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  1. I was the biggest AAF fan. I can't wait to see the Dragons though, but just to wonder, are these the fonts that the XFL will use? I really like all 3 fonts. The Commanders had the best font in the world though.
  2. The shoulder logos are overused, i'd suggest removing it from the side detail. But, wow! That looks amazing!
  3. New Mexico's set looks fresh. But (like subway) don't get too comfortable with the idea of "fresh" 10/10 would watch them play (if they faced UW)
  4. You got Roughnecks right..... and the you made the Seattle logo be a dragon... You got 3 correct out of 16! Congratulations, random citizen
  5. XFL has teased 6/8 logos so far, with the next two being released tomorrow around 12:30-12:45 Noon EST.
  6. C is my favorite. I don't like A or D
  7. :censored: Tom Dundon. If Jerry Jones buys the AAF, and saves it, I'll be a Cowboys fan. Yes, I know, that's heresy of the highest order.
  8. Cannot help but notice the Peyton Manning jerseys for that War Pony game
  9. Funny wow. Today I just started drawing up a concept for a football team named the Boston Minutemen. Wild how things can be sometimes. As to the design, I definitely could see it as a logo in the past. Good work.
  10. As a Hawks fan, I really enjoyed that Super Bowl.
  11. Pittsburgh Steeler's Bumble-Bee jerseys. Everyone seems to love those, and praises them as the among the best uni's all time, but personally I think they are horrific to look at
  12. Haha Rams lost!! They shouldn't have been there anyways, the refs cheated for them. KARMA
  13. Looks good!! Superbowl LIV !!! (Live) Saints Vs Texans !!!!
  14. the picture isn't loading for me