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  1. The fact that you replied to my post means that you lose and I win.
  2. C'mon, no love for my mentioning the Bills fans diving onto tables? But it's not just Bills fans, it's like that at EVERY NFL game. Okay, Bills fans tend to take it to an extreme and have been singled out by Deadspin for stories about the mayhem that goes on at games there. but you have the Raiders infamous black hole and 49ers fans beating the doodoo out of each other in stadium bathrooms leaving the recipient of one such beating with permanent brain damage. Tailgating at NFL games I suppose were enjoyable, but that was well over a decade ago, hell 20 years ago. Now it's 40-70,000 drunken asshats who puke and piss themselves because they've drunk so much and they are all angry. Angry at what, you ask? Let's see; the fact that THEIR team sucks, the fact they have to pay $200 if they want to tailgate, as opposed to the mere $100 for regular parking and if you have an RV, that's $1,000 to park. Per game. Before you even set foot in the goddamn stadium. And yes I'm probably gonna get attacked as a crybaby or an old man, but why does all it seem that nearly all our 'event like entertainment that the collective we attend in person can olny be enjoyed if you are drunk? I've never understood that and never heard or read a rational believable explanation, just gotten some garbage like, "Well my job is so hard/boring/lame/pays so little/is so stressful this is how I enjoy myself." Look, I get when the weekend comes going to a bar or hanging out with your friends and having some beers or a few drinks. I did that occasionally but the combination of a history of alcoholism in my family and serious car accident have made sober since Nov. 2000 (No, I wasn't drinking and driving, some kid blew a stop sign at 45 mph and t-boned me and as an indirect result if i have alcohol I get a brainsplintering blindingly painful migraine for 3 days.) but the kind of drinking that goes on at concerts and sporting events now I just don't get.
  3. Congratulations on three consecutive non sequiturs. But watch as I play that game even better than you can. Nobody is making you reply to my posts. Do you work for The Ringer or something? Nobody is making you read my posts. See how much better I am at this than you are?
  4. Okay sure. I would love for you to take your precious innocent little angelic daughters to a Bills home game and spend 4 hours before the game wandering the parking lots watching over 50,000 drunken doodoo bags pissing and doodooing and puking all over themselves and each other and screaming and shrieking at women "SHOWS US YOUR :censored: BI*TCH!!!!!" and then throwing cans of beer at the women who don't comply and the drunken doodoobags jumping off the tops of SUV's/vans/RV's onto tables because, oh yeah, they are drunken drug abusing doodoobags. And be sure to have you and your precious angelic innocent daughters dress in the apparel of whatever team the Bills happen to be playing that week, so your precious innocent angelic little daughters can learn at least 100 new profanities and obscenities as well as being introduced to having morbidly obese men toss cups of beer at them and attack you for daring to wear the colors of an opposing team. And that's even before you actually get into the stadium!!!! 'cause that's where the fun really starts. Because while you were out in the parking lot you can hopefully at least away from the taunts and profanities and threats of having the doodoo beaten out of you or possibly literally smushed into your face. But now you have to sit in a seat where you will be surrounded by a bunch of drunken doodoobags who believe that spending the past 4 hours getting piss and doodoo and puke all over yourself level drunk is just a warmup, as they REALLY go to town. And when they aren't screeching racial slurs at the black players/coaches/fans they will eventually notice you and the fact that you are wearing the apparel of THE ENEMY ie; that weeks opponent. Cue all the abuse you endured in junior high/high school add in cups of beer being thrown/poured on you and multiply it by a factor of about 240 and OH MY GOD DOES THE FUN EVER STOP???!!! And no, security won't do jack to stop it. But your pure angelic innocent little daughters will LURVE it
  5. That's the problem with podcasts especially ALL the garbage on the Ringer, they have what 30!!! different regular podcasts, not counting specials. Simmons is a misogynistic pile of puke and garbage. He screwed over a bunch of his employees at Grantland by refusing to inform them that "Oh yeah, I'm kind of leaving ESPN, but really I've been fired and oh yeah, that kind of means that I'm leaving Grantland, hey!!! it's just like that one episode of Mad Men when the whole gang got together in secret and formed their own company and stole all the ad clients, boy Mad Men was such an awesome show wasn't it? And since I'm leaving Grantland that means that ESPN is gonna shut it down so... yeah. Oh, yeah, I'm also taking some of the writers and staff who worked for me on Grantland with me to wherever it is I'm gonna end up but most likely not you, and yeah, ESPN doesn't want you either so....but what about that Mad Men show, huh? Better than Breaking Bad, that's for sure!" He's like Trump in a way. He refused to let any of his columns or pieces on ESPN be edited in any way, which led to him, doing 15,000 words recapping a two part documentary on the Eagles that took longer to read than to watch the documentary, which how the hell is THAT possible? Then one of the final straws for ESPN was Simmons having one of his innumerable gambling/fantasy leagues that had several porn stars as members and Simmons couldn't see how Disney would have ANY problem with that or why that might be an awful look for ESPN/Disney.
  6. Hmm, that's another interesting point which is getting off the track of this thread. NYC has MSG, Barclay's Center, Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, The Met, Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall and what the hell Met Life Stadium, all of which are used for concerts as well as numerous clubs and they are all in relative proximity to each other and don't seem to have a problem with one venue stealing business from another, though they aren't literally next door, but subway stops away. Except for Met Life. In LA/Anaheim, you have Dodger Stadium, Edison Field, the Coliseum, Staples center, Honda Center, Great Western Forum, the Hollywood Bowl and if you really want to stretch it, the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, as well as the various clubs on Sunset Strip (or have most of those closed in favor of condos? I thought I read something about that a few years ago. So, in LA you have more venues with more seats to fill than NY, but much more spread out, plus a number of other entertainment/vacation options like Disneyland which probably takes $ away from some of the sports teams. New Yoprk you kind of but not really have the same thing happening with Broadway/theater stuff and sightseeing; statue of Liberty etc, which you don't really have in LA. But traffic in LA/Anaheim is an ongoing abortion, while in NYC you have the subway, although that is it's own ongoing disaster. And of course it's turning out that NOONE in LA wanted the Chargers to move there and a hell of a lot fewer people wanted the Rams there either. The Raiders on the other hand would probably do a little better than the Rams. I just love how we are talking about how bazillionaires are being big crybabies because they aren't making a few million MORE $'s. My heart bleeds truly.
  7. I forgot about that. Okay fine it's a state landmark. then why haven't they kept it in even semi decent shape. There was a website that had some photos and video taken by some guys who broke/snuck into the Dome and it looked AWFUL inside. Why the hell doesn't the state or whoever or some rich asshat oilman spend a couple million to clean the place up then charge people $50 to take a tour. Also on your earlier post about the Great Western Forum, I thought it had been repurposed/refitted and was strictly a concert venue now
  8. Now that is a point worthy of discussion. I don't think it's as simple as saying that a bad owner is one who meddles in personnel decisions or doesn't meddle at all. For instance, was George Halas for everything he did for the NFL and the league, was he really THAT great of an owner. yes, he drafted Sayers and Butkus, but the quarterbacks Halas had on the team at that time were black hole of suckage. And it's ALWAYS been that way. The only legit claim to a franchise QB for the Bears was Sid Luckman and he retired 60 years ago. No, Jim McMahon is NOT and NEVER was a franchise QB. But the Bears were AWFUL for long stretches of Halas tenure as owner, but none of the blame gets put on him because of the mystique of "DA BEARS!!!!! MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY!!!!" and how he help found the NFL. George Steinbrenner on the other hand was infamous for meddling, if not directly then using the press and favored reporters to blast managers and players. He was the definition of mercurial. he decimated the Yankee farm system and it wasn't until he was suspended and unable to have any contact with the team that the farm system was finally able to let talent stay and grow and not get traded away. So , when he was reinstated the Spanks started winning again, with Jeter et all and of course everybody said Steinbrenner was responsible, when in fact he was responsible for not being able to f--k it up. And everyone has forgotten his involvement with the mob when he tried to blackmail Dave Winfield or that he was planning on moving the team to Tampa bay in the early 1990's. Donald Sterling, simply didn't give a doodoo. Yes, he was a bigot and yes he was a racist, but you can say that about half the owners in the NFL. But he DID NOT CARE about whther the Clippers were the best team or the worst team in the league as long as he made some money off them every year. Aside from sitting courtside he was about as hands off as it gets. And for everyone claiming that the NBA somehow won when it forced him to sell the team, seriously? that was a bigger fleecing than the owners of the Spirits of St. Louis getting perprual tv right money and not having a team anymore. Sterling made nearly $1,700,000,000 off the sale of the team to fat bald Microsoft guy. Jack Kent Cooke was a semi outlandish, eccentric owner for the Redskins, but he kept out of the way and let the GM's Bobby Bethard and Charlie Casserly so their thing. He even kept quiet when the whole John Riggens retirement saga was going on. Of course he got into the spotlight when the team won Super Bowls and behind the scenes he would have his 'discussions' but he knew he didn't know anywhere near as much about football as the GM's and coaches did. the only time i can really recall him publicly getting on a player was when Mark Rypien held out for a new contract. Al Davis WAS the Raiders. His last decade or so of ownership was bad, but that doesn't wipe out or erase what he and the Raiders did before that, although you'd never know that watching ESPN. He was into EVERY aspect of the team because football was his entire life. He literally used his will to power the raiders to excellence. Paul Allen was apparently VERY hands off, for him pwning the Trailblazers and Seahawks was like having a couple of unique toys that he could show off to other people. They did it in Houston. Granted the Astrodome had been around for over 30 years, but it wasn't a dump. If it was, why haven't they torn it down?
  9. I enjoy reading threads like this about who is the worst owner of a sports team because I know that all the responses will miss out on some key things, most importantly: 1) The owners don't give a damn about the fans. I remember back when the Colts won Super Bowl XL and Irsay announced that he would be having a treasure hunt of sorts during which 5 fans would "win" Super Bowl rings. Indianapolis went ape :censored: over this. Turns out that the winning fans had to pay the taxes on the rings while Irsay got to write the whole thing off as a business expense. Let me repeat that. Owners don't care about fans. 2) Most owners don't care about winning championships. Jerry Jones has said repeatedly that he'd have traded a Super Bowl win or all three if it meant he got into the Hall of Fame. Now, you can rightly argue that it's because the Cowboys won 3 SB's that he got elected, but the point is that he doesn't care about the SP or winning it, no matter how much garbage he barfs out on his radio show or in interviews. Owners don't care about winning championships, because to them the team is more something to show off to other people in a "I have one of these and you don't" kind of way.
  10. Going by that logic, none of Ichiro's hits when he was playing in Japan count because he wasn't playing against the best baseball players in the world, all of whom according to you ONLY have played in MLB, then none of the Babe Ruth or Ty Cobb or Lou Gehrig or Walter Johnson or ANY player who played in the mlb before 1947 count because they sure as hell weren't playing against the all of the best baseball players of the world, right? You know Satchel Page, Josh Gibson. As for unpopular opinions, when a particular city is home to more than one pro team in one of the big 4 pro leagues in the US/Canada, all of the teams MUST have the same color scheme, like Pittsburgh does with the Steelers/Pirates/Penguins. This would lead to some interesting looks and possible name changes for some teams.
  11. I've read that the real reason Beadle left get up is that she CANNOT STAND Mike Greenberg. I've noticed ESPN has released their last two 30 For 30 docs exclusively on ESPN+, which sucks. I fear they will be going that route permanently. I've also heard that awful show with Bomani Jones is tettering on three very wobbly legs and will probably be killed off at the end of the year, as cutting it down to an half an hour has done nothing to increase ratings. Moving over to Fox Sports One, are you kidding me? How can you claim to have a major sports network and the ONLY highlights oriented show you have is the one with the oldest demographic on earth, MLB? Seriously?? How could Jay and Dan not connect with audiences? I know they made some truly horrible choices hiring Regis Philben, but come on.
  12. One of the coolest new sports traditions is that every player on the team that won the Stanley Cup gets to have the Cup for a day. Naturally this has lead to some wild and zany stuff, with the Cup ending up at the bottom of swimming pools, in hot tubs and jacuzzis, getting a tan at the beach, going to the top of mountains, visiting MANY, MANY bars and strip clubs and having everyone from babies to grandparents to teenagers to MILFS to dogs and cats drinking /eating things out of the Cup, including but not limited to beer, champagne, wine, Goldschlager, Coke, Pepsi, milkshakes of various flavors, ice cream of various flavors, some evil concoction mixed up by Mark Messier at a bar the night the Rangers won the Cup back in 1994, cereal, mashed potatoes, potato salad, various types of salad, as well as having thousands of babies and dogs and cat and lizards placed in the bowl for adorable photos. All of which is AWESOME. Unfortunately the Washington Capitals apparently went a bit too far and there may be some restrictions on what can and can't be done with the Cup in the years to come. Which is yet another example of why we can't have nice things. But for the purposes of this thread, let;'s say that the rules and restrictions have been lifted. Naturally you can't go stupid crazy, like bashing someone's skull into 30 or so pieces of throwing the Cup through a glass storefront or using it as a battering ram during a drug bust, but that still leaves plenty of mischief to be had, so what would you do and where would you and the Cup go during your day together. I would take a nap with the Cup. I mean a full take off shoes/socks take wallet/keys/coins out of pants pockets, and get under the covers nap. I'd play frisbee golf with the Cup as each hole.
  13. But with my change, scoring a goal doesn't cancel out the balance of the penalty. And why should it? As for penalty shots instead of power plays, that's still even strength 1 on 1, which negates the entire incentive for a goalie NOT to commit a penalty, they still get to stay out on the ice and penalty shots are no sure thing. Uh, uh, I'll have none of your guff, it's off to the BOX OF HUMILIATION with you, where you will feel sad and think about what you've done.
  14. Let's say I'm a billionaire and one day I decide that I want a copy of the Stanley Cup, the Larry O'Brien Trophy, the Lombardi Trophy and whatever the hell the World series trophy is called? Is it possible and legal for me to pay the companies that make them to make copies for me? I've seen pictures of Michael Jordan's trophy room and I'm pretty sure he has six O'Brien trophies in it. And before you say, "Well, you aren't Michael Jordan and you have no affiliation with any team or any of the leagues," well, duh. this is a hypothetical and remember that you literally can buy ANYTHING if you throw enough money at it.
  15. Nope, no goalie. of course you can stick one of the other players back there in goal if you want, but they don't get to wear any of the goalie gear. Is that harsh? Sure, why not. Is it a dumb rule? Uh, not really. Why should the goalie be allowed to stay on the ice if they spear someone while one of his teammates has to go sit in the BOX OF HUMILIATION? Screw that. And if the other team scores a bazillion goals during the penalty time, too bad. the goalies would know the rules, right? You break them, you take the penalty.