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  1. What’s up guys it’s your infamous jersey matchup reviewer. I give this matchup an 11/10. My god is it beautiful. You can INSTANTLY tell who the home and away teams are. Court matches the home jerseys, away jerseys have no resemblance of the home team. Both teams are the complete opposite of each other and that’s great
  2. Version 2 cause I keep managing to constantly change it
  3. Honestly I don’t think the thunder deserve as much criticism for their jerseys as much as other teams. I mean their icon and association jerseys are iconic at this point. Their alts in the past are indeed questionable but they’re pulling off their current alternatives now. I mean honestly when the Thunder moved to okc they could have easily went basic with red and navy or something like what a lot of rebranded teams would do
  4. this should be a forbidden matchup. Every casual fan would assume the Celtics are the home team
  5. Well obviously yes. But given how nba uniforms are now (lakers literally wearing dark purple at home at times and away team is wearing white) it’s worth mentioning here
  6. these are the types of matchups I love seeing. Both teams wearing vibrant primary colors. While the home teams court and uniforms match perfectly and the away team is perfectly differentiated
  7. I like them and they look super cool on rose. It’s just that they don’t fit the team. It’s too slick and “futuristic” for a team like the wolves who were always known for their... well it’s hard to describe their style of jerseys but they were distinctive. I’ve said this before but the Timberwolves jerseys would fit for a team like the wizards or nets. Especially the wizards who had a thing with stripes but tried minimalizing it to fit the modern style and I don’t know why but something about the Timberwolves uniforms look “long”. Maybe it’s the design that gives off the illusion
  8. I think currently in the nba the pelicans are the only team that has gold (actual gold, not in dandelion “gold” as people call it for the lakers)
  9. I don’t wanna be the biased fan here but I really think the pelicans uniforms are overlooked. Colorway scheme is underrated too. I honestly think the whole pelicans brand isn’t underrated the side design is the best in the league imo the earned and city jerseys are one of the best in the league
  10. Am I the only one here who actually likes what Nike’s doing with the jerseys and the whole “home team chooses jersey” thing. I mean it’s not hard to tell which team is the home team. And if it is then surely the away team could show some sign of being the away team. Personally I think it’s brilliant. I’ve never understood why the main color of a teams brand would be something the fans of the team wouldn’t even be able to see in person edit: to add on, the lakers always seemed to traditionally wear their yellow jerseys at home. So why can’t other teams do the same?
  11. Trust me this is the last time i’ll post a pelicans Mardi Gras court concept. The last two I posted were in my beginner graphic designing days. Here is a finalized version. 2D 3D 3D + info
  12. I’d honestly give it to the kings or the jazz.
  13. Took me like 2 minutes to do this so ignore any errors that I was too lazy to fix. but basically I made this because I always wanted the wizards to have the timberwolves jerseys and the timberwolves to keep the old jerseys they used to have