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  1. my pelicans just got their first official g league team. so here's this court concept i made for the Birmingham Squadron some slapped on sponsors: it pretty much is just a rebranded version of the original pelicans court
  2. pelicans got themselves some new logos for the g league team (the secondary logos are shown in the video on their website)
  3. ^heres the current statement jerseys for comparison personally like this one more. keeps the deer while going all out with stripes.
  4. went on here cause i just knew their would be a hot discussion about the bucks uniforms tonight. it's a statement jersey, i see absolutely nothing wrong with it. it's one of their colors, and the design is nothing new or out of the brand.
  5. i'm digging these new draft hats. some look better than others like what's up with indiana's? isn't that just their logo? and why did they do utah like this lol
  6. pretty cool. idk what i was expecting i kinda thought they'd do something involving the color gold or cursive. but that's probably me just thinking of the old nba finals logos also if anyone has a full transparent background png image of it please post or send i could use it for some concepts i'm working on
  7. since the world cup and olympics are around this time heres two courts i made: a team usa themed fiba court. added the nike swooshes to make it feel a little more realistic and "fiba" like with all the advertisements they have. the "we are basketball" is apparently fiba's slogan if anyone's wondering. (also yes i am very aware of how extra this is. but screw it, it's america) happy early 4th of july ---- here's a court concept for the olympic games in tokyo this year. didn't wanna do too much since it's an olympic court but i added some subtle details. a little pattering, some cherry blossoms, and the two big symbols ("Tokyo" in japanese) also thought it'd be funny if i made the center logo just a big red circle. to make the whole court look like the japanese flag. dont ask why some of the lines in the paint are gone either, i don't know i just copied the 2016 olympics court
  8. i like their colors i guess, but the actual design itself was a wasted opportunity for using that wing design they had for one of their previous city editions. now the design is like every other jerseys with vertical lines going through the side. these would have looked dazzling in red and yellow. maybe even keep the same font if they wanted to
  9. my two choices would be to either keep the current brand or rebrand to redrock. i like the old mountain look but they wouldn't just use an old design they'll have to make a new one. and i just feel like any rendition of those just won't be the same (also it seems like people only remember the purple ones and not the one white ones.) as for the purple green and gold, i feel like it's only fitting for a classic look which is probably in third place with fans behind the gradient look and mountain look. maybe even fourth behind the current look. i don't think people are as "hungry" for those colors anyways compared to redrock colors and the mountain colors and i've been seeing ideas of combining both the gradient design and the mountain colors. to me i feel like it'd be kinda one toned. cause in the redrock jerseys you go from yellow to orange to red. whereas from the concepts i've seen it would just go from light purple to darker and darker purple. it's just not as bold
  10. the jazz branding is just fine to me. the colors are a smooth combination. nothing crazy or gimmicky. but not too basic either. it's just nice and professional. the unis are fine too. i think they'll keep the branding but change their uniforms one day for change's sakes like teams these days. unhopeful but i really wanna see them make the red rock jerseys their statement jerseys. not much people like their current yellow statement jerseys apparently. perfect opportunity to keep an extremely beloved jersey and get rid of a jersey that isn't as loved. also the original red rock jerseys are close enough to yellow anyways
  11. sorry if anyone's already posted these since this forum is really slow for me now so it's hard for me to go though and check. but i was scrolling around and found the jerseys in 3d and apparently the kings earned editions
  12. valley jerseys back, i wonder if that means the same exact jersey or maybe another version. hopefully a white version, i saw a white version on 2k and it looked gorgeous. i think even better than black since the colors stick out more
  13. that signature orange key is what i think of every time i think of MSG. though i do like that all blue look it's time for the return of the orange keys. now would be the perfect time since they're actually a good team now. blue border, orange keys, all you need.
  14. Since i just also made a clippers court here's another one. which is my own take on their current court. i added some much needed color in the paints asymmetrically resembling their jerseys. i also felt like if there's one city that's needs their skyline on a court it's LA. which i found was the perfect opportunity for the clippers since they have a very city themed court already ps: this is the first skyline silhouette i've used that isn't just one dimensional. and it's the biggest i've ever made, kinda like the recent chicago all star court
  15. courts for the two grey earned edition jerseys. my first grey court designs. i tried to add some details and designing. i think it would have been a nice illusion to see these combined with the jerseys
  16. ^since we're on the topic i think i'll just post the template i use here. (disclaimer: this is not a fully original template made by me) click on the link to see the wood only and paint layers https://postimg.cc/gallery/mgM79Y8
  17. oh no worries the wood texture i got was from the original template i used that i made some changes to.
  18. thank you! and sorry for the late reply, i'm assuming you're asking where i got the floor texture?
  19. tried out another white court. this one based off the city edition jerseys the wizards used to wear not too long ago. with the marble pattern and obvious washington monument in the middle. also decided to put the geico sponsors since i couldn't find the exact wizards font. (plus their website name is way longer than their social media @) DC logo alternate:
  20. the mavericks city edition court. my first ever white court. i didn't want it to be so jarring to the eye so i added the shading and all that to tone it down a little bit
  21. well i started making court concepts 2 years ago and originally used this knicks court template and obviously edited it https://i.pinimg.com/originals/97/d5/d1/97d5d1b694764ef305a718827f23f9ab.png then edited the edits and over time the lines got thicker cause of the paint bucket tool i used. and i've kinda recreated my own template. i could send it to you if you want
  22. okay okay, last raptors court. couldn't help but be inspired after seeing today's new raptors court with their wood pattern. it's a fusion of both modern and throwback. modern with the tweaks to the logo and current day colors and font, also the never done before wood pattern. and throwback with the obvious old logo and this version one with the inner arc paint
  23. i know no one would care but i noticed the actual out of bounds line and the key are the same color so that means the players get an extra inch of space in the key. so a one inch advantage that probably could have saved a lot of turnovers in the past lol
  24. raptors just debuted a sweet new court that i don't think they even announced for. i thought they were just gonna use the old alternate court but they made a new one that has a wood pattern AND made it point in a chevron like direction. that's gotta be a first
  25. Also, have the Kings just said screw the city edition court or have i just not been paying attention to them enough? cause they've already changed their main court to black and wore their black city unis on it tonight
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