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  1. :censored: Tom Dundon. If Jerry Jones buys the AAF, and saves it, I'll be a Cowboys fan. Yes, I know, that's heresy of the highest order.
  2. Cannot help but notice the Peyton Manning jerseys for that War Pony game
  3. Keep the Yardbirds forever in Savannah or relocate them to San Antonio. However, hot win Danes!
  4. Funny wow. Today I just started drawing up a concept for a football team named the Boston Minutemen. Wild how things can be sometimes. As to the design, I definitely could see it as a logo in the past. Good work.
  5. Come on, you can't just make up teams for other leagues. Also, I don't know who to root for in this league. Maybe the Hogs? The Hogs seem lime a team from Minnesota, not from Florida. Good win Chocolate-Covered Strawberries!
  6. Keep the font, it ties the uniform together. I really love the Virginia Kings setup. I will be rooting for them.
  7. It'll be nice to see how this goes. You misspelled 'Washington' on the uniforms, but not the logo.
  8. It looks great! You run out of ideas when using the same sports, but inventing a new sport opened up several possibilities for you. It is easy to follow, and the logos + uniforms look great.
  9. I am not part of the committee, but I suggest that Winnipeg is named the "Wendigos"
  10. I'll be rooting for Toronto. I wish you put a team in Muskoka, though.
  11. If the past (of this thread) is any indication, than I doubt there will be a problem.
  12. Would I be forced to stop because I am not as good at graphic design as others are? Problem is I don't have money to spend on illustrator or photoshop or whatever.
  13. Done I appreciate it, thanks. Thank you, I am not good at making logos that fit a sports team, but the Houston one seemed right. Thanks, so much. After this, I made the next two (2) posts with the same font.