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  1. Last for today, the Tennessee Titans. When they were the Oilers, their uniforms were amazing. When they began in Tennessee and through last year, they were definitely sharp, with my only complaint was the double blues seemed to be too much at times. I actually like their new blue uniforms (minus the underarm patch, why titans/Nike?), but their white needs some love, as the gray and white clashes. I decided to take a little bit from all of their uniforms, get rid of the flames from their logo, and dropped the dark blue.
  2. Next, we have the Houston Texans. They really have clean looking uniforms. Being that they are the "Texans" I really wanted to incorporate more of that, but on a minor level. The colors have been tweaked to match the actual Texas flag colors and I have added the Texas flag to the pants as the striping.
  3. Next, we have the Jacksonville Jaguars. I like the simplistic idea that they went with; however, I feel like their 1) their "gold" can be a great accent color (not as a jersey/pants/helmet though, gross), 2) their needs to be at least a hint of something more. I leaned on their original uniforms, with the updated logo on the sleeves.
  4. And now, the AFC South... First, the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts have one of the simpler, better uniforms in the NFL. There's only eve been one thing that gets me, and that's the two stripes on the jersey and pants, but one on the helmet. So, I went ahead and put two on the helmet and updated the blue to a more vibrant blue (like their color rush). I also added a uniform set as the gray didn't really work, and they need another one, so why not a blackout uniform for special games?
  5. Ravens redo. The purple was too dark. Hopefully the lighter shade looks better with the black.
  6. Not just as a homer (being a Bengals fan), but I think the Bengals helmet/stripes are the coolest looking design and the 80s uniforms were amazing, I just think the sleeve caps are a better location for them. For the Steelers, we'll just say the yellow pants are an alternate for the white jerseys (the white jerseys would only be worn max 4 times being an alternate). Never thought of that for the Browns, but if it works... After looking closer, the Ravens' purple was too dark, so I corrected it, I'll post it after this, maybe it's better.
  7. I just posted an update for each, hopefully they both look better! Thanks for the C&C!
  8. Bengals Redo. While I think the Bengals current color rush is amazing, I think it's not quite right on orange, so I brought back some outlined numbers and added the off-color name. Hopefully, this cleans it up, while staying true to my idea.
  9. Viking Redo. Colored collars are gone on home and throwbacks. I left them on the away because I think it goes well with the numbers on the sides versus on top.Throwbacks now with Northwestern sleeves.
  10. Last one for the AFC North, the Pittsburgh Steelers. As I've mentioned before, they have one of the "untouchable uniforms"; however, being that they are the Steelers, I wanted more "Steel". I also like their color rush black pants, as they go so much better with their helmets, so for the away and alternates, they are the main pants. I chose to keep the yellow for home, as too much of one color every game can be monotonous in my opinion.
  11. Next up, the Ravens. Purple is such a great color and can be real amazing when done right (see the Vikings). I think the Ravens were onto something with bringing out the purple pants, so I decided to expand on that trend. Purple is now the helmet color and main paints color, along with more gold accents. The jerseys were already pretty good, so just some tweaking to the jerseys themselves.
  12. I don't know how I did that, but I knew something looked off, I guess I just got tunnel vision. Thanks for the insight, I'll have an edited Vikings one up here shortly.
  13. Next up, the Cleveland Browns! Brown is now up close and personal as the main color, while orange is now in the background. Using their current font (without shadows) and based off of their legacy uniforms.
  14. Okay, AFC North time. First up, my Cincinnati Bengals. Anyone who saw my first attempt with the Bengals will hopefully like this attempt much more. Orange pants are now the primary and it's a refined version of the 80's uniforms with the stripes on the sleeves.
  15. I go back and forth on this, I think it all depends on how many details are in the jerseys. I got rid of the colored collars for the Browns, Bengals, and Steelers that I'm about to post, but i kept them for the Ravens, as I feel that the jersey dictates it, but let me know what you think if you have a minute.