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  1. I don't have any skin in this game, but I always thought the creamsicles, and Bucco Bruce were a great look, and I would hope that going forward, the new uniforms do include orange. I think it's a part of the Bucs' dna. I guess I would ask of diehards, and Tampa-area folks this question: Of those who favor the original look, is it the entire look? Is it Bucco?, or is it just the color itself? I'm just curious. I think a red, pewter, and orange uniform would be just fine, but I would be thrilled as a logo enthusiast to see Bruce back on that uniform somehow, some way. Helmet, sleeve, pants, doesn't matter. They wouldn't have to go full-Donald Igwebuike to tie it all together for me:). Just my humble opinion:)
  2. Not on the topic of new uniforms for the Brewers, but I was in Milwaukee a season ago, and picked up a Brewers 3930 cap with the BIG containing the image of the People's Flag of Milwaukee. I couldn't resist getting it, and it's one of my favorite hats
  3. No, I'm not saying get rid of the pinstripes. Just that if I had a wish list for the perfect Padres uniform, pinstripes would be a ways down the list. No big deal. I just feel it would be a cleaner look without them. 2 cents. It won't dampen my enthusiasm in seeing Manny Machado walk out from behind a curtain in them tomorrow, nor will it stop me from spending probably more on Padres merch in the next couple of years than I have in the last 20:).
  4. I'm as much an advocate for brown and gold as anybody, and I'm gonna be thrilled with pretty much anything they roll out, but the pinstripes are not doing it for me. I love the colors, the font, the neck and sleeve trim, but to my eye, these home whites would look so much cleaner without those stripes. Is the Friar not going on the sleeve? Because it will be a mess trying to compete with the pinstripes.....
  5. Maybe with the Friar on the left chest instead of the S.D. Count me in either way
  6. I love these uniforms/logos. The tall, sharp-edged A with gold halo, and the California State patch are good stuff, imo
  7. I'm glad I'm not the only one who had questions about that. You know, it shouldn't be this hard to design something around the California Missions and the Padres, should it? Of course, the color brown brings that out better than just about anything else. That may be the source of the problem right there. They don't like brown. In the 90's, they could have used a dark gray for the Friar's robe, along with the navy and orange, and just said, "This is what we're doing". It probably would have taken hold, and become the norm. It is certainly odd how they seem to dance around the subject matter. They put the Friar on the jerseys, take him off, redesign/recolor, put him on just one jersey, take him off. Strange....
  8. According to the report, the only thing they have made a clear decision on is that orange is out, right? I am a fan who would love to see a return to brown, but I will believe it when I see it. I will be shocked if it actually happens. I do think the org. will focus group this until they get the answer they want. I think they want to keep Navy blue. If orange is in fact a no-go, then what does that leave if they keep Navy? Yellow/gold so they could look like the football team who just left town? Is that all the identity they could muster? Red? How original that would be...... I will say that for me, watching the Padres in brown and blue is a different experience. They are just a different franchise in brown, and not just because I'm old enough to remember when they wore it every day. Also, is it just me, or do the Padres seem to have a mountain of difficulty with their brand, and creating something around the Padre/Friar theme? Currently, the Friar is not on any of their uniforms. How is this even possible? They have just tried to basically sell "San Diego" as the brand. It just makes me wonder if the management and/or baseball itself isn't totally comfortable with the subject matter. Just my opinions, and I guess we will see what they eventually do :)