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  1. I agree. I feel like you should use these larger cities for the league. Even though this is your concept, it'd make sense in this world for there to be large market teams, as they'd make more money. And will the Raptors still be a team?I can see why he picked different places - maybe he wanted a cross-Canada league? With the changes suggested, it would be Southern Ontario-centric. Besides, Thunder Bay is bigger than Guelph and Victoria, technically.
  2. Can you make one from either of these logos? Thanks!
  3. I've been wondering exactly the same thing. Anyone?
  4. Thanks. I was thinking that it was probably too good to be true.
  5. Hey guys, Is this jersey real? It looks alright to my eyes, but you guys can spot a bad replica much better than I can.|293:1|294:50
  6. What, exactly, are you pissed off at Adam Eaton for? He had a bad season, sure. The Phillies are on the hook for the rest of his contract, sure. But, that's part of the game, whether you like it or not...many teams are paying for former players to play for other teams. How does that make him a thief? Maybe your anger should be directed towards Pat Gillick who signed him to that contract in the first place. Adam Eaton sure didn't prevent the Phillies from winning the World Series last year, or anything like that. Philly is a class town for booing him during a ring ceremony. But, that's what Philly fans are known for, isn't it?
  7. I like the middle one, for sure. Cool logo.
  8. After reading these "petitions", I think the school would be better served using their funds to hire better teachers, rather than contracting designers to upgrade a "B". As a former Dryden Eagle, I concur. However, your "B" logo is still better than the crap they changed ours to in the past few years. If I had a picture of it, I'd post it. It really is the worst eagle I've ever seen. The KPDSB has terrible logos, but at least none of them are copies. Sadly, the Muskies probably win.
  9. Winnipeg Wesmen Montreal Carabins Victoria Vikes Calgary Dinosaurs Just a few more from Canada to go along with the Varsity Blues...sure I'm missing some...
  10. I can't beleive the Canadiens didn't take this golden opertunity to switch to the white jersey with a matching centre stripe. 99% of you people think the Habs jersey is some how God like, I say it is average at best, none of you would ever give any other team in the league a passing grade with a home and away jersey that don't match. Somehow the Habs are allowed to look stupid. I actually don't care for the Habs white jerseys, but I still think that they're leaps and bounds better than the rest of the crap we're seeing so far. But yes, the white jerseys with the centre stripe would have been nice. Edit: After seeing the Flames in their full gear, I would have to say this is one of the worst (if not the worst) sets we've seen so far. Hope I don't sound like a
  11. The Calgary set is not perfect, by any means. The flags look ridiculous as shoulder patches, the piping on the back is terrible. That said, Calgary's new uniforms are still a step up from the Vancouver, Florida and Nashville sets. Vancouver's could have been nice; could have been. The quasi-futuristic-retro wordmark killed that set for me. Only a few teams have gotten it right so far, and I really hope that the rest set to unveil have taken cues from the "Original" 6 and Columbus. If the Blackhawks put any piping on their jerseys, I swear to God...his has got to be the worst league-wide uniform overhaul ever. Even worse than the CFL. And those are bad. Except for Winnipeg. But I might be biased on that one.
  12. Maybe it'll be FC Detroit, FC Florida...that'd be awesome...
  13. All-Time Roster Forwards Mario Lemieux-Wayne Gretzky-Brett Hull Bobby Hull-Gordie Howe-Maurice Richard Luc Robitaille-Mark Messier-Jari Kurri Guy LaFleur-Dale Hawerchuk-Stan Mikita Reserves: Jean Beliveau-Phil Esposito-Marcel Dionne Defencemen Chris Pronger-Bobby Orr Larry Robinson-Nicklas Lidstrom Paul Coffey-Ray Bourque Reserves: Eddie Shore-Denis Potvin Goalies Vladimir Tretiak Patrick Roy Reserve: Terry Sawchuk Current Players Forwards Dany Heatley-Sidney Crosby-Alexander Ovechkin Ilya Kovalchuk-Joe Thornton-Jarome Iginla Tanguay-Vincent Lecavalier-Jaromir Jagr Erik Cole-Jason Spezza-Marian Hossa Reserves: Joe Sakic-Teemu Selanne-Daniel Alfredsson Defencemen Niedermayer-Pronger Sheldon Souray-Dion Phaneuf Nicklas Lidstrom-Zdeno Chara Reserves: Sergei Gonchar-Ryan Whitney Goalies Roberto Luongo Martin Brodeur Reserve: Dominik Hasek
  14. No idea, but damn those are nice jerseys. The Kings, of course...not the...ugh...Coyotes.
  15. I wish the Blue Jays would go back to those colours, but with those numbers. Sorry for the off-topic response, it would just look awesome. I really like your concept, by the way. I don't think it's too simple at all. In fact, I think these would be one of the best sets in college.