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  1. Im betting that they'll be making the statement editions green like the earned editions they had. Hoping that's the case
  2. I liked it when it was only the hornets who wore the Jordan logo. They've always been the "cool" team to me with their color logo and uniform. Then on top of that being the only team with a Jordan logo I just thought that was pretty cool. Sad that that's no more
  3. Wish they painted the border and key. Add some life to it. I was thinking either black since that's a neutral color or red and blue like the nba logo
  4. I really hope they bring back the peach tree jerseys for next season. I love the fact that design wise they look the same as these new ones with the piping and stripes. They're really uniform with these uniforms
  5. Thank you guys Here's a court concept for the Atlanta Hawks based on their new jersey leak. (Stripes on the bottom is a nod to the stripes on the new jerseys)
  6. Wow the reactions here are so much different from what I've seen in other threads and other social media. Heard people say they liked what the hawks have now but also like this new one. Guess the hawks look is pretty controversial no matter what As for me I don't mind it, but the way the hawks have branded themselves for the last 5 years I can't help but to still see them as the "futuristic" team if that makes any sense. With the techno looking triangles and neon volt. Now they're going for a more classic look. It's a full 180 turn
  7. Now that I think about it why don't the Jazz turn their city editions into their statements? Since the gold jerseys are so disliked and then that way the beloved city editions can stay, just under a new category. Plus they're a similar color
  8. Pleasantly surprised by how the pelicans aren't wearing red in the majority of these games. I would have thought with only 8 games left in the regular season they'd be wearing their most popular jerseys the most.
  9. ^--repost from the 20/21 changes thread. Possible rebrand for the pelicans?
  10. Also this: hinting at some major changes? So maybe a full set change rather then a city edition change?
  11. Looks like a change in sponsor for the pelicans next season aswell as a New Jersey. Could this possibly be the first time the pelicans break the annual Mardi Gras tradition that's been dating back since 2010? (Assuming they're using it for the city editions)
  12. Not sure if already addressed but what's the jersey schedule looking like now with the new schedules coming out?
  13. To be fair, those town jerseys paid homage to Oakland and it was gonna be their last game in Oakland so I guess they had to dress for the occasion (assuming you're talking about game 6)
  14. Whatever they do with the New Jersey's I hope they use that little triangle banner thing on the back of the jersey above the name. I don't know why but I love it and it just fits the raptors so well
  15. I like purple but I feel like it should be kept as alternates. That's what makes them feel special to me I don't wanna see them full time then it loses its specialty (unpopular opinion Ik). And I feel like if there's a team that should be red and white it's the raptors because of the Canadian flag colors. I'm totally down for a full time chevron look. It's a clean and sleek look. But it's not boring. And I feel like it's about time another team uses some sort of design in the front of their jerseys. I believe the warriors and blazers might be the only team who has some sort of "design element" on their jerseys if that makes any sense. (And I guess the hawks count too)