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  1. Here's a tweak for the hawks. I never understood why the top of the uniform had the pattern yet on the shorts it's nowhere to be found other then one side which just looked weird to me. So I decided to add the pattern to the shorts. (Tried my best to recreate the pattern it looks kinda rough) Old: New:
  2. I'm gonna be selfish here and say I want these infamous jerseys back. They're crazy, colorful, and outlandish. It fits New Orleans. With some slight color tweaking and the Nike template I think these could genuinely look really nice. But then again I'm biased. A lot of the jerseys people want back are some iteration of a current jersey. These right here are one of a kind
  3. I have a good feeling they're gonna bring back green considering they've been doing it for their city editions. Curious about if they're gonna change the statement jerseys though since those just came out. (I'm saying all this assuming they're changing the set)
  4. I'm more sided with the San Diego Clippers all the way with just the baby blue and orange and some obvious white in between. Nothing else. No black I think it kinda kills the bright Cali vibe of the blue and orange
  5. I can't unsee how it looks like hair on someone's head
  6. I agree. I don't like the consistency. It ruins classic home game looks for teams like the Celtics, bulls, and lakers. Or my personal example: the pelicans. Before nike theyve been wearing the same exact white jerseys on the same exact court design since the day the pelicans even became a team. It was sort of an iconic look for their home games, considering it was the only look they ever had. With occasional Mardi Gras and red which only happened closer to the end adidas. And from then on it expanded to red at home almost every game with white being played in like once a month.
  7. Here I decided to add the gold collar because the jersey just looked simply too plain. It looked more like a tank top than a jersey. Jerseys almost always have some sort of color on the arm holes and collar. Here it just looks like a practice tank top so I decided to add gold on the collar. Old: New:
  8. I saw the thunder wear their white jerseys last night and thought "hey those look pretty nice" and then I couldn't even watch them in play
  9. yikes really don't understand what the warriors were thinking with the city editions. At least the old statement jerseys (what the current city editions are based off of) had yellow blue and white. What they have now just looks like black and grey. And then you have a black and white clippers as the away team. Not a good look on a bright yellow court
  10. I actually don't watch football so I'm sorta out of the loop here but man that new logo. Sheesh. It would be much better off as a secondary logo. Though I never actually watched football the old rams logo is super recognizable for me. Like I could instantly name the team looking at the logo. Considering the logo is an actual animal, something that strikes you and defines the name. This new logo... it's just letters and a horn. the horn looks more of a hurricane or something storm related. Which is often a common thing I see in school teams and recreation teams here in Louisiana. Kinda like Tulane wave.
  11. I think the clippers should keep what the court has now except make the key have color in it like they did last season. And a crazy idea I had since last season is maybe make one side of the court have a red key and the other side blue.
  12. Isn't what the lakers have now the closest thing to what they had during the Magic era? Excluding the statement and city editions of course. I don't see the big deal. It's not old so it's bad?
  13. --v i was talking about these right here. There's little to no black in their main two jerseys. You can't tell me these new clippers don't have more color to them no? edit: left out a word by accident
  14. They're not that bad. It's not like they're hideous. I mean the colors are simple, the sharp lines on the sides are sleek. It seems more of a rendition of what they've had since around the 2010s and lob city. All they seemed to do was clean up the jerseys a bit a freshen them up with more color.
  15. nice matchup today. Matchups like these look great on the clippers court why did I even try everyone here just hates the clippers every time I post them. New clippers bad old clippers good black is bad everything old is good I got it folks take ur likes