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  1. Raptors city edition court. "Less chevrons more claws" is the theme i'm going for here. favorite touch here is the gold border i did that has the little scratch marks like their jerseys
  2. all this all star and earned jersey talk and i'm just wondering when the raptors will wear their city jerseys. this is the latest i've seen a city jersey take to debut even over the pelicans who used to do seasonal mardi gras jerseys
  3. i'm pleasantly surprised. i would have thought the nba would just bring out a plain court like they did for the bubble for this years game
  4. i actually kinda dig it im a sucker for color v color matchups but guess that's just me
  5. really? i thought it was the teams that choose. cause i know when nike took over they said home team chooses whatever jersey etc etc. why would the nba (not nike?) waste their time choosing what jersey for each team to wear all 82 games? i thought all they did was tell teams "hey go choose whatever jerseys u wanna wear just meet the required amounts"
  6. home team decides what to wear and away team just follows along and chooses a contrasting jersey. so it's mainly the hawks fault here, but it became the thunders problem since obviously the hawks wouldn't bring a second set of unis so the thunder were the ones that had to change lol i mean unless you constantly remember previous orange/red matchups it doesn't sound too bad on paper so they probably just overlooked it. i think it would have worked if it was the heat though since they're a slightly darker red.
  7. the pattern for the nets jersey is way more prominent than i was expecting. i would have prefer it to be less noticeable imo and go went for a darker look. the brick pattern on the trim is smart though
  8. thank u! and sure that's actually a great idea (i could see the blazers using something similar like this since they're currently using a similar striped court this season)
  9. Since today is mardi gras here is my pelicans mardi gras court remastered. there's not much difference but it's as high quality as it can get. i actually had to "make" the pelicans font myself since it was nowhere to be found the closest i could find was the geared font to which i made little tweaks to each and every letter to get the wordmarks. and the lines are as sharp as they can get
  10. blazers unis debuted tonight and i must say they're pleasant to the eyes. i don't get why some people dislike them so much. yes i know "brown weird jerseys bad" but idk something about the brown just brings it all together. it's not like it's an ugly shade of brown. it's a nice wood brown. and the side stripes add some nice color that work pretty well (flashy red court kinda takes the spotlight tho)
  11. another magic court i was running out of ideas and remembered a while ago the Magic had galaxy jerseys
  12. what irks me so much is when a home team is going all out with their city edition jerseys with a matching court and everything and then the away team just wears a white uniform. i love color vs color matchups. i love them even more when the home team is going all out with a city uni and a matching court. kinda ruins it when the away team just wears their white uniform. example: today's spurs vs warriors game. would have loved to see a black vs blue or yellow matchup
  13. i already said this before but i don't get how teams like the cavs wake up and make new courts every year for jerseys that don't even need a new court but the lakers can't make a blue court for their two blue themed jerseys.
  14. some orange madness lol. similar to the old heat court i made i minimilized the use of black so the colors can really pop. had to make it feel as "fresh" as possible unlike what they have currently which kinda just feels more like halloween than anything and you know me, i just had to include the skyline especially when they have disney world