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  1. Patriots- Great concept. Really pops, and is fresh/new. I actually prefer the silver too. Looks great imo. I’d even like to see a silver jersey instead of white, but that may just be me.
  2. Jumba66

    NFL Re-Design by NH4

    Nice final choice for the dolphins. Looks fantastic! And wow! I mean ! Those patriots uniforms are sharp! I always thought they should embrace the silver more, but that design. Home run for sure!
  3. Love the Seahawks tweaks. Same changes I’d make. Also, GREAT choice is dropping the white. There are a few teams that should get rid of white altogether imo and the Seahawks are one of them.
  4. Nicely done. Upgrade to the current/older ones and matched the colors (biggest being helmet is same shade of blue). I hope they planned something as good.
  5. I second the cream numbers on orange jerseys. Plus, for the orange and cream jerseys, I’d keep the collar the same color, rather than brown. Either way, AWESOME! Way to go!
  6. What some other people said, the red lids REALLY up the concept! I always thought that black was the way for the falcons helmets, but I can’t unsee how awesome that red is!
  7. I second @jaytavo305‘s sentiments. Seattle is now AWESOME! Great work.
  8. Sorry for not being very critical, usually I have at least a thing or two to say, but I really like the concept. Good work!
  9. Great design. Overall, top notch. I’d really love to see the last one with the metallic red helmets. And I was all in on the black before those.
  10. Very nice. Really I like it when it’s the helmet and either jersey or pants match as to me this gives it an even/clean look, so based off of that, here are my takes: Atlanta - Match the black pants to the red and white jersey, white pants for the black jersey. Browns - Orange pants for brown/white jersey, white or brown pants for orange jersey. Lose the shadow for the orange jersey. Rams - I got nothing. I’d love to see the switch by all of these teams! Great job.
  11. Really love the red and gray for the Roughnecks and blue pants for the Renegades! The galaxy are hard with their colors just like the Buccaneers. It looks good, but what do you do with red and orange?
  12. Great designs. Love the updated looks. For the falcons, I think the numbers should be black on the white jerseys, For the patriots, if the helmet logo was their current one, I could see that as being their actual “rebrand” post Brady/Belichick.
  13. I love the idea behind this. I feel like this is one hell of a start, I feel like somethings missing, but I just can’t put my finger on it. The only thing I do see I believe the white jerseys should have pewter numbers (maybe orange name). Either way, great updated/throwback orange look, and awesome logo work!
  14. Jumba66

    NFL Re-Design by NH4

    Subtle changes, but highly effective.
  15. Or lighter colors in general, such as a light gray like the old Seahawks helmets. I mean they did color rush and gray vs white, why not gray vs blue or cream vs red, etc?