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  1. These are neon green jerseys for Away. Dark green jerseys for home. 2 game special or something. You have one hell of a talent.
  2. My only thoughts are can I have your talent for a couple weeks? These are amazing, as always.
  3. They look great. The only combo I see being a problem is the all white. Without having orange, even if it’s just an orange stripe on the sleeve and pants, it may not work. But I’ll leave it up to you, I don’t doubt they’ll look great when you’re done.
  4. Finally, to end it all, the Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders. Another timeless uniform, I simply added black and white pants as alternates for their home and away. I also added an Alternate/Throwback/Las Vegas Uniform, that I was able to do as a 2-for-1 as the Raiders had gold numbers back in the day, while adding some gold trim to the helmet as well.
  5. Next, the Kansas City Chiefs. They have mostly timeless uniforms. So, I kept them timeless, with an additional black uniform set as alternates.
  6. Next up, the LA Chargers. The Chargers have great uniforms when they utilize their light blue and white. I added some yellow pants and jersey for some "Southern California" vibe.
  7. Last four, the AFC West. First up, the Denver Broncos. They have one of the best color palettes in football and I love their uniforms, but it's time for a little bit of a change.
  8. Last for today, the Arizona Cardinals. I hate their current set, to be honest. They have a lot of potential, plus the best combo possible with red and black, so I changed it up to red and black. I also added a two-colored version of the state flag to the sleeve for a clean look.
  9. Next, the Seattle Seahawks. I love their current set, minus one thing, their blue. Their old blue was fantastic, and I think it goes well with the new uniforms, so I made that switch, plus eliminated white from their set and put gray as the away.
  10. Next up, the LA Rams. They have some really good uniforms. It seems like they're going to the 1960's and I fully approve, with one exception: meet in the middle of Royal Blue and Navy Blue.
  11. Another Day, another division. NFC West. First up, the timeless 49ers. They have great uniforms and I feel like the Black uniforms were a great addition. I feel like they should be more involved than just the color rush, so I put them with the gold pants to make it a regular uniform. I also added a "gold rush" just because I couldn't figure out what to do as an alternate pants option to the red jersey.
  12. I love the logo but I think the only thing I’d consider changing is going all green around the outside instead of half and half. For the jerseys, fantastic! I really wish they would do this in real life. I play with them a lot in 2K and always change their jerseys to something but similar. The only thing (big maybe here) is on the white jersey the purple might be too bright and the green may be better for the number/name, but I think it’s just the picture itself messing with me. Great job!!!
  13. Looks clean. I personally love the look, but I get what some people are saying with “needing” white. A simple white outline in the numbers/putting Cleveland in white can go a long way, but not necessary IMO.
  14. Last for today and completing the NFC South, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. These are my favorite ones from the division, not gonna lie. I utilized the spirit of the simple/clean 2000's jerseys and added an updated/blended "throwback" to utilize the Creamsicle orange.
  15. Next up, the Atlanta Falcons. I personally believe their current home and away uniforms are atrocious (on par with the cardinals, gross) while their color rush and throwbacks are brilliant. Red is more prevalent, but the helmet and home jerseys are still black (sorry red helmet lovers).