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  1. Don't like those bone ones. The other two I like. But idk what it is the sharp contrast between the blue numbers on the white looks weird to me. And the little thin yellow stripe on the pants I don't see why it's there when it'll be unnoticeable from a distance. Could have at least had a blue outline on it (non football fan perspective)
  2. obviously I'm biased but I find these very under appreciated. I find it impressive how the hornets gave the brand their own New Orleans style after moving from Charlotte by using their own font and switching up the colors a bit
  3. Knicks should never wear anything that isn't white at home. It doesn't look right. People say the same for the Celtics and Bulls. But to me the one that annoys me the most is the Knicks. It just doesn't look right when they're wearing blue or god forbid navy under the bright lights of the garden
  4. Surprised by the opinions I've seen so far. I can recall a while ago everyone said the volt looked bad and that they should look more like the Skyhawks and be more traditional. Something like:
  5. Well I'm assuming that means goodbye to neon yellow and that whatever futuristic pattern they always used. It was an interesting look, don't think we'll ever see it again.
  6. Looks photoshopped. But I wouldn't be surprised if the bucks eventually did something like that
  7. Well it's been a year and safe to say my editing skills have improved a little bit. Here's the newly edited white version. Also used the correct number font this time and more accurate shade of blue. Also couldnt decide on what color belt
  8. I get the shift from the knicks but I gotta admit I really liked the orange accents with the mint green. Maybe not the blue but I loved the mix of mint and orange. It's a strange but nice combination
  9. Man they were ahead of their time in designing that font
  10. Here's a tweak for the hawks. I never understood why the top of the uniform had the pattern yet on the shorts it's nowhere to be found other then one side which just looked weird to me. So I decided to add the pattern to the shorts. (Tried my best to recreate the pattern it looks kinda rough) Old: New:
  11. I'm gonna be selfish here and say I want these infamous jerseys back. They're crazy, colorful, and outlandish. It fits New Orleans. With some slight color tweaking and the Nike template I think these could genuinely look really nice. But then again I'm biased. A lot of the jerseys people want back are some iteration of a current jersey. These right here are one of a kind
  12. I have a good feeling they're gonna bring back green considering they've been doing it for their city editions. Curious about if they're gonna change the statement jerseys though since those just came out. (I'm saying all this assuming they're changing the set)
  13. I'm more sided with the San Diego Clippers all the way with just the baby blue and orange and some obvious white in between. Nothing else. No black I think it kinda kills the bright Cali vibe of the blue and orange