from last year however I feel like there’s too much contrast between the grey map lines. And I would have liked a more matte black color. But everything else looks great especially the all black clippers logo and 50 year court stain
  6. you’re probably wondering “isn’t this just a jersey swap” no. I use the same Nike template base and made the collars to fit that base. In the original jerseys back in 2008-12 the template was different so collar sizes were different and so were ad patches along with tailoring. I recolored the pelicans jersey he originally wore in the pic. Then I added the lines and shaded them and flexed them a little for more realism. Then I drew on the collars and shaded them like how the original pic did. I added the numbers and wordmark and did the same.
  7. Not a big fan of last nights warriors vs lakers matchup. I know white signifies the home team but it didn’t look right having the warriors such yellow court with the lakers such yellow uniforms (which shouldn’t be that yellow in the first place) I wish the league could do something about away teams wearing the home teams court colors. Like in this case make the lakers wear their purple
  8. As weird as this sounds I was hoping the new nets court would be “greyer” and have less of a tint like a steel grey. As I’m looking at highlights I see it really still resembles a wood color but just slightly less “bright” if that makes any sense. It’s kinda like an ashy grey wood color while in other pictures it looked like full out grey
  9. I like the streetball vibes of it. I just wish it was an alternate court or something to match their statement jerseys. Because I really loved their original court. It was a top 5 in the league in my opinion. That dark wood with the black and white lines was just perfect.
  10. Possible new slogan for the pelicans? also I can’t help but think that’s the mavericks font
  11. Seems confirmed true looking at this video of coach Alvin Gentry talking. Which means rip to the 2018-19 court which had a lighter wood and darker stain
  12. Similar to the rockets edit, I believe the hornets needed a sharpness to their uniforms. So I changed the arm holes and shorts trimmings to the collar color. Before: After:
  13. You’d figure their blue jerseys would say Sixers in the regular non cursive font. Phila on the red jerseys look good imo.
  14. Just wish they could add some white trimmings or a design on the side. It seems like jerseys now are just becoming tank tops with a text. No art no passion or symbolism in the designs. Like I could buy me a black tank top from Walmart and iron press a Brooklyn template
  15. That is a casual fans worst nightmare. All those stats taking up the screen