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  1. I generally can't stand any of the Color Rush unis, but I think that it would be a big upgrade if the Broncos, Steelers and Cardinals replaced their home jerseys with their Color Rush ones.
  2. Just finished watching Chargers at 49ers. Chargers really need to ditch the navy blue altogether. Four colors is too many. Those road unis are a mess.
  3. The one thing that I can't get past on their blue jerseys is that cheesy looking outline on the numbers. I think that if they just ditched that and used silver colored numbers in the same font as the white jerseys, the away unis would be great looking.
  4. I can't stand to look at the teams who do the same color pants/socks combo. It's worse than yoga pants. It actually looks like they are wearing pantyhose. Men playing football in pantyhose is a terrible look.
  5. Not a fan of this new set, but I am curious what a black jersey/green pants/black socks combo might look like.
  6. Fully agree. Can't stand their blue pants/blue socks look. The gray works extremely well with both jerseys.
  7. Yeah, I don't really see them as yoga pants or leotards. It just looks like a bunch of guys wearing pantyhose. I just find it unpleasant to look at a pantyhose team like Saints, Ravens, Jaguars, Texans, Titans etc. Their pants are fine, just put on some different socks.