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    Root for: Bengals, Bearcats, Reds, Bulls. Favorite uniforms: NBA - Pelicans “NOLA” Unis, NFL - Raiders, MLB - Phillies Blue Throwbacks, College Football - Hawaii

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  1. I’m digging everything you got, except for the mismatched shorts. Match up the shorts and you got a total winner imo. Great concept!
  2. You have a lot of good ideas, but I’d use the away jersey (W/fauxback helmet colors), the color rush color and pants, and the fauxback Helmet as your template. Just my take. And the fauxback remains untouched.
  3. Arizona is fire. Atlanta, I agree with @jaytavo305 not sure about the gold. I’d swap the gray pants with black pants for the white and red jerseys. Either way, way to fix the new Atlanta mistakes!
  4. Great job so far. I’m looking forward to the rest, but here’s a few thoughts Rams - While I do believe they have some great ideas with their new uniforms, your uniform concept is perfect. New England - Digging everything except for the jersey side panels. As a Bengals fan, side panels can be the death of a uniform. Bengals - I’m not sure about the extra stripes on the collar or the Bengal head on the back. Also, I think with the stripes, the numbers shouldn’t be block lettering. But, I’d take those uniforms any day! Ravens - Honestly great! My personal take would be to put black pants for the home uniforms, but great concept! Seahawks - Beautiful. Similar to Ravens, I’d suggest gray pants with the away jerseys, but beautiful. Cardinals - Love the look, but not the helmet. I think the helmet should be white, black, or Cardinal. The copper is a great alternate color though! I’d even like to see more copper in the white pants. I think the copper should be used like the Seahawks currently use their green. Chargers - Can’t really go wrong with them! Raiders - Love it! Way to introduce Vegas and keep their tradition! Broncos - WOW! I mean . Fantastic. I’d consider keeping the current blue, and maybe blue pants with the orange jersey, but I love where you’re going with their tradition. Chiefs - Great Upgrade/Update. Very similar to the Raiders in that tradition is kept, but it’s also modernized.
  5. Beautiful. Can we get them to do this? I agree with @KingViper to remove the font and logo on the chest. I’d also suggest red pants instead of white with the black jerseys.
  6. I love this concept. I also agree with @BenDand @prrams95 the numbers need an outline and an updated number font. I also noticed that the collar and sleeve collar are the same on the black, white, and color rush uniforms. I think the orange jerseys should have a black sleeve collar, as well, so they all match. For the font, I love the Texans font for the Bengals and I think that would be the final nail in the coffin for these uniforms to be perfect.
  7. Patriots- Great concept. Really pops, and is fresh/new. I actually prefer the silver too. Looks great imo. I’d even like to see a silver jersey instead of white, but that may just be me.
  8. Nice final choice for the dolphins. Looks fantastic! And wow! I mean ! Those patriots uniforms are sharp! I always thought they should embrace the silver more, but that design. Home run for sure!
  9. Love the Seahawks tweaks. Same changes I’d make. Also, GREAT choice is dropping the white. There are a few teams that should get rid of white altogether imo and the Seahawks are one of them.
  10. Nicely done. Upgrade to the current/older ones and matched the colors (biggest being helmet is same shade of blue). I hope they planned something as good.
  11. I second the cream numbers on orange jerseys. Plus, for the orange and cream jerseys, I’d keep the collar the same color, rather than brown. Either way, AWESOME! Way to go!
  12. What some other people said, the red lids REALLY up the concept! I always thought that black was the way for the falcons helmets, but I can’t unsee how awesome that red is!
  13. I second @jaytavo305‘s sentiments. Seattle is now AWESOME! Great work.
  14. Sorry for not being very critical, usually I have at least a thing or two to say, but I really like the concept. Good work!
  15. Great design. Overall, top notch. I’d really love to see the last one with the metallic red helmets. And I was all in on the black before those.
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