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  1. Feel better looking at it now that I see some people explaining the inspiration. But it's still an absolute no for me. It's like in a cross between an artistic font and a normal font. And then the number font just throws everything off
  2. Was guessing they'd have a blue astronaut suit type uniform. Was not expecting that shade of blue though
  3. Thank you all for your feedback! --- today I made a trailblazers city edition court. Went with a darker wood color just to compliment that brown better and really just have that "woods" naturey look to it. Added some tree lines or whatever they're called inside the arc too. And colorful stripes obviously coming from those stripes on the jerseys
  4. Well guys don't worry, the pelicans will get black jerseys one of these days...
  5. ^looks like 2k and seems like it would be real. I might be wrong but I don't think there's a setting for you to change the apron pattern at least in myleague last time I checked so it can't be player made. Plus another alternate court is exactly what the kings would do
  6. Raptors jerseys are cool. The collar and arm holes are weird for me though. I get what it's supposed to be like but it looks like it actually ripped or something I like the Grizzlies ones too. Makes me disappointed in the pelicans cause the Grizzlies aren't too different in terms of market size and Memphis has a few similarities to New Orleans. No reason the pelicans should be slacking off with the marketing and then come up with a New Orleans flag copy paste uni
  7. It's nice I guess, just not what I was expecting. I was expecting an all black jersey but with wordmark and numbers in gradient and side stripe. This is (for the most part) just the last one except they stop the gradient near the top and make the rest black
  8. ^also wanna add on that the "red" on the logo is actually more maroon than red, like completely. While the new unis seem to be an actual red. Which is surprising cause I don't think they've ever had that as a main color
  9. I mainly tried making these based off city edition jerseys or just making a new standard court. I use a lot of wood stain because that’s just my style and it seems to be the trend nowadays. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed. Houston Rockets Golden State Warriors Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder v2 Minnesota Timberwolves Charlotte Hornets LA Clippers Dallas Mavericks New Orleans Pelicans